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technology has already changed our world I mean who knew that we’d be able to click a switch to illuminate the darkness rather than lighting a candle it’s wild but the technology we have today and will have in the future is absolutely insane from 3D printing houses to robotics to help us in our jobs here are 20 emerging technologies that will change the world foreign number 20. teleportation teleportation always seems like something you see in science fiction books TV shows and movies rather than in real life but could teleportation really be out of the question possibly not I mean sure it’s not possible to physically deconstruct ourselves in one location and reconstruct ourselves in another nor is it possible to translate ourselves into data in one spot and reconvert it into organic matter in another but in 1993 a group of scientists believed teleportation was possible in principle and wasn’t against the laws of physics more recently scientists from China and the United States have been playing with teleportation as a real thing they aren’t at the level of being able to teleport themselves from one location to another but they have been able to teleport photons from one place to a satellite 300 miles away from that starting point using something called quantum entanglement this means that photons can share the same state even with the distance separating them so if you change the state of one particle it changes the state of the other even when they’re connected at the moment this exciting advancement might only prove helpful in creating a faster and more powerful Quantum Internet but there’s no reason why it can’t evolve into something much more exciting I’m sure most people would love not having to endure a commute to work or school every day before we go on like this video smash the Subscribe button and click the notification Bell right now or this centipede will crawl on your face when you’re sleeping number 19. artificial intelligence artificial intelligence also known as AI describes a machine’s ability to learn reason create and perceive Once Upon a Time these actions were unique to humans and the Very thought of a machine being able to use its initiative was terrifying in fact we used to believe that the day machine started thinking for themselves they would take over and we’d be goners and I mean there’s still time for that to happen but right now we’re just taking advantage of what we’ve been able to create AI involves computer science programming for machines to imitate our thoughts and actions to perform tasks humans would have previously performed the goal right now is to free up human time and skill sets for less labor-intensive and monotonous tasks we also benefit from less human error higher productivity and cheaper labor we’re not even at the peak of innovation in this sector yet we’re seeing AI used in various Industries such as customer service Transportation education manufacturing and even the media textbooks are being digitized in the education sector to help students and tutors and ai-powered robots are working alongside humans in assembly lines in the manufacturing industry in customer service we can rely on AI assistance to find the things we need with systems understanding keywords to track down a product service or business AI is incredibly Advanced now but there will come a day when we look back on this day and think wow we were really just getting started number 18. 5G and The Internet of Things The Internet of Things involves different things like software technology and sensors all connecting and exchanging data over the Internet or another type of communications Network in most situations they’re all connected via 5G internet in fact up until 5G came along you couldn’t even have reliability with your connectivity Outdoors 5G was a game changer as far as Internet Speed and reliability were concerned we thought 4G was great but 5G is on a whole different level we used to enjoy response times of about 20 to 40 milliseconds with 4G but that can be as low as one millisecond with 5G and do you remember how hard it was to get connectivity at large events when everyone’s mobile devices were connected to one Tower well 5G lets us avoid that Network congestion and tweet Snapchat and Instagram to our hearts content according to engineering and internet experts 5G has been a game changer since it covers a wide range of radio frequencies and has long range connectivity remember when you used to have to put up with freezing and awkward pauses on conference calls at work well those are a thing of the past with 5G if you can block out all the conspiracy theories related to this text I promise it’s not giving you coronavirus you’ll see just how great it can be number 17. serverless Computing Once Upon a Time businesses had to lease massive offices sure they needed plenty of room for their workers but they also had to ensure they had enough space for their many bulky servers then cloud computing came along and we didn’t have to worry about that anymore now you might have thought we peaked with cloud computing but we didn’t instead we’ve moved on to serverless Computing serverless Computing relates to cloud computing but it has been a game changer for app and software developers rather than having a factor infrastructure into the development of their apps they can focus on app features and code alone once they’ve finished their app they can load it onto their computer and rely on an external service provider without worrying about building and maintaining their own server the best part is that serverless Computing is scalable you can use as much or as little server space as you need and scale up or down as your needs change serverless Computing is reasonably new tech but it’s already evolving at a rapid pace it’s already a core part of next Generation Cloud infrastructure number 16 biometrics you remember watching science fiction movies as a kid and being in awe of people being able to enter buildings just by having it scan their irises and fingerprints it seemed impossible at the time but now we have such technology being implemented all around us we can access our phones with our fingerprints and many businesses have also installed biometric security measures so that only permitted people can access specific buildings and rooms that’s Advanced enough but it’s only getting more refined as the years pass now businesses are using Biometrics technology to make our everyday lives easier as in rather than carrying your wallet with the ID and bank cards you’ll be able to verify who you are in various situations with your fingerprint Iris facial features and palm you might think it’s a far-off reality but it’s not Palm ID is already in many parts of the world such as the jiju international airport in South Korea and Amazon ghost shops in Seattle once you’ve used computer vision technology to scan the lines and patterns on on your palm you connect it to your payment card instead of paying with your card you can hold your hand over a scanner soon enough making purchases will be as easy as finding what you need in a shop scanning your hand and leaving the store it’s mind-blowing number 15. augmented reality we already know what virtual reality is it involves immersing yourself in a virtual environment with a headset device you can play games and explore new parts of the world you’ve never been to before without leaving the comfort of your home augmented reality is similar but also different it involves Real World scenes with only a small portion being virtual you also don’t need a headset and are in contact with the real world we can expect virtual reality headsets to be less bulky and more streamlined than they are today and have more and better features like hand detection and eye tracking but most experts predict that some of the best and most valuable advancements will be in augmented reality we’re seeing those changes now for example the San Jose International Airport in Silicon Valley partnered with Google to test out AR in a program called Tango with it they could project 3D maps of the city to help people preview their routes and find hotels British Airways also partnered with the airport using the Tango program to project images in concessions areas of attractions in the city everyday businesses will also be able to use it by projecting online catalogs to provide better product views number 14. blockchain blockchain is complicated technology to wrap your head around it’s basically a distributed database that maintains a list of ordered records called blocks the blocks are linked with cryptography and each block has a cryptographic hash of the previous block as well as transaction data and a timestamp perhaps the most noteworthy point about blockchain is that it’s decentralized which means Banks and other authoritative groups have nothing to do with it while blockchain is mainly used for recording and storing transactions many parts are now being evolved and developed for a range of real world applications for example if we make money transfers over a blockchain we could enjoy near instant settlements and even eradicate banking transfer fees for good Microsoft has also been experimenting with blockchain to help people keep their digital identities safe it might even play a core part in healthcare with Healthcare Providers able to manage their electronic medical records and clinical trial data within the blockchain many businesses are now seeing its value for security and money and time savings which means there’s plenty of interest in advancing it further than it is today number 13 the metaverse you’d be forgiven for not knowing what the metaverse is after all it’s something that hasn’t existed for very long meta means next or Beyond in Greek so we’re talking about Beyond this universe or the next Universe it’s a crazy idea but a metaverse is basically a 3D form of the internet we have today like a Digital Universe we have with individual avatars and we can interact with other people’s avatars it’s basically like a more advanced version of Habbo Hotel I show my age here and if you think there wouldn’t be many real world advantages to having a metaverse you’d be wrong it could and likely will change our lives in many ways for example if you’ve always wanted to travel but don’t have the funs or abilities to do so you can travel in the metaverse you can interact with people and places pay for various services in Bitcoin and still never leave your home or if it’s been some time since you’ve caught up with a friend due to them living far away you could meet up with them in the metaverse for a coffee almost like you were sitting in the same room together soon enough you might even be able to go shopping in the metaverse your avatar can try on clothes to make sure they suit you and you can then pay for them to be delivered to your physical location the future is gonna be wild and I can’t wait number 12. robotics robotics describes the engineering branch of robots including their conception design creation application and use when you hear the word robot you might picture a clunky metal Critter from an old school film that can say a few phrases but they are much more advanced and helpful today than ever before and their future is also looking bright already robots are being used in various Industries like healthcare to assist in surgeries manufacturing on assembly lines and even in space exploration with Mars Explorer robots we even benefit from them in our home lives with robots vacuuming our floors and mowing our Lawns there are many reasons why businesses and individuals might welcome robots with open arms they can work in hazardous environments too unsafe for humans and they can increase productivity while employees need to take breaks on the manufacturing line robots don’t they also don’t get sick or take paid time off the future is looking pretty bright as far as robots are concerned with the help of artificial official intelligence robots can now identify and recognize objects and they’re also gaining fine motor skills to pick up items without crushing them into dust robots now have motion control and navigation down to a fine art which means they can self-navigate without you having to control their every move number 11. natural language processing if you were to try and talk to your phone just a decade ago people would think you were crazy your phone can understand you and you have to press the buttons and tap the screen to get it to do what you want that used to be the case but natural language processing has changed all that now we can ask our phones unique virtual personal assistants to do things for us not only can we use our own voices to get our phones to send text messages but we can also ask where the nearest gas station is or what the phone number is for the nearest pizza restaurant this is a massive upgrade from just a few years ago when even though we could talk to our phones we had to be more specific we had to say things like search pizza restaurant in a particular zip code town or city we are also Now using natural language processing for home devices like smart speakers as soon as you wake up you can ask the speaker what the weather will be like and you’ll enjoy detailed localized weather information number 10. Quantum computing Quantum Computing is complex and most people won’t know what it is or how it works but that doesn’t mean we never will it’ll just take time Quantum Computing is a form of technology that harnesses the laws of quantum mechanics like entanglement and superposition to solve problems that our traditional computers can you might think that everything we need to find and know is available in a Google search engine but that’s not the case often engineers and scientists encounter complex problems and rely on supercomputers with thousands of GPU and CPU cores but even with these powerful computers they still can’t get the information they need and that’s where Quantum Computing comes in while a supercomputer might quickly sort through a database of protein sequences it can’t always see data patterns and figure out how the proteins behave Quantum Computing can because it takes a different approach Quantum algorithms are built for complex problems even though they are smaller and require less energy most Quantum processors are hardly bigger than those you find laptop and the hardware system is about the size of a car and saying that they are very complex they need Super fluids to remain at temperatures of about 100th of a degree above zero degrees and they use something called Joseph’s injunction so that we can control their behavior these Josephson Junctions are used as superconducting qubits that hold change and read Quantum information number nine spin launch we’re all finding more energy efficient and environmentally friendly ways to do things so it was only a matter of time before companies looked at how to make space travel a bit better on the wallet and the planet today’s Rockets have thousands of Highly complex parts that are either thrown out or must be refurbished at a considerable cost spin launch believed they could change that they wanted to create a rocket that could reuse the centrifuge repeatedly significantly reducing the cost of space missions spin launch is a startup company that has so far completed about nine high altitude test flights of a scaled down version of its invention they created spin projectiles which use centrifugal force to generate the energy necessary to send something into space they aim to use a small ballpoint pen shaped rocket encapsulating a satellite and tether it to a motor in a large vacuum sealed chamber the rocket would then come out of a hatch and once it reaches the edges of the atmosphere the onboard rocket motor would fire up to propel it even further it’s such a great idea that well-known companies like Airbus Ventures and Google Ventures have poured millions of dollars into it according to spin launch CEO Jonathan Yaney the company was about taking a fresh look at how we can use ground-based and renewable energy to do things differently number eight cyber security Mash cyber security mesh is a security architecture that secures the individual access points of a network short we already have firewalls and anti-virus software but these were designed for physical organizations and the networks and infrastructure within them we’re now on the move with laptops phones and tablets so we need something to protect us outside those perimeters so this is what cyber security mesh is it extends that security perimeter around people rather than physical locations security mesh is far more flexible and robust than simple walls and provides different access and security levels to reduce Network hacking risks cyber security mesh also has different layers to help all security controls work harmoniously these include security analytics and intelligence which combine data and information between technology types then there’s distributed identity fabric which helps you build zero trust architecture with with adaptability to your needs such as identity proofing directory services and decentralized identity management you’ve also got dashboards so your security team can see your entire security ecosystem in one place and centralized policy and posture management for a unique security tool configuration perhaps the most significant benefit to businesses is that cyber security mesh helps your business detect threats in real time so that you can act quickly you can also rest assured that your assets like devices and data can be far better protected number seven Cloud native platforms Cloud native platforms describe building apps and operating systems explicitly for the cloud and to take advantage of the Cloud’s offerings the emergence of cloud native Technologies has meant that businesses and organizations are encouraged to build and operate their apps in public private and hybrid cloud types by doing so they can enjoy many benefits such as scalability and easy modifications currently there are three popular Cloud native applications software containers software-defined infrastructure and micro servers software containers are a mobile operating systems developed into Apps and software components the containers are small reusable fast and easy to deploy software-defined infrastructures are all about helping businesses reallocate and scale up or down their resources they’re desirable for being easy to stop or start then there are micro Services which are software services that can be merged into a complete application their purpose is to make applications more flexible and extend their capabilities Cloud native platform forms are complicated to understand so why are businesses trying to learn more about them well basically they want to benefit from a more streamlined software development life cycle one which can take care of its own bugs and slow loading speeds while being easier to manage more reliable and more cost effective number six Bitcoins the Bitcoin digital currency was released in 2009 almost immediately people saw it as a decentralized network that would put Ordinary People back in control of their money and out of the hands of Banks and governments many experts saw its invention as on par with computers and the internet but others thought it was just a fad that would eventually die off but it’s changing the world as we know it sure many everyday people only learn about it because it’s made paying for illegal things like drugs and weapons easier but still it’s slowly making its way into our daily lives for more legitimate things for example many shops now let you pay for everyday Goods like food and clothing and it’s only a matter of time before there are more Bitcoin accepting businesses than ones that don’t Bitcoin is also now accepted as legal tender in El Salvador although perhaps one of the most desirable features that’ll help it remain relevant in the years to come is that it’s a form of currency protected against currency inflation there’s a fixed Bitcoin Supply which means there will always be under 21 million Bitcoin in circular Nation almost 90 percent of it is already in circulation the same can’t be said for a traditional currency which banks control and can increase the supply of as they feel like it number five low code technology businesses always knew they had to adapt to the times but they thought they had plenty of time to develop online self-service platforms and digital shopping opportunities but then the pandemic hit and going digital was one of the only ways many businesses could stay afloat so they had to adapt and fast we now rely on technology for much of our daily living conveniences but many businesses are struggling most often the struggle has to do with a lack of low code skills you need low code skills to create and develop apps efficiently low code is a software development platform and approach developers use it to create app software through graphical user interfaces low coded platforms can produce completely operational apps or create something basic that requires extra coding for custom needs the issue is that most of us don’t know what we’re doing we don’t know how to code yet businesses generally need experts who can code some countries RNA skills crisis in this respect it’s so severe that some governments are requesting that schools Implement digital skills into their curriculums so that we have a new generation of skilled coders coming through to help businesses through digital Transformations now and in the future number four decision intelligence making decisions can be hard work especially if you’re unsure if you’ve got all the facts to make a well-informed decision well if you have decision intelligence you’ll be able to make commercial decisions much easier than ever before decision intelligence is a commercial part of artificial intelligence that is very much outcome focused regarding commercial objectives business owners and managers use decision intelligence to optimize their departments cut costs and improve overall business performance it’s all about the data the more data a business collects the easier it is to use Ai and the more straightforward decision making can be decision intelligence isn’t about removing us from decision making altogether but it’s about ensuring that we can view all the data relating to our decisions so that we’re informed enough to make the right decision and it seems that it’s taking off According to some of the most recent stats around one-third of large organizations will use decision intelligence to make decisions by 2023. some experts also predict that companies that don’t use decision intelligence in the future will be on the back foot like those who are late to take their businesses digital number three genomics genomics relates to molecular biology and revolves around genome mapping structure function and evolution we use it to study genetic and epigenetic sequence information to understand sequence structure and function the more we know about genomes the more targeted we can be in our approach to Health Care rather than popping pills that work for most people that treat diseases we can consider each person’s genome and provide a more personalized approach for the best effect you’d be wrong if you thought that we humans were all the same a human genome has 3 billion DNA base pairs arranged uniquely to give us characteristics like height and hair color the DNA then forms genes we can use to learn how our bodies work and our processes when we get sick for example we know that we get diseases like cancer when our genes are altered and genomics can actually identify these alterations and find them using genetic tests if your results show that you’re susceptive to a particular condition you might be able to take action to delay or even prevent the disease from develop many experts have their own opinions about where genomics will be in the future but most can agree that being able to understand our unique code and potentially manipulate it is the most significant evolutionary Milestone we’ve made in the last 14 billion years number two smarter devices our smart devices are pretty smart but could they be even smarter it seems so we have the internet of things and it’s only a matter of time before all our devices work together better than they do now to provide us with a much more convenient way of life many experts think entertainment will be more immersive and convenient than it is now as in we’ll be able to play game console quality games from our smartphones wherever we want and will make use of hearing aid technology for easier audio experiences relating to music phone calls and videos oh and you can basically say goodbye to wired smart devices for good most of us will transition permanently to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connected devices with rechargeable batteries and there won’t be a single cord in sight and then there’s the health and fitness sector which is already grown in Leaps and Bounds with air current Tech we already love our smart watches and fitness trackers and we’re in awe of how they can track our steps count the calories we’ve burnt and measure our heart rates but now and especially as we progress with our Tech advancements we’re able to manage stress levels check our sleeping patterns record snoring and be reminded to take breaks and check in with our health and bodies in mindfulness practices our watches can even record when our heart rate skyrockets so that we can take a moment to breathe and reduce our stress levels it’s almost like our smart devices will know us better than we know ourselves number one 3D printing remember when we used to print little plastic trinkets on our entry-level 3D printers and we thought they were the best things since sliced bread oh how far we’ve come now if we can think it we can print it 3D printing companies are coming up with new features and Technology all the time and now we’re able to print everything from those small plastic toys to actual cars and houses well let’s not forget about the medical side of things too prosthetic limbs are expensive the 3D printing has the potential to make them far more affordable than ever before this can be particularly life-changing for people living in war-torn countries never stand a chance of having a prosthetic limb we’re even moving into a new era of bioprinting which is 3D printing with an ink consisting of human cells and tissues eventually we’ll be able to create 3D printed internal organs and it won’t even be that hard to believe since we’ve already used 3D printers to repair damaged bone and cartilage all the way back in 2014 surgeons used such Tech to fix a man’s face after he was in a car accident worrying about the housing crisis don’t even worry about it a company in China offers 3D houses made out of recycled materials that cost less than five thousand dollars to create they plan to expand into at least 20 other countries 3D printing is well and truly taking over and you won’t hear Too Many people complaining we once thought it was amazing that our phones could connect to the internet but look at where we are now robots cryptocurrency what will the Geniuses that live among us think of next what do you think has been the best technological advancement in recent Years also check out our other cool stuff showing up on screen right now see you next time [Music] thank you

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