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foreign with the new star of YouTube Twitter and the US Consumer Electronics Show CES 2022 the Amica robot can really do does the world’s most realistic humanoid robot have artificial intelligence who created it and how and when will the robot get legs find out in today’s episode the creators called Amica the face of Robotics of the future the key idea of the project by the British company engineered Arts was to create the perfect humanoid body which will eventually be complemented by A Perfect humanoid artificial intelligence the robot’s body is a modular platform that came from another company project called Mesmer each Mesmer robot was designed and built based on 3D scans of real people which allowed the developers to accurately mimic human bone structure skin texture and try to reproduce their facial expressions engineered Arts Engineers as often happens with attempts to create perfect robots had to develop most of the components from scratch so to control the movements of the robot’s head and upper body they created powerful but silent motors with high torque each motor can be controlled independently and additionally major parts including the motors cameras depth sensors lidars and microphones can be connected for control via the Internet however Mesmer robots had one problem the presence of 22 actuators on the face only three of which were connected to the mouth this did not allow the robot to reliably reproduce speech it left the feeling that the robot had just visited the dentist where it had been injected with an excessive dose of Novocaine Amica took the best from Mesmer in terms of design and sensors the developers have not reported but apparently the number of actuators on the face has been increased as the robot’s facial expressions had become much livelier in terms of design the engineers also took a different path they developed a universal appearance for the robot no gender no age no pre-tensions to copying human skin and yet the robot still became the most realistic of the humanoid ones the design of the robot is fully modular you can buy it as a whole or just a head or buy a head first and then by arms or buy another head and easily replace it on the robot without any special required tools but in addition to appearance the robot needs intelligence Amica needs to sort data from sensors encoders Motors Network traffic code video streams microphone inputs physical conditions and respond to them in real time it’s a complex process and it’s controlled by tritium’s proprietary software the software allows you to program the control of the robot from anywhere in the world and moreover it’s designed for non-professionals and it’s intuitive tritium works just like the 3D software used to control your computer Graphics or game characters providing smooth and realistic motion the animation for one robot can easily be transferred to another the software allows you to control your robot’s speech select preset content create sequences of speech song and movement and edit it all on the fly as well as working with a library of pre-programmed materials the company has also developed a wiki guide if anything goes wrong the company’s Engineers can remotely access your robot run Diagnostics and troubleshoot it another plus of tritium is the ability to work with almost any hardware component on almost any hardware platform the company talks about all of this openly but there’s something it’s kept quiet about the visitors of CES 2022 were incredibly impressed by the fact that the robot communicated with them kept up in conversation and even made jokes but was this the result of embedded algorithms or was it controlled by a remote operator in a telepresence mode the engineers didn’t let us know however the second option seems most likely to us since Amica positioned as a platform for research and in-house development and artificial intelligence for third-party companies inside engineer Arts there’s no talk about artificial intelligence for robots so what can amoka actually do well the robot’s capable of maintaining eye contact responding to sudden changes in the environment being controlled in real time and on the Fly connecting you to a remote conversation understanding commands in any programmable language prioritizing when receiving two or more commands simultaneously the robot is equipped with multiple sensors including cameras microphones and position sensors visual streams are available from high resolution head mounted cameras and overlaid with data from other sensors and real-time virtual oscilloscopes allow rapid diagnosis and problem solving all of the company’s robots can’t walk just yet but they move their arms wrist fingers neck head eyes and mouth and they do it in a very human real way they can smile frown wink open and close their mouths act surprised disappointed or even amused their purpose is the field of entertainment marketing and as a test bed for other software and AI developers what do you think do you think engineered Arts Engineers can teach a robot to walk how fast can they do it and will the moving robot be more like Boston Dynamics Atlas or Star Wars C-3PO let us know down below while you’re here subscribe to the channel and stay up to date on the latest news about the world’s most incredible robots foreign [Music] and unusual Novelties that irex 2022 was the Capricorn robot from Kawasaki robotics it has wheels legs a saddle horns and a steering wheel meat backs the robot is a descendant of Kawasaki’s kalido humanoid platform at least the legs Bex barred from it for sure the robot can walk across rough terrain on four legs and if there’s a smooth Road transform into a wheeled platform to do this the robot literally gets on its knees and extends another pair of Wheels with a motor from its belly the robot can carry Goods weighing up to 100 kilograms but it is also designed to carry people who can control the car with a steering wheel just like you control a bicycle or a rider controls his horse the developers believe that the robot can be used in construction and Industrial plants to move goods and inspections and it can also transport crops harvested by farmers in the fields the robot can stream video from its cameras in its head movement is provided in two modes Direct Control by a human sitting on top and remote control by remote control at the same time the robot also relies on data from sensors such as the gyroscope mounted on the robot to generate stepping movements in addition the robot monitors the position of the entire body and will not fall if suddenly struck to the side for example or if its foot hits an unstable surface [Music] Kawasaki also brought the cleaner robot itself as well as its friend which is called friends in the future according to the company’s Vision these robots will support people in hazardous jobs as well as care for the sick and elderly coleto is the strongest and most agile of the robots it can or will in the future get to the scene of an accident clear the debris and retrieve people from under it which can be recognized even in a pile of gravel the robot is 179 centimeters tall and weighs 83 kilograms which should give it a range motion like an adult male but limits its actions in small and narrow spaces although coleta was suspended at the exhibition the developers assured that the robot is exceptionally strong and not afraid of Falls the robot walks and moves like a human for example it is stable not only on half bent legs but also on straight legs the maximum walking speed is four kilometers an hour the robot is stronger than a human and can lift up to 60 kilograms also cleito is able to predict unstable positions for herself and adapt to them to maintain stability in real time thank you [Music] the friends robot is 160 centimeters tall and weighs 54 kilograms it can lift up to 10 kilograms and walks at three kilometers an hour running on batteries the robot is designed for entertainment care and support of people in hospitals and nursing homes the developers have not indicated whether the robot can communicate with humans in a natural language now but in the future friends will definitely have this function we’ve said many times before in our reviews that Japanese people treat robots as friends and helpers in everyday life perhaps in the future friends will be available for home use as well [Music] Kawasaki heavy Industries also introduced its autonomous service robot nyoki which is capable of moving and working in an unstructured human environment it is safe for humans can open regular doors and easily handle boxes in a warehouse or trays in a restaurant the robot is equipped with a lidar and vision sensor to create a map of the environment understand its place in it and notice everything going on around it gnocchi can also be switched to remote control if the robot gets confused or an error occurs it is possible to teach the robot new skills by remote control it simply remembers the movements the operator gave it to move the robot uses a system of AMR autonomous mobile robot which allows gnocchi to determine the route to a given Target metacaroid founded as a joint venture between Kawasaki heavy Industries and medical Electronics manufacturer seismax brought itsinatory surgical robot to the exhibition the robot received regulatory approval last August and is positioned as Japan’s first robotic surgical system it has no narrow specialization and can perform a wide range of operations thanks to its precision and large number of degrees of freedom [Music] machinery company gave a demonstration at the show of its very impressive general purpose robot working in conjunction with an aerial work platform the humanoid robot is remotely controlled and provides the operator with feedback for grip strength control the machine is equipped with powerful electric actuators that provide it with strength coupled with high Precision movements the robot is designed to maintain railroads and other transportation systems and works exclusively in tandem with the operator according to the developers it allows not only to save jobs for people but also to increase their wages by improving their skills as well as to protect workers during operation with heavy elements at height and not only it is worth noting that the idea is not new we have already seen something similar though on a smaller scale from sarcos robotics which is developing the guardian XT robot based on its own Guardian EXO exoskeleton a wide range of service robots at the exhibition was presented at the stand of Kenan robotics which supplies its solutions to more than 30 countries the robots are designed for the hotel and restaurant business the autonomous robots are equipped with a positioning system with an accuracy level of one centimeter which allows them to move in narrow spaces they can communicate with users via menus and exchange data with each other the navigation system allows the robots to quickly adapt in a new environment and the auto charge feature makes it easier to use the robots interestingly SoftBank robotics group Corporation is actively involved in the company’s development [Music] a moment of Madness at the show was the robot musician otomeroid developed in collaboration with maiwa denke he was playing very unusual for the European ear music on an even more unusual instrument [Music] at the booth of the Ministry of Agriculture forestry and Fisheries agarists autonomous harvesting robot was presented at the exhibition the simple and cheap robot was designed so that the farmers suffering from a shortage of workers could afford it the most economical way to move the robot was to use stretched wires the robot uses computer vision to find and pick ripe fruit at irex 2022 Tokyo robotics unveiled a prototype of a mobile gripper capable of picking up and moving cardboard boxes of various sizes without damaging them the robot is designed for short distance delivery palletizing and depalletizing in a small and medium-sized Logistics facility factories and markets the robot’s left and right grippers rotate up and down independently of each other and have a side slip function for neat palletizing jobs stable operation is possible because the position and shape of the cardboard boxes can be detected by computer vision each gripper supports four degrees of freedom and can lift objects 160 centimeters off the floor the robot moves by means of line or marking on the floor future plans include support for a rail-free navigation using slam technology [Music] kawada robotics brought at the exhibition its humanoid robot hrp4 very light and compact only 39 kilograms at a height of 151 centimeters the robot was a sensation in 2010 and has since been used by the company mainly for advertising the main announcement of the exhibition was the humanoid collaborative robot next stage Philly this is a continuation of the next stage line which has long been actively implemented in Industrial Enterprises in Japan the robot according to the company embodies practicality and kawanda’s three concepts of development compact size matching price to Performance and design with high proximity to Human Philly is designed not only for Enterprises but also for other applications such as the hospitality industry and the like however so far the robot’s abilities at the reception desk are not impressive even though it looks quite dexterous in production however so far the robot’s abilities the reception desks are not impressive even though it looks quite dexterous in production Philly’s price on the Japanese Market will be just over fifty thousand dollars the Japanese company get AI has developed an advanced lunar robotic Rover R1 that can perform general purpose tasks such as exploration mining inspection maintenance assembly and more last December the robot was tested on the campus of the Japanese Aerospace agency jaxa the surface reportedly simulated a lunar surface but weather gravity and temperature conditions on our satellite were simulated the press release did not clarify the robot Rover get Air1 successfully completed all of its planned tasks among them were moving along a given route with overcoming obstacles in the form of rocks in which the robot was helped by legs with omnidirectional Wheels climbing a Sandy slope with a slope up to 20 degrees and tasks to assemble solar panels parts of which were stored in special containers the panels would be a critical part of lunar infrastructure and assembling them would be one of the first tasks of any lunar Base mission R1 also assembled and sealed samples of the simulated lunar surface for storage the company said the robot will be ready for real tests on the Moon by the mid-2020s the first autonomous Flight of the U.S Blackhawk uh-60 multi-purpose helicopter equipped with the Alias system recently took place NASA revealed what robots will keep the lunar Gateway station which will be uninhabited for 11 months of the year considering that astronauts spend a lot of time on the International Space Station for maintenance Gateway will be a unique technical solution NASA is already underway developing a vehicle system manager or VSM for the station which will act like the ubiquitous computer system found on almost every science fiction Starship the v-assemble automatically manage all functions and solve any problems that arise to the extent they can be solved by intelligent software or remote human involvement with all that said if the problem cannot be solved the Gateway should be able to live with it until the scheduled arrival of the crew Gateway can be viewed as a kind of robot and its external and internal structure is designed with robots on board in mind for example the station will have visual markers in important places convenient charging ports and modular elements and structures that can be used and replaced by other robots NASA already has experience using the robonaut 2 humanoid robot and the Astro B unmanned aerial vehicle aboard the ISS but new more functional Bots will be developed for Gateway the station will also have an external robotic arm Canada arm 3 based on Canada arm 2 which has been operating on the ISS since 2001. the new model will be eight and a half meters long and be strong enough to pick up spacecraft and move large objects the design will include a smaller and more dexterous robotic arm that can be used for delicate tasks including minor repairs to the station or the largest arm itself both of these arms will be fully autonomous and require no operator support remember the lunar station’s living and Logistics modules are scheduled to be sent into space in November of 2024. the massive production of robots in Korea blew up the internet the production line with realistic humanoids was launched by the Korean company am service Gluck and the robots are designed for animation installation in the new Deck Store of the local designer glasses brand gentle monster and Hanam where they will simulate a robotic assembly line all robot parts were printed on a 3D printer using a large format SLA technology with extremely photorealistic surface treatment a urethane coating has also been applied to ensure the durability of photopolymer Parts Gluck applied a very high resolution texture to reproduce even the skin pores on the face of each humanoid and to get a completely realistic color of the skin required extensive post-processing unfortunately despite being ultra realistic robots are still just objects of Art and completely non-functional however for bringing robotics to the world’s attention they get 10th place in today’s list previously gentle monster had created a giant robot case for its largest Shanghai House store clone Incorporated is a new name among startups that develop humanoid-like robots previously the company was called automation robotics it was under the name that she became famous all over the world presenting a very realistic robot arm with artificial muscles the robot arm mimics the human hand on both appearance and principle she can move her fingers squeeze them and tilt her hand constricting her hydraulic muscles and stretching her tendons she can even lift a dumbbell weighing 7 kilograms and all of this is due to the muscle stretching tendons the muscles themselves consist of stretchable sealed tubes and braided shells when gas or fluid is fed the tubes inflate an increase in width but due to the fact that the fibers of the braided shells are practically not stretched the construction is reduced in length in the same way as the real muscles are contracted the reduction rate is regulated by the supply of water or gas in the tubes and like Elon Musk Engineers hope to eventually create a universal humanoid robot for work and home it’s supposed to be 180 centimeters tall and its Mobility will be provided by electricity and hydraulics and this is the Ninth Place in our list [Music] in at number 8 Disney animatronics moving and talking figures in The Parks of the company are created on the basis of a single robotic base the a1000 which is constantly evolving to achieve increasingly realistic movements but not all of the figures are based on the a1000 so for project kiwi Walt Disney imagineering Engineers have created a new basis the robot group is unlike any other animatronics as it’s able to move freely without being fixed into place like other Disney figures Groot is a real interactive at 75 meters tall this humanoid robot that’s almost completely autonomous and the cable that you see in this video is used for control not power the robot can run for 45 minutes and its construction gives it incredible 50 degrees of freedom the robotic project kiwi platform required developers to create non-standard high-speed drives with the required torque density so that the robot could perform both fast and slow movements the Creator was also able to integrate onboard computing to support the interactive robot Behavior the developers are planning that having finished the robot they’ll be able to launch it wandering around the park and interacting with visitors completely on their own imagineers also developed stunt Tronics a robot for jumping in the style of superheroes the built-in touch control allows the machine to perform various flips turn and pose combinations with repeatability and accuracy the engineers have developed a 40 kilogram robot that uses sophisticated on-board sensors to make its own decisions in real time all in flight and at 20 meters of altitude stunttronics knows when to bend its knees perform flips when to stretch its arms and turn and even when to slow down the rotation to accurately land and that is impressive [Music] foreign [Music] Place comes in with robots company Robo C of promobot the head of the robot can copy the face of any person the skin and eyes are already realistic enough and the robot can copy emotions or Express them recently robots have developed hands that can not only gesture but also perform simple actions carefully grab objects or even pour coffee each arm of the robot has eight electric motors 12 degrees of freedom and is able to lift a weight of one kilogram and now the company’s working on developing the legs for the robot the number six spot in our list goes to robot Amica the most realistic humanoid robot in the world mimics and robot movements are as close as possible to a human his first public appearance was such a shock that Amica was immediately recognized by many media as the world’s most advanced humanoid however the robot designed by engineered Arts cannot walk or manipulate objects this is an entertainment platform connected to the cloud the robot can produce programmed replicas to attract the attention of passing people Amica can also be connected to the operator who will manage his answers when communicating with live visitors to the exhibition or any other event the robot has a camera in each eye that allows it to track people their faces and their actions the development of artificial intelligence for the robot was left to third-party developers they themselves are now perfecting its design and hope to teach the robot to walk although the Practical benefits of Amica are not worth waiting for the ultra realism of its movements and facial expressions will allow researchers to study how humans respond to humanoid robots coming in in fifth place the robot kaleido from Kawasaki heavy Industries debuted in 2016 the robot has evolved to its Seventh Generation the second generation approximated the current design of the joints while the third and fourth Generations focused on weight loss and reliability in the fifth and sixth generation the collado received a built-in battery and controller allowing the robot to work independently the latest version which is 168 centimeters tall and weighs 54 kilograms was presented to the public at the 2022 World Robot Expo in Japan which we discussed at the video you can see that at the card here now the company is working on a natural and sustainable walking robot and the associated commercialization kaleido is positioned as a rescue robot he can lift any weight of up to 60 kilograms which gives him the strength he needs to save a person the robot can also work in hospital Industries performing manipulations even with greater Precision than humans from Kaleida the company develops friends a robot designed to care for the elderly as the problem of Aging populations remains very acute in Japan the Chinese company UB Tech robotics developed anthropomorphic home robot Walker X it can bypass obstacles pick up objects and communicate with people in two ways first it has a speech recognition and synthesis system for voice communication and secondly there’s a big eye mimicking screen at the head of the eye level there’s 28 kinds of emotions built into the robot light indicators are also mounted on the housing which are activated during various interactions Walker X hands with five fingers can lift objects up to 2.7 kilograms and perform tasks using fine motor skills the robot uses 41 servos to drive and is highly stable due to its Dynamic balancing system Walker X can autonomously move in familiar and new locations based on the simultaneous localization and map construction algorithm the maximum Walker X speed is three kilometers per hour and the robot uses depth cameras to avoid collisions when moving last year the company claimed its robot was about to become available for purchase but neither the price of Walker X nor the company’s customers are known yet so despite the wide range of robotic abilities until we see it in a natural unstructured environment it stays in the fourth place third place the robot in the icub child video developed by the Italian Institute of Technology which is an open research platform recently the developers introduced the third generation of the icub3 robot which has become larger heavier and has received a powerful update making it a complex telepresence platform with a presence effect the robot is 125 centimeters tall and weighs 52 kilograms and has 54 degrees of freedom to use it as an advanced Avatar you need HTC Vive Pro I4 headset face tracker Vive E5 touch and tactile suit I feel six tactile gloves sea glove dk-17 and Omniverse toolizer Elite 28 altogether this allows you to copy the movement manipulation voice and even the expression of the face from a person to a robot in this case retargeting facial expressions are applied to the eyelid and eyelid State as well as the user’s mouth the person himself receives an immersive appearance from the first person and a moderate amount of tactile feedback today the robot what is the most advanced Avatar but to work with it requires too much equipment inaccessible to the General Public second place digit robot from agility robotics unlike many humanoids it’s not a research platform the company aims to create a really useful and Universal commercial humanoid able to keep balance on the legs while manipulating the hands what can a robot do that is 158 centimeters tall and weighs 45 kilograms digit can run at speeds of 1.5 meters per second and can be powered by a battery for up to three hours under a light load or one and a half hours under a heavy condition he can walk forwards backwards and sideways turn on the spot climb and descend on the slopes walk on grass and Stones step over curbs and squat and stop if he sees a man in the way in Collision digit uses his hands and feet to maintain balance the main problem of the robot is to find interesting applications as there are simpler and cheaper robots from the simple transfer of boxes in the warehouse in the last video the company showed the trailer being unloaded by the robot but to question is whether the robot can get into the trailer by stepping on it while it remains open because this moment is not included in the video but the leadership and Agility maneuverability and Mobility among humanoid robots is still held by Atlas robot from the research platform of Boston Dynamics in addition this year the robot must get hands that can interact with objects as well as humans Atlas is 1.5 meters tall and weighs 86 kilograms and has one of the most compact mobile hydraulic systems in the world the robot controls its movement in real time with cameras on the head and its arms and legs at all 28 joints and there’s also sensors in the pelvis and throughout the body that measure the robot’s acceleration the position of the body in space and other parameters of interaction with the surrounding world in the meantime Atlas locates obstacles selects footholds and coordinates body mass transfer during movement keeping balance all calculations take place on board the robot it also knows how to use inertia to save energy the engineers emphasize that all the robots of the company keep their own balance it means that if you push any of them they will react like a person by stepping aside for more information about how Atlas Works see the link here in the hint and what humanoid robot would you choose first let us know in the comments subscribe to the pro robot Channel like this video and don’t miss any new episodes from the world of high tech [Music] the Chinese scientists have been developing a robotic finger covered with live skin which they say brings us closer to truly humanoid robots the finger which has been shown to be capable of healing itself is positioned by researchers as an achievement that blurs the line between living flesh and Machinery earlier scientists created skin grafts sheets of skin that could be sewn together for example in reconstructive surgery in the last work the team first immersed the robotic finger into a cylinder filled with a solution of collagen and dermal human fibroblasts the two main components of which are the connective tissue of the skin they cover the surface of the robo paver acting as a primer for paint and providing a seamless connection for the next layer of human epidermal keratinosite cells the video shows the flexation of the finger forward and back caused the appearance of natural wrinkles on the joints of the fingers and when injured the artificial skin can self-repair just like in humans with the help of collagen bandages and according to scientists it felt like normal skin this project is still in progress but researchers have a problem convincing the rest of the world that a robot with real skin isn’t going to be terrifying or disgusting what do you think let us know down below festo which has long been engaged in serious Research into the application of the most amazing abilities of animals and insects and Robotics within the bionic Learning Network has released a new and amazing video in it they showed a gentle manipulator repeating the amazing moves and functions of the elephant’s trunk its filigree design was made possible by miniaturization of various elements of the manipulators the e-road consists of two segments 140 millimeters long with a conical diameter in its Center there is a design of the material printed on a 3D print and Ultra elastic rods for stabilization around this Center resembling a vertebral column there are thin wires made of a special metal material the so-called alloy with a memory shape it serves as a kind of artificial muscle allowing Engineers to individually and controllably bend the robot trunk in any spatial Direction by means of heating Design Elements thanks to its low intrinsic weight of only 12 grams the trunk can be easily moved using actuators made of shape memory always compared to other actuators the bionic e-trunk has the highest Force to weight ratio in Italy the first fully developed humanoid robot was introduced over Sonic row b is 1 meter 75 centimeters tall and 70 kilograms in weight and is already in the market it is stated that it can operate autonomously working in industrial warehouses sanitizing premises and in-control operations but in addition with the help of artificial intelligence and voice interface row b can recognize people and communicate with them independently also the robot with 40 movable joints and a full set of sensors is perfectly oriented in the surrounding area and can safely move in a crowd of people it’s equipped with hand grips that allow it to pick up items from three centimeters in diameter and carry weights of up to 50 kilograms with a trolley the robot stores all the memories in its database can mirror the user’s actions for learning new and can also be programmed with the help of a built-in panel how do you like Roby let us know in the comments at a glance it’s obvious that cyber 1 closely resembles the Tesla robot in design height and weight and it’s hardly a coincidence xiaomi’s bot is 177 centimeters tall and weighs 52 kilograms unlike the Optimus robot which was presented by an actor in a costume the Cyber one is a real prototype which went on stage by itself and executed the presentation program without fail the robot has a nickname which can be translated as metal bro as well as the sign of the zodiac Leo it seems this may be important go ahead and look up the horoscope and write your guess below whether or not we should be expecting a rebellion of these robots in the future the humanoid machine has curved OLED panels as its face designed to display real-time information the creators report that the robot can see the world in 3D thanks to the me sensor module developed by xiaomi to move and avoid obstacles recognize people and respond to them the bot hears with the me AI environmental semantics recognition system which includes two microphones but at the same time cyber one is able to distinguish and classify 45 human emotions in 85 types of environmental sounds it’s reported that the robot can recognize human speech and maintain conversation the robot’s body has 13 joints and a total of 21 degrees of freedom at the same time the reaction delay in the joints is 0.5 milliseconds and the Precision and movement of the upper limbs is up to 1 nm so this robot’s quite capable of a gentle hug the arm actuators have an output torque of up to 30 NM the legs are driven by actuators with an instantaneous Peak torque up to 300 NM and the average speed of the Cyber 1 is 3.6 kilometers per hour the characteristics are not bad but the Cyber one is still far from the atlas robot from Boston Dynamics but the price is much more affordable already at the Prototype stage this robot costs between six hundred thousand and seven hundred thousand won which is roughly 90 to 105 000 right here in America this means that in mass production the Cyber one will become cheaper and cost as much as a good car but that’s only if the bot reaches the consumer during the presentation the robot was presented as an artificial intelligence-based machine that will do any housework with the dexterity of a human it’s reported that xiaomi has developed a special whole body control algorithm that can coordinate the movements of the bot there is also information that the body of the robot is protected and can withstand heat and Rain however we still don’t know if the robot is stable on uneven surfaces or if it can withstand unbalanced movements or bumps cyber one’s hands don’t look Nimble at all with this design the robot can only handle the simplest of tasks and then only at a very limited list of objects the payload capacity of the robot so far is unknown by the way the other day Tesla unveiled the robot arm Optimus and although it’s still a picture potential functionality and the ability to work with the same objects as a person presentation of the robot should take place at the AI Day event which was postponed until September and then we’ll be able to really compare cyber 1 and the Tesla bot also if you want to learn all the details of Elon musk’s humanoid robot Project Check the video here in the link Tesla AI day opened with a demonstration of a prototype of the Optimus robot which gave reason to speak out with absolutely all of Elon musk’s critics in part it’s hard to disagree with them the robots far from the beautiful glossy rendering we saw last year and as of today it really is a thousand light years away from what Boston Dynamics is doing at least in terms of Dynamics and of course it continues to be disconcerting that a lot of experienced humanoid robot developers around the world are embarrassed to say that their robots could ever be sent to the grocery store to get groceries or to mow your lawn also musk never realized a number of his ambitious projects so how do you feel about the robot prototype musk presented and what it’s actually looking like in real life at the very beginning of the event a robot called Bumble C which was created by Tesla developers took the stage it was created by Tesla developers from available components in six to eight months and interestingly during the Tesla AI Day event for the first time the robot walked on its own without any support or Insurance it moves slowly it danced a little for the audience and then turned around and left Elon Musk said that the robot can do much more and the company decided to avoid embarrassment on stage as it was with the broken glass of the Cyber truck so the remaining abilities were demonstrated on screen the video showed him carrying boxes watering flowers from a watering can and carrying Parts at the Tesla Factory in Fremont in the video you could see not only the robot’s movements but also how it sees and perceives the world around it the robot has Hardware level safety gestures that are important to protect both on the robot and the people around it but Bumble C is only a prototype model for training a close to production version of the Optimus robot was not veiled on stage a little bit later the fully assembled but little functioning robot was mounted on a stand although it could wave its arms and legs musk noted that the company did not have time to prepare the robot for presentation and it will probably be able to walk and act on the level of bumble seat in just a few weeks with that said in five years Optimus capabilities will be incredible and in 10 years it will be mind-blowing musk is a known Optimist but let’s still break down in detail what the Tesla bot is right now we know that the robot weighs 73 kilograms and it’s powered by a 2.3 kilowatt hour Tesla battery running on a Tesla SOC chipset which has Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity interestingly the battery pack has all three Electronics integrated into a single printed circuit board inside the unit the power consumption of the robot is 100 Watts while sitting and 500 watts while walking the battery at this power consumption should be enough for an entire day’s work Engineers designed the robot so that the mobility in the joints and arms legs and hands was as close to a human as possible for example the robot’s hands will replicate the structure of a human hand with an opposable thumb the fingers are driven by metal tendons which are both flexible and strong the robot has the ability to perform a wide range of grasping heavy objects as well as delicately picking up something small and thin interestingly just like Boston Dynamics Atlas robot the Tesla Optimus uses its arms to maintain balance while walking of course we were surprised by the robot’s linear actuators which can lift a grand piano weighing a half ton with these type of actuators Optimus can lift weights as well as a human and maybe even more and this is a real breakthrough for humanoid robots with all of that said the robot’s design is somewhat limited by standardization the developers created designs for each joint and then looked for common areas in each joint to be limited to the using only six different actuators at the presentation it was emphasized that keeping in mind the need for low-cost mass production the engineers tried to reduce the number of parts in energy consumption in each element of the robot’s design and as a result the robot today has 28 structural actuators the number of degrees of freedom in the arms is not yet clear for example 27 degrees of freedom was stated but one of the slides list that number as an 11. and the whole body of the robot however there’s 200 degrees or more of Freedom that are claimed the Tesla autopilot software was transferred from Cars to Bots and reconfigured to work in the new body and environment as input the system took videos of people performing real world tasks such as lifting boxes and then using inverse climatics it tried to get the Optimus robot to repeat those movements in parallel online motion adaption was applied so that the robot could perform action smoothly with an unstructured environment in mind the developers noted that eventually the robot would use Hardware from the autopilot and software for the humanoid platform the Tesla computer on board the robot will do everything the human brain does processing data and making discrete decisions based on signals from multiple sensor inputs as well as communicating wirelessly Optimus uses computer vision taking data from multiple cameras including a fisheye camera which it understands the world based on three-dimensional presence a panoptic segmentation and yuv color modeling and it uses these techniques as general view rendering volume depth rendering visual navigation and others Optimus has Hardware level safety features to protect both the robot and people around it Tesla already had an emergency software for cars and the company applied the same to this robot in the case of a car the software simulates a collision and in the case of the robot it’s a simulated fall as a result when the robot Falls it’s so protected from damage that it can simply stand back up shake itself off and continue doing work in the future according to musk the main difference between Optimus and other humanoid robots will be artificial intelligence allowing it to navigate the world on its own as well as large-scale production which should reduce the cost of the robot to literally twenty thousand dollars to make the robot useful as quickly as possible Engineers will try to adapt it to real world tasks and Tesla factories as soon as possible musk’s timeline for starting production is as always optimistic and unrealistic he hopes to start producing robots as early as next year Well we all remember the promises of an autonomous car in 2017 and the release of the Cyber truck in 2021 so for now we can safely add five years to this date as always musk is generous with his promises and he doesn’t forget about humor for example he assures us that optimists will get conversational capabilities as well as plenty of funny lines including a cat girl we always have to be careful not to go in the way of the Terminator musk added we want Optimus to be safe all in all the natural beauty of the robot presented is a far cry from the clever Universal humanoids seen today except in a Sci-Fi movie but that’s what’s to be expected given that a year or so ago has passed since the development began and compared to the actor in the suit Tesla has made good progress given that the company like SpaceX is where it is today thanks to musk’s Pure will we wouldn’t write Elon off as a robotics company it will be a fundamental transformation of civilization musk said of his robot and deep down we want to believe him don’t you let us know down below foreign

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