Get Paid to Live Stream using PPV and Subscriptions – Long Discussion

And we are live in the pre-show testing one two three testing one two three can anybody hear us got got Chris Greiner with us delay on okay all right we’ll give that a try and Chris we are now live in the pre-show and we’ve got looks like about a dozen folks or so in the in the chat room and some folks are watching us on YouTube directly some people watching on Facebook we’ll go ahead and get the Twitter stream going if you’re watching us on Facebook or YouTube directly or Twitter or periscope we invite you to come on over to Eastern Shore broadcasting calm because that way you can get it on the chat oh yeah Chris that made all the difference in the world that’s good okay and let’s remember remember Headroom here too you need a little more yeah I want you I want you almost almost up to the top of the screen more mortar so less dead space up here yep okay Timothy McGowan says four five six so I guess he’s hurt us Kiwi Chris has got you and Chris it looks like and here you very good okay so we got Merle’s here Chris is here Andrews here Dave Timothy mark welcome mark Jerry can merle tommy prashanta chris prashanta lives in nepal and he gets up in the middle of the night about 2:30 to watch this show I mean that’s dedication impressive yes in debt indeed guest 666 is here there’s a biblical reference I guess Chris Watts Jason Perry Curtis McDonald and Giles had stepped back in time TV so my guess is a few more folks will fold in there’s a show right before this one and Pennsylvania done by the folks at PTZ optics so they may be they may be wrapping up their show and then those so kind of fall fall over here as time comes but if you’re watching another go ahead I said not a bad choice to to piggyback the two together yeah they can take care there Wednesday afternoon together I think they they preempted me I may have to switch my time and come on before then Oh Tommy says they’re history okay very good yeah I think that’s the folks that do the PTZ cameras at PTC optics and they do a really good job of marketing okay we’ve got looks like we’ve got about three minutes here and guys as you’re as you see us during the broadcast if you have questions of course go ahead and post them in the chat and then of course you may have to copy them and paste them in the chat again as we get towards the Q&A section so just a reminder on that one and let’s see Chris I know it’s one of those situations where we’re we’re all set to go and we’ve got time left over well we can we can talk about anything yeah okay we’ve got a world time yeah Martin is here Martin’s watching us from England yeah Martin and and Dave and Merle and Giles and Tommy and can and let’s see who else did I miss anybody I always miss somebody we’re on a show Monday called world of live-streaming and it was their one year anniversary they’ve been going for a full year of doing a live streaming show every Monday afternoon Eastern Monday evening in Europe and it sometimes it originates from England sometimes from Sweden sometimes from the US I mean it’s been a real fun kind of year-long experiment in how to do live streaming or sometimes how not to do that streaming that’s the case maybe I think that’s everybody’s experience I don’t think if if you haven’t had how not to do it experience you know that’s right that’s right oh Ken says it must have been a different Kent oh can I can’t I must have been thinking the PTZ optics show that you were on last Friday he was on the studio show for PTZ optics they had three guys on there and they were sharing about their studios and I think then everybody watching the show got to vote one of them got a free camera or something like that it’s pretty cool that yeah that was Kim always and can’t won the camera all right very good yeah just a peachy he got a PTZ camera yeah he in fact he had just purchased two for me about what can about two or three weeks ago and and so we ended up winning another whoa that’s a pretty good deal yeah yeah okay let’s see who else has joined us the numbers are creeping up a little bit Daniel Wright is here looking down the list Kenny’s here welcome Kenny Kenny was on the show Monday oh it was a twenty xbox camera gotcha okay well that’ll do for a fixed shot that’s I’d love to see here your impressions of that shot Ken I mean of that camera I’m working on I mean this is this is kind of the general equivalent right here to that that PTZ optics box can this is a marshall camp Chris are you familiar with these at all we use a good amount and they take a beating – we have one of them that we purchased and we sort of let rotate with our producers and I think it’s been hit by about seven or eight racecars oh wow all it hits yeah Wow we have one of the lenses that is bent in all sorts of directions bent the threads and everything else pulled it out put another one in there and keeps on going let’s go see Tony Stephens comment in quite a bit around streaming idiots the piece I made him aware of it and he’s the guy who’s whose rep that camera repeatedly I love stuff that’s that’s BNC connected that’s fairly cheap because it takes away that extra complexity of of doing a conversion yeah though that’s what yeah I like those a lot the lipstick cams are very similar the Marshall lipstick amps right right cool all right well let’s let’s get this show on the road and we’ll have some fun and again I want to give a welcome to all the folks that are watching us in pre-show if you’re watching us on YouTube directly or Facebook or periscope or Twitter we do invite you to come on over to Eastern Shore broadcasting dot-com because that’s where the chatroom is and you can get in on the couple of dozen folks that are there right now and see let’s see uh Giles is saying Tom did you see the start of the show on Monday no Giles I didn’t have to go back and look at it and guessed 666 says Chris you could use a closer mic so that’s that’s just no no I think what they’re saying is you’re getting a lot of room noise and the closer the mic can be to you the less volume you have to put in which means the less room noise you got but that’s that’s just you know 666 that’s just what it is sometimes when you when you’re dealing with a remote guest alright Daniel Wright has a quick question for you Chris before you get going he said in a Marshall camera what lens would you use for a 60 to 80 foot range you don’t have to hop your head sends me an email I look back through the recommendations from Marshall those guys are actually pretty good if you get in contact with them on email for giving you suggestions on the settings but I know I’ve gone through all of those those questions is some point in time and pass them off so I’m not exactly sure I know that they have a something like 15 to 20 lenses yeah for those cameras yeah okay well that’s just a matter of looking up then very good yeah okay right right all right very good okay folks we’re gonna get ready for the show show here and again welcome you to come to Eastern Shore broadcasting calm where you can get on the chatroom so with no further ado let’s cue up we’re going to fade to play we’re going Chris we’re going to mute you temporarily and we are gonna go to to black and then we’ll be back [Music] [Music] hello and welcome I’m Tom Sinclair and this is streaming idiots yeah that’s right you’ve come to the wrong place again you know like how do how do we keep showing up there every Wednesday afternoon at 3 o’clock Eastern and that crazy guys on there no no no I’m delighted that you’re here want to give a big shout out and in a warm welcome tell the folks watching us on Facebook and periscope and Twitter YouTube directly we of course we’d love to have you come over to Eastern Shore broadcasting dot-com so that you can get in on the chat room because we got a bunch of crazies in the chatroom today including RJ and Murrells and Jana and Marie and Jana and Marie are actually a couple in fact Jana Marie are the two that started the the streaming idiots Facebook page right down here at the bottom slash groups last streaming idiots so thank you to Jana Marie you know actually that group celebrated we missed it guys they sent we celebrated a one-year anniversary on September 26th I think so that group has been going on for over a year of idiots that talk about live-streaming practically 24/7 if you’re not a member you need to come join slash groups slash streaming idiots they’re there believe it or not they’re a thousand members Yan was telling me when we first started he said you know I hope one day maybe we can get up to 50 members as it turned out it’s a great group it’s one of those groups where if you’re kind of a newbie you can ask a stupid question you don’t get pounded down you get people that are gentle and answering that so it’s it’s got a really great attitude about it I really really enjoy that group prashanta said he had reminded me of that anniversary so you know that’s just just an old old guy’s brain I’m super psyched about my guest today and we’re gonna get to that just a second but I’m also super sky psyched about and can I bring this to the screen yeah let’s bring it to the screen and see what you have can anybody tell me what these are no of course you can’t tell me what those are you’re like well then are they black pearls or something like that no those are obsidian be and you say what the world tom you’ve gone off your rocker again no no obsidian beats obsidian obsidian is a jet-black semi precious metal or semi-precious stone rather that is probably made up mostly of volcanic volcanic lava and polished to a high gloss and and is really really beautiful it’s tough it symbolizes power because it comes from volcanoes and that is the the name of the Nuvi mix reference system for 4k video yes it’s the obsidian system so if you go to vmix comm and check in their reference systems you’ll see that they have now posted the specs for the obsidian reference system that’s based on an i-9 I nine until I nine processor a whole bunch of RAM you know a super-duper video card you know the bus will be adding those to our store in Eastern Shore broadcasting comm very soon so if you’re interested in 4k we will be able to help you with 4k for sure if you didn’t catch it last night Tuesday night was the vmix funtime live show live from Australia in 4k get this 4k 4k P 60 yes it was pretty amazing it was I mean you could count the hairs on Tim’s beard it was it was that crystal clear it was it was amazing Giles says obsidian means obscenely powerful I like that I got that okay so anyway go back and check on YouTube just go to youtube and google vmix go to their page look at their last show and you’ll really be amazed by the super quality 4k is is you know we say 4k is coming it’s off in the distance it’s coming well it’s closer it’s closer and more folks are adopting it as a way to future-proof themselves as well as provide 4k video for those that at least for those that could get accepted in the stream it’s going to take about somewhere between 20 and and 40 megabits per second to do a decent 4 case 4k 30 stream and so you figure your your your viewers are gonna have to have you know probably at least 50 kg 50 mag down in order to watch did I say 30 to 50 K I met Meg sorry about that anyway one of the things that we that gets a lot of talk when we talk about live streaming is the ability to monetize our stream and for those of you that are doing this as a professional hobby you know kind of a nights and weekends gig or for those of you that are doing it full-time or for those of you that are interested in going from you know kind of a hobby to to more of a full-time gig you’ll want to pay a lot of attention to this show because we’re going to talk about one of the many ways to monetize I mean yes you can monetize using the TV model with advertising you can monetize with sponsors you can monetize with with contributors but you can also monetize with pay-per-view and and and and my guest Chris Greiner a trivet com is going to be on in just a second to talk about paper you but let me let me give you some ideas about pay-per-view and let’s talk about the audience first because Chris is going to talk a little bit about the services that his company offers in pay-per-view but a pay-per-view audience is going to be a highly motivated audience to watch whatever the content is this is not going to be a casual audience somebody that’s like flipping through the channels to see what’s on this is somebody that’s willing to pay cash money to see what it is that you’ve got so if you’re thinking oh I want to take my high school football game and make it pay-per-view I want to take my Tuesday afternoon talk show and make it pay-per-view you might it might be difficult to do that because unless the audience is highly motivated to watch now you’ll say oh well you know a football game you know there are a lot of folks that will be highly motivated to watch well a lot of those folks will be physically present at the stadium if they’re highly motivated if they’ve got a child on the team or you know a kid playing in the band or something like that they’re gonna be there that’s your most highly motivated group is the parents and that situation the second tier is going to be grandparents aunts and uncles and they may or may not be willing to pay to watch their niece play the flute or watch their nephew you know play right right guard so as you’re thinking about events you try to think about events that are going to be unique are going to have a highly motivated audience and a lot of that a lot of that is going to have to do with the content if you are live-streaming a concert and let’s don’t we’re not gonna talk about copyrights right here but if you’re live streaming a concert and it’s a group that is very popular you know maybe you can do a live stream to their fans that are not physically able to be present so you want to do a lot of analysis with you with you know what who is my audience going to be what’s their motivation what’s their willingness to pay and then you get into the technical details of how to do the paywall and all that kind of stuff so having talked about about that little portion of it I want to welcome I am so thrilled to have Chris on the show today Chris and let me bring you into the show here and turn your mic on Chris welcome glad to have you with us today thank you Chris Chris is one of these guys whose name’s came up in a discussion of pay per view on the streaming idiots Facebook group and somebody said oh yeah you need to talk to my buddy Chris he knows all about pay per view and he mentioned his website which is rivet comm RI I ve T dot-com and so I went there and I said oh wow this is cool and so I sent Chris a note and he responded and he said yeah I’m an idiot okay I’ll come on your show so Chris we’re so glad to have you here but let me see let me start at the beginning where in the world where were what day wasn’t in your life where were you suddenly you discovered live streaming was a thing strict you know when I watched my first video but it was back in 2009 comma tech guy programmer and my co-founder as well for both tech guys there was an opportunity that we sort of played with and that was broadcasting a race motorsports race dirt track race in the offseason it’s in Tampa Florida East Bay Raceway Park an event with a lot of prestige an event a lot of people followed and we had done some other tech work and this was managing live timing and storing and publishing that online and we saw a good reception from that and we thought we can convert 10% of these people it could be worth our time right so got a few guys together spent way too much money financing some equipment got a TriCaster got some I think they were Panasonic HP x1 70s and went down there and gave it a shot at that time there wasn’t a lot available for paywall features and and sort of all of those options so we use Toto cast who I believe is still out there Toto cast is doing their thing but along the way we we ultimately decided we wanted to have some more options and that’s where we fumbled through having some sub WordPress sites which is sometimes a viable solution but we ultimately came to create our own platform and then as we created our own platform we decided to being software engineers that we would create it’s more of a software-as-a-service so that other people that were the same boat as us could could make that happen and I don’t come from a video production background I come from a tech background or are more of a database guy engineer minded guy sometimes I’ll agree that I have engineers disease so I can get a little too time versus just taking care of stuff but right as you said before I think as a pre-show we’ve all had those streaming failures and I thought that will quickly change you from for being so concerned with the details than just getting things done in a way that people will appreciate it yep yep yeah cool cool so so this the first pay-per-view gig you did did you make money we did but that’s because we were lucky that wasn’t because we knew what we were doing you you brought back are you in the intro you discussed you know some analysis and some understanding of the market and it really does take some you some experimentation I usually lead that pretty quick when I do any of my inquiry discussions with folks on the phone is it you’re really running an experiment you’re gonna find out whether the market really cares about this content and you’re just trying to run a good experiment initially as cheaply as you can to get some information again we were lucky we made money that was actually it turned out to be like a five figure pay-per-view it did pretty well but we spent a lot of my to which was very unnecessary at the time we just didn’t know it and that’s what you learn you learn to sort of cater the caliber of production necessary for the market size and the expectation sales that you’re going to get and one of the other things it’s coming along is you know we talk a lot about pay-per-view is and it always sounds like it’s strictly one price for a single broadcast subscription options are now you know with Netflix and the popularity of Netflix being so high people are very comfortable with that model and they tend to stay along and sometimes your sales will be better than if you just done a single pay-per-view trick there is that you have to string along continuous content and being able to package that content at least on a monthly basis your other options are to string together like let’s say it was a football season you’d have to do a season package price anyway again it really depends on the market you have to you have to do some experimentation there gotcha gotcha cool cool so so your very first gig you made money and you made some mistakes and you learn from those mistakes what’s what’s the biggest what was the biggest takeaway from that first gig again we we got pretty lucky everything was probably in line we probably spent too much money on people I think for that scale I think we we had something like 10 to 15 people which other which sometimes people might think oh that’s not that that much you know but for a gig that lasted I think it was a couple weeks there’s a good number of broadcast strung together which made it another opportunity to bring in more revenue but we had some pretty expensive folks in there that we were paying we probably had two or three cameraman in there that we maybe overpaid for it just was expensive so we brought in revenue we we did a little better than breaking even and then the next thing is well we have all this equipment now look at we do right it was one broadcast and I have I think it was like a thirty thirty five thousand dollars in equipment leased to make a payment on and now you’ve got to pay for that said what do you do next and and at that time you know people weren’t as comfortable with streaming so you’re dealing with a completely different market seven years ago eight years ago where folks didn’t understand how to watch video and hear everything at that point in time was all flash media so and you can also throw on top of that that everybody’s internet was worse you’re really dealing with a lot of tough expectations from the customer who’s experiencing streaming meant in many cases for the first time right so that if I hadn’t say like the biggest mistake is not that raishin to answer that question preparation for serving the customers so it’s quite a bit different when people are paying then they’re watching something free on Facebook you have to deliver – based on their expectation sir its money they earned yeah yeah you have to deliver cool cool so tell me when when Rivet kind of kind of bubbled up to the surface from this whole thing so late 2015 we had been using wordpress with some membership plugins which i know a number of people still do and they function pretty well and we were just noticing that we were lacking some features we were also having some issues with our streams being stolen and you know in a number of cases people were getting smarter with their browsers people were starting to post things and realize that you could grab some of the embed information regarding the stream and send it off and put it into VLC in and basically watch whatever you want so we had that we want to better paywall features we wanted it to be easier for the viewers to purchase and so that’s when we started the development of the platform to create something that was more conducive you know for the process to be streamlined not only for the producers but for the viewers and just to sort of take away as many headaches as we could because we some of these are just simple headaches that you don’t experience until it happen imagine if you have a pay-per-view especially a lot of Motorsports and it’s canceled or there’s a rainout you need a way to internet or to refund all of these folks money and it needs to be efficient and doing that by hand one by one it’s not that fun I mean you’re going to spend a good amount of time and then the next day you’ve got to wake up and do another bra test and be prepared for all that to execute and that stuff adds up and it’s especially harmful if your customers feel like they’re not valued because if you don’t respond quickly on something like that it undercuts your potential later on for them to come back and buy again and you have to take care of the customer there’s no way around that with good pay-per-view or subscription if they don’t feel taken care of they’re gone and they will come back and they’re difficult to acquire it’s easier now you have tools like Facebook live and other social media methods for reaching the customer and getting them on board but it’s still tough if you if they have an issue and they feel like you didn’t take care of them they will not come back and and so you guys said we’re smart we’re smarter than this we we shouldn’t be doing all this by hand therefore there’s got to be an opportunity to take some of this stuff that we use every day these pcs and make them work for us so you just sat down and you wrote ribbet yeah myself and my co-founder he’s a computer science guy he’s the nerdiest of the Nerds between the two of us smart guy cornell computer science graduate master’s program there so we work together consulting for a good amount of time doing some software development and so we decided we would put it together and start a platform and so that’s how that battle got engaged and and we’ve been working together doing that for a good amount of time so we’ve always been comfortable together developing systems so it’s something we’ve already we’ve done before uh-huh uh-huh so all right so tell me what rivet does we’ve kind of dabbled around the edges now let’s go straight for the heart of the matter so I think of us as as a broadcasting platform but at this point in time we really act more like a business partner because we see that most of these opportunities require a good amount more of the business effort than just the technology effort we see how most again we were in the same position as most the people that are interested in doing this that are doing it as a hobby and would like to maybe expand to see if they could add some additional income or see if they can create something that is their sole source of income so we try to take away as many of the headaches away from the production as possible with delivering the video and at the same time give that producer as much opportunity to be successful through marketing and branding and catering to the rights holders if needed so that they can not only provide a broadcast but be successful as a business because it’s really doing a pay-per-view isn’t that hard I mean you can go and do this and you can you can quote unquote do a pay-per-view right like producing the video isn’t that difficult and putting that together making it work as a business opportunity is the hard part that that is the difficult part doing the marketing reaching and finding out and running these experiments so you can actually see that there’s something that’s worth the effort without spending a ton of money we have a good number of folks that are just single camera guys we call them one one man jams out there doing stuff and being successful and finding you know opportunities where sometimes they can do more that’s that’s I guess I wasn’t very succinct there but you were kind of beating around the bush but that’s okay that’s alright so let’s peel back a layer and give me a food yes and let’s say say I come I come to you and I’m like okay Chris I’ve got this opportunity I’m right down here and at Gulf Shores Alabama on the Gulf of Mexico and you know what we have down here we have beach and you know what people like to do when they come to the beach they like to play volleyball and so I want to start or somebody else has already started a beach volleyball league down here and they have teams that come in from all over the US to play volleyball mmm once a week and I want to pitch to these people that I’m that I can provide them with pay-per-view services and and give them revenue and of course feed myself at the same time how can you help me put the package together with like that what what parts of your service would would work with that well and this is sort of the initial beginnings of pay-per-views don’t really happen to in my mind with the technology they really happen with negotiations and discussions with whoever are the rights holders you need to understand what their needs are and what their once are so much of that is about guidance we have boilerplate legal documents that people can use of course for sit for getting some of their rights in order that’s something that’s very important in the long run a suit as soon as you find rights that are valuable you better secure them because other people will also find those rights valuable but also some guidance with how to cater to and communicate to the rights holders most of these places let’s for example if you have a volleyball league their interest is going to be growing their volleyball league so most of what we’re doing can be dual purpose and probably should be dual purpose and we probably should put a lot more emphasis on the dual purpose nature a pay-per-view and subscription services to help your rights holders market because most of these circumstances are they’re going to be interested in having people show up at the facility or in the case of a volleyball league they’re gonna want more people to come and participate whatever it may be or maybe they they need help getting some sponsorship recognition so I’m gonna start out with those discussions finding out more about who they’re trying to broadcast and what those rights holders want and what their needs are helping somebody start there and giving them some perspective especially you know to go to continue on your your sort of story line let’s say that that league has in mind that they’ve watched something on ESPN that has you know a ten camera setup and they’re very interested in the whole process and would like a good amount of evil and player interviews and all of these additional features but they don’t have any money so those sort of cases where you’re gonna help this person who’s trying to drum up business communicate to the rights holders something reasonable that they can deliver and start that experiment and get everybody on the same page so I will have conversations incidental calls to help everybody sort of get get their ideas in line and see if there’s an opportunity that’s really where the pay-per-view stuff starts the tech that happens afterwards of how are we going to deliver this how are we going to make it happen how are we going to make customers happy how are we going to market it got you got you alright so so let’s get into the tech side a little bit you guys are providing are you providing the CDN service or we do but we are CDN agnostic okay so if somebody comes to us and says we like your service we see that you can transcode some multi bitrate streams but we really like our CDN and we will work with you to incorporate the CDN and we will also give you the pluses and minuses that we evaluate with that CDN some sure the ends you can lock down with various forms of token in some you cannot so I’m gonna tell you well here’s what you’re getting and here’s your concerns and here’s how it integrates with our process and tell us if that’s still the way you want to go and again we’re software engineers well we’ll make that happen if it’s reasonable and then a world just our pricing based on you taking over that cost if that’s what you wanted to do and we’re pretty open we use for our base provider and it’s mostly related to cost we use scale engine who’s out of Toronto a little lesser-known folks but they there allows of a CDN as a good number of CDN czar and they they operate I think with five or six various locations of their own hardware throughout the country well throughout North America but I think it’s just us in Canada they might have some locations in Europe as well I know that they visit and go to some of those conferences to have those discussions gotcha gotcha and and so whether it’s stream engine with you or whoever I choose on my end and I’m kind of working backwards a little bit now you’re gonna have a a paywall and all that goes along with that that’s going to allow my customers to come in and make a purchase are they going to they’re going to use a credit card PayPal tell me a little bit about that at that set up everything is credit card base right now we’re like many startups we utilize stripe as our back-end credit card process very easy API for us to to manage all the process I spoke a little bit about processing refunds and and managing all of that the money processing they make that easy for for software engineers to manage right now just credit card there is some ability to and they’re down all the way to Bitcoin now I think that you can process through stripe as well ACH but the problem there is you’re running into delays and payment it would be fine for a subscription service that you’re processing monthly but if you’re going to process an ACH for a pay-per-view immediately that people are watch you’re going to have a delayed problem with well they can only watch it they bought yesterday and their payment process so we don’t generally cater to that I can go down that path of where life gets interesting with cryptocurrency but that’s the whole entirely different discussion but that’s that’s just with Bitcoin I mean if I come to an event today with my credit card and that event starts in ten minutes I can still sign in yes you can watch it right there yep yeah you will sign in you will process your credit card we try to make that as few as click as as possible for the viewer we give a number of paywall options so if somebody wants to price out an HD stream versus an SD screening versus something in-between we allow that for some upselling ability if if there’s that need we have a good number of rural viewers so in many cases they’re not going to be able to watch an HD broadcast I have a good number of folks that are watching our version of standard definition which we run at to get 768 by 432 is our general transcode it’s one of those nice 16 by 16 block size is that transcodes nicely so we have the majority of our folks probably watching that but it is it’s dripping the other direction we’re getting more HD folks that are watching as their their bandwidth comes up and they can actually view a whole broadcast in HD well let’s let’s say in my my beach-volleyball pay-per-view that I’ve got some people that let’s say they live in Dallas E Alabama and they they they want to watch but but they don’t want to pull the trigger until they see if it’s a really good broadcast do we have a way of kind of leaving the paywall open for a few minutes and then closing the wall and then forcing them to pay in order to watch more kind of like a meet we currently don’t have something like that implemented I know the total cast when we originally started had something like that like you could get a some amount of time to watch that we tend to more push where we’re multi casting and helping people multicast to Facebook or to YouTube or to periscope so that we pull in their stream and with that with some timing assistance again we’re full-service so we’ll we’ll watch and work with them to push that to a variety of Facebook pages so that’s the big that’s the method that we’re doing it right now but if somebody really demanded that it wouldn’t be all that difficult what I would be concerned about is whether or not that stream is locked down and that we can actually keep it locked down I definitely through that process right you can do it all with JavaScript and lock somebody out after a certain amount of time but I can they trick the system to get it fruit sometimes you have to be concerned with that sometimes you don’t you know it amazes me that people would go to all this trouble to to watch a pay-per-view stream for free when they value their time it would have been cheaper for them just to purchase the ticket it depends on the market to get to go all the way to you know some of the stuff that drives us crazy with the advent of Facebook live in the last you know what year year and a half now we will have people literally set up a phone camera in front of their television that is broadcasting our broadcast and push it to their Facebook page yeah yeah that’s a little bit separate they’ve paid for it but now you meet that other warning so they’re wanting some social media popularity and well you at least an activity Facebook will allow us to pull those down because it’s our broadcast I mean there we really they will pull those at least don’t you have to find them it’s a needle in a haystack problem all right what I think they have 3 billion users usually somebody that’s a friend or associated will send us a link to say hey this guy is showing the broadcasts you might want to do something about it yeah yeah folks if you’re just joining us this is Chris Greiner with rivet comm we’re talking about pay-per-view and we’re delighted to have you pop into our show if you’re watching us on Facebook or Twitter or periscope or even YouTube directly we do invite you to come on over to Eastern Shore broadcasting calm so you can get in on the chatroom we’ve got a couple of three dozen folks in there chatting away about women’s beach volleyball and they they seem to have taken that off on a tangent so anyway we would welcome you to come to Eastern Shore broadcasting com click the watch life tab and get it on there get in on the full broadcast cuz you know Chris and I are chatting but there another another great group of folks back there that are asking questions which we’re gonna get to in the post show I promise you because we have had a kind of a couple technical questions and I picked up on one or two but I’ve missed some of them so Chris if somebody wants to to find out more about what you guys are doing how do they do that they go to Rivet comm of course to eyes correct kind of sounds like that that that mechanical device that holds things together a rivet I think that we have that discussion again yes we’re holding together a number of features that are necessary for the process and some of the little things that were I say little things we have built-in features for email marketing Auto manages the various people in the campaign list so that you can send out an email to folks yeah there’s a number of features that we’re not touching that are not related to the process of live-streaming or to the pay-per-view side because that stuff you know the features are around someone like the paywall features of being able to offer people not only subscription but also being able to pay directly I’m having an option some of these things are just very nuanced so they’re they’re hidden in there but that’s the concept of Ribit Ribit is a good number of features that we feel like are necessary to be successful all time together in one platform and I guess it you can add in that we’re also experts that you get in added that aspect as well I think that in 2018 just because there’s some of the a lot of questions we will maybe have a more stripped-down version that allows people to use it or it’s just a direct platform our difficulty is watching all of these broadcasts we I monitor for Romero monitors or one of our other folks that we have on our platform will monitor every broadcast that’s happening because we have people that need it and that’s that’s where that’s where our expertise comes in to help them actually be successful awesome I see you smiling I think I’m thinking of all of these I’m seeing all the chat feeds getting hot I see that it’s starting to pour in yeah they’re realizing it it’s time to put the questions in there they’ve heard enough now they they need to hear about this particular slice’ that that they’re interested in well let’s let’s transition into post show and we’ll go into the questions if you’re watching us live hang out for a few minutes later while we while we stop the recording if you’re watching us after the fact there they’re actually going to be two broadcasts two recordings of today’s show available on YouTube one will be just the 30 plus minute show portion the other will be the pre-show the show show and then the after show and so if you get you get the one and you want to you want to see the questions in the post show just click on the other one there on YouTube where everybody can get to them all the time and they’re free you don’t have to pay per view to see them yeah that’s right although we may need to talk about that Chris so everybody hang off for just a second Chris hang on for just a second and we’re going to transition to the the the show closing thank you so much for watching we you know I forgot my normal intro so let me give you just a nugget of it right now the whole idea with streaming idiots is that we’re sponsored by Eastern Shore broadcasting comm which is my company and the idea is that it this is a giant infomercial with a little bit of info and a whole look no no a little alaya info and a little bit of mercial and so the mercial part is we represent vmix and mptv optics and black and not black magic sorry I wish we did represent black magic mage well and X keys and martial cameras if you need a product in that way and you need somebody that’s really knowledgeable with those products then they’d come talk to us we also design and build custom streaming pcs for any kind of streaming application right now we’re talking with somebody who has a he has a small TV it’s 12 feet by 23 feet and he wants to display four different TVs on that and use vmix to do it just like piece of cake we got you covered he says oh by the way they’re two of them and and it’s gonna be immersed in a swimming pool I was like okay well we’ll work out those details but if you’ve got an unusual need or a typical need in your church or your your school with a talk show we’d be happy to help you with that so that’s the commercial part of that and we’ll do a better job with that next week anyway so until next week what is next week’s show we don’t know yet well you’ll have to tune into Twitter or Facebook and also come come join us on Facebook we’d love to have you until then we will catch you next time and we are done with that okay let’s go back here very good and let me turn Chris back on and very good welcome thank you Chris outstanding man I just I feel like we only just scratched the surface you know it’s just like we could have for our conversation you really can and it’s also important for everybody out there who’s still listening that you know we are not the only solution I like to be an unbiased representative and and help anybody with direction solving this problem is too complex and the main thing we try to convey to people is find a minimal way to run your experiment it’s very much a software development concept – it’s called MVP Minimum Viable Product you want to find your Minimum Viable Product get it to the people and find out if you can be successful with it from there you can build now we may have some people who are out there and have all the ability and already type of cameras have the systems have the people in place and they can just shoot for the the move and that’s great – but more than anything else you don’t overspend on running your experiment don’t overextend yourself in trying to do something that you think will work that will be very difficult one of the things that you brought up was doing a concert and I’ve yet to see a concert be successful because of some of the expectations around music and this is just a personal hypothesis and that is that music performances are performances and so what’s a little bit different about a performance than maybe something that’s sporting related is that I can still get some of that performance on Spotify or whatever I mean actually I probably are you out there recording it’s a little bit different so it doesn’t have that same sort of urgency and and desire to watch as a football game as a race because in those circumstances once that event happens it has happened and you are no longer part of that experiment experience and it doesn’t really necessarily convey to see concerts however you still have to run the experiment maybe you have a very popular artist who is doing a show that it’s has its own unique elements I could see that working but you have to just test it but I don’t want to give too far away because I can’t talk I want to make sure we’re answering everybody’s questions that came through on the chat and that they’re they’re getting enough information and they’re happy I think somebody had asked on there the total number of broadcasts that we have processing at a time it really depends for us on the seasons that were in right now Motorsports is fading out and it still is our primary group of folks that we have some work that we started in this market that knows us the most but we’ll have anywhere I think that most we’ve had is like 10 to 15 broadcasts going style Tennessee we’re not going right now I think about you know relative to a live stream we’re not that scale as far as you know growing or as far as their business goes but we’d like to grow and we function as a startup this is these are the steps that you take you you you start and then you start to build from there and you manage your problems as they come along that’s why I alluded to I could see us changing in 2018 to where we had a little different service offering that wasn’t a full service offering because one of the most difficult constraints that we have is monitoring the broadcast but we still do it and I don’t think that goes away for us we just find a way for it to scale because as difficult as it is to execute the pay-per-view for smaller teams they generally need to help somebody needs that expertise and they definitely need to customer service we didn’t even allude to that we have monitoring systems at monitored bandwidth for all of the viewers that are tied into the CDN again this is a us being tech guy so I can pull up any viewers log in graphical form and I can see their errors I can see the bandwidth they’re experiencing I can tell them yeah lately I just to give you an example for whatever reason chrome 51 is an unhappy version of Chrome and it doesn’t update automatically so I have a good number of folks that I just see that automatically and we’ve actually started to build a system to identify this and send those people emails when they buy to say hey we can see that you’re using her own 51 it tends to do this weird thing where midway through the video it’ll half green screen the video and it just happens and there’s no real explanation just upgrade your video so we do a lot of backwards stuff as well but back to you know what the point was I could see us if we’re going to grow as a business and cater to a larger market size we will we will most definitely have to scale back and have a lower offering as well that’s the feeling that I’m getting is as we’re talking is that you guys really are a premium pay-per-view company that is your your your your top tier in terms of service you’re going to provide the very best of everything and as a result you know you’re expecting that you’re going to be working with folks that are not doing pay-per-view to a hundred moms watching a soccer you’re gonna be dude and pay-per-view to folks in the in the thousands or plus plus that are that are watching something else I mean going back to my volleyball model for a second and let’s say you know that my goal is to have 10,000 viewers on a weekend so it’s gonna be a Friday Saturday Sunday event and we’re gonna sell a package for the weekend and they will sell packages for Friday Saturday and Sunday and the package will be you know twenty nine ninety five for the weekend and nine ninety five per day or 14.95 per day or something like that and I want to say ten ten ten thousand of those when all is said and done you know you’re cutting me a check for what percentage of the total thing because I’m assuming obviously you’re collecting all the money I’m not collecting it is it is it going into my account or is it going into your account it will go into the doors here okay it goes into our account and then so long as there are no major issues and that would just be that there was an event that had to have some sort of either an event was problematic so that they’re very actually technical problem and we’re going to get a lot of demand for from the audience for refunds or it was actually a right now or a cancellation as long as none of those things happen we direct deposit seventy percent of the gross sales to your account on a weekly basis okay our 30 percent contains everything else it contains the credit card processing it contains the CDN it contains everything we keep it clean that way and then when we get to these other details if your rights holders in the contract that you signed once their proceeds direct deposit we will help you manage that as well this comes back to that original question how do you get started don’t underestimate how much people care about their money and when they get it right has that’s wrong you you keep some especially with paper views it’s how you’re going to maintain a good relationship with that right holder last year on year let you build your business much of the people that we have on our platform continue building their business and grow because they maintain their rights to their some of their original discoveries and continue that process and really cater to those people so short answer you’re gonna get it that week 70% direct deposit into your account and we’re gonna just dump it in there assuming that there’s no major issues with our research process right then we’re gonna say hey we know that this is here right if you need some cash to cover stuff well we’re gonna make that happen but let’s think about what’s a rational number for what we’re gonna have before and I understand that to hold that and we’ll hold it that makes perfect sense what you guys have been doing this long enough to have a feel for it how many of your clients your your Tom Sinclair’s are paying somebody else for the rights to broadcast their event how many how many how many how many clients have rights holders involved everyone everybody every every single one of our they all have somebody for those rights and that’s a that’s a separate aspect that we try to give direction on because the expectation for payment is sort of determined by industry to some like to have a net payment some are just gross sales we just try to get people to understand who else is in the market how the market functions and try to get a deal that’s reasonable that they can maintain the toughest situations come in where a guy goes in does a deal for off the total gross sales and doesn’t cover his expenses we really try to stay keep guys away from happen and you brought up a hundred soccer moms we have events that are 20 to 30 subs you know that’s what people are watching they’re just doing it on a consistent basis you know a lot of people that are broadcasting every weekend if you can do it continuously that the money can be okay and usually what it is is it ties into another larger event at some point during that year and it helps them build that market and maintain the happiness that market sure but this also rolls into we’re not just live we’re also an on-demand subscription service in many cases so we have a good number of folks that are doing a live broadcast then they’re publishing the the VOD for replay and that may or may not be available for a separate price or in many cases the the sort of magic in most of our markets it seems to be working is that that becomes a subscription service a monthly subscription service that people pay for so it this minute all the way ties back to what I said about the rights holders in helping them market their market their market whatever they’re doing there if it’s a volleyball league one of the groups that you missed out on is the volleyball players themselves so if the volleyball players themselves would like to see them play more often and not they’re gonna maybe be a subscription service purchaser because they’re gonna want to come in and watch those after the fact because they were there and we have a good number of folks like that because if you’re at the event especially if you to get at motorsports but think about motor sports the especially all the crew members the crew members are back at the car during this entire event working on the car doing their thing they can’t watch the entire event they’re missing that experience but they’d still like they were part of it but they’d like to come back and see it at a later time so then it sort of becomes part of the long tail of making your content more valuable where you’re going to have a good number people that come back and watch subscriptions and that’s also very good for your rights holders because they’re maintaining some level of continuity for their and a service as well for their there are people that are there competing but the fans who can’t make it then it can be you know they’re able to come in and watch who knows they can have a wedding you can have something else if they have a cheaper subscription service that keeps them tied in to that brand and to that entertainment they’re more likely to show up and and actually attend events you’re really trying to stay in the habits of people and all marketing tends to be about habits right we’re trying to create habits that that people tie into it and that’s back to what you’re doing for the rights holder that it all starts there and if you make that rights holder happy and you have a good deal you really don’t want to let that go you want to keep making them happy and keep providing because you will be their business partner for a good portion of what they’re doing in terms of marketing how many how many of your clients are actually the rights holders themselves percentage-wise we have a we have a few out there I want to say it’s a lower number just because of organically how things have come together we’re going to at least in our Motorsports market be pushing a little bit more of that it’s more of a lack of understanding you can imagine if you’re the person who owned the volleyball league you have a number of different things that your considerations that you’re trying to take care of right if somebody comes to you and says hey we’ll just take care of for you one more thing off your plate right but if they understand the process of how they can manage it themselves then you see that happening and I could see them saying okay well I can hire some folks that are low and they could take care of it I I don’t really mind which way it goes I just try to hope that that guy who’s who actually is doing the hardest work the video Agra fer the producer the guy who’s really there has some upside into the process you know that he isn’t just getting paid a low rate to get in there and do it the those solutions tend to have a lesser than desirable effect on the production when I like I tend to like for the incentives to be aligned if the guys getting a percentage cut of the broadcast he’s more likely to do a good job marketing he’s more likely to help you when I see a guy I’m thinking of a guy or gal who is actually doing the production I want them to have some skin in the game so that they’re doing a better job because this isn’t you know CBS Sports showing up at the Super Bowl you know where people are getting paid a great amount of money cash and it’s their gig and it’s their profession this is hard work for people and their and many times we have some guys that do multi camera broadcast and then now it’s by themselves they do the whole thing and and they’re and they’re mixing video I mean they’re and they can do it that’s a lot of work and mostly it’s a passion play but back to your question about the rights holders I would I’d be happy bringing them in but I would always suggest to the rights holders as well that you let these guys have some skin in the game because it will give them a more incentive to do a good job with the production because there’s fewer people involved so there’s more options for things to go wrong I mean I’m thinking of all of the various headaches you start paying that guy a set rate what’s his motivation for getting there early to make sure the internet oh sure it’s taken care of what’s his motivation to make sure all the camera settings are are nicely configured yeah all of that motivation sort of goes away right right I know I also want to make sure we’re still answering some of these questions whole bunch of the ones you hear yeah there been a few yawn wants to know if you brought refreshments and I think we can ignore that one let’s see somebody had asked Jesse it asked a question a while back that somebody else wanted to know the answer to let me see if I can scroll back to it yeah Rihanna wanted to know Jesse’s question Jesse’s question was can you summarize your email and membership features oh right now it’s pretty basic we work off of Amazon’s emailing feature but it’s built into the platform and if you have an account there this getting into the details of our platform all of our platform is white-label capable so you can build out your own domains so for example if it’s you know I don’t remember which Beach that you said something Shores beach – or they get doctor’s volleyball TV they have their own domain and they also get their own branding we didn’t even touch on some of our over-the-top platform delivery features so we can deliver it a roku as well so you get a roku channel all that sort of stuff but if you’re operating within that realm you can set it up so that anybody who purchases on that domain automatically gets fed into a campaign lessness that’s managed or you could separate that out imagine if there were multiple facilities versus just one beach that you’re playing by event you could you can separate that out and so that there’s options for managing those lists as people come in and purchase again it manages it also allows them to unsubscribe so that we’re properly taking care of all the cans are can-spam laws and not getting people in any sort of issues they’re making our best effort and best practices there and then we have right now we it’s pretty new feature simple template for you to upload an image and send out an email that ties to your events and you send out that email you schedule it and it pushes out those those emails on schedule and and you’re off and running but the main thing is that it’s managed it is managed within a platform it’s one of these things that we push because again as producers people pay attention a lot to the video they care during the week they’re thinking about the new camera or like you’re bringing up with the mix the new settings that are available at a new feature packs that are available and we try to get folks on board thinking about making a little more money so you can actually buy those things and that happens to your marketing and and we one of the other ideas with that is that we would allow for potentially your rights holders to use a similar service so that you can offer something to them because it then lets you tie in that service for that rights holder so that it may be there they want to use that same email service that does it doesn’t bother us a ticket it can help them actually market the event that’s a little bit down the road yeah a lot of what I’ve heard you I’m sorry go ahead okay a lot of what I’ve heard you say and I really like it but it’s but it’s foreign to me has been you know the idea of pay-per-view not as a standalone individual event but as a reoccurring event you know that lends itself to a subscription model to developing a community of viewers that are interested in this subject which gives you the opportunity to market other kinds of things to that folks I just I really like the way you’ve taken it because a lot of times when when I think about pay-per-view and I think what some of the streaming idiots community thinks about it too we a lot of times we’re thinking about it like oh there’s this event coming up you know it’s a it’s an auto race that happens at this track every year in November and it doesn’t happen you know any other time you know we want to do pay-per-view for that event but I like the idea of kind of make making it larger and more of a reoccurring kind of thing which of course means reoccurring revenue reoccurring work and the whole you know all of your marketing for one event it’s not just wasted if that event has passed you it continues to build and build so I think you guys are really onto something I really do right and it’s discovering those opportunities that can be difficult but they’re out there I mean most everything right happens that I see especially in sporting is this way it’s a league it’s you know it’s it’s some other group that is putting on some sequence of events and you can tie into it it gets more difficult if you’re going to be crossing over from one rights holder to another but we allow that to be packaged and we actually it gets way way deep into our financial tools but if you do package them we actually allow you to separate those out by buy ticket price so that they can actually be assigned a certain proportion based on how how your contracts are written it all comes down to breaking up the money these guys like their money usually so you want to make them happy if their time together five events across five different promoters or owners of rights you want to make sure they’re being taken care of gotcha but all that coming back I think this subscription model most likely wins out once we sort of understand and people can be happy with with packaging it just becomes tough if you don’t have enough content how do I charge somebody a monthly fee for content if I only have content once every two months what do I do to fill in the gaps you know do I go back and do i acquire old content somehow so that I can fill the gaps all those are the sort of things and that’s going to all be what’s the interesting problems that are going to be solved this it’s here we’re really at the front end of everybody embracing over the top you know video broadcasting so now to me this is the most interesting time that we have yet because now the real problems you’re gonna start getting soul people so now we’re gonna figure out what people really want to watch and how they’re going to watch it I mean everybody’s always wanted Alucard so I love you I wondered where that phone was I want to know you found it found I love hurts here and now we have an option for these markets to sort of drive what people get a watch and it’s a matter of the economics working at all it just it just depends and marketing I do sort of oh it’s yeah you cannot underestimate marketing rights process if you just throw a pay-per-view up there and you announce at the date of I can pretty much guarantee you that you’re going to fail Yeah right if it’s just one Facebook post a day off back to it something I said earlier you have to build yourself into the habits of people so they need to know what’s going to happen if they’re planning for most of our stuff is weekend days so if there’s going to be something on Friday or Saturday they need to know on Monday because they’re planning their week right so they’re gonna plan out their week for what’s going to happen and then that’s how you get into their their mindset and then if you continue marketing to them and let them know that this is happening every week er what your schedule is they will build you in to their life and that’s back to the marketing – that’s very helpful for the rights holders I’m standing had a few different questions it yeah go ahead you’re gonna like I’m gonna go with Kenny because you know I’m going to answer some of the other ones okay Kenny says are there any inferred restrictions in the fine print on purchasing for example how many people can watch a pay-per-view broadcast could you buy a pay-per-view ticket and show it to 50 people in a small theater and still with be within the spirit of the purchase that’s sort of up to what you want to try to execute we have dealt with that circumstance a few times but it’s sort of your choice you’re going into the legal side of stuff you could put it up there and you’re gonna make that claim but do you want to be the UFC and have somebody report it and then you’re gonna actually go through the process of saying hey we see that this is how the UFC does stuff we see that the fire code says that you can hold this many folks and based on the fire code you owe us this and you’re gonna pursue it and considering that we’re in the United States at least most everybody hears misstates I don’t know how the laws work in other countries it’s state-by-state so you’re gonna have to get a lawyer in that state and go through the whole process so it’s probably a pretty difficult hurdle to manage on the lower end I’ve got the solution but I’ve got the solution Kenny wants to show it in the theater at a school and I understand and what you’re going to do to Kenny is you’re gonna say Kenny we are going to we’re gonna provide you a 4k stream for this large theater that you’re going to do it but you’re gonna have to pay $500 or $300 or $250 for that event as opposed to paying 2995 and and he’s self-selects you know if 720 is the highest one and for 2995 and it’s gonna look like crap on a you know a 25-foot screen Betty would go for the 4k you know I’m thinking you know I got the manage it yeah more creatively you’re not going to be able to manage it otherwise we have a lot of folks is watching bars and and have home parties ever they have 10 people over that’s happened since the beginning of sharing purview and I just don’t see you being able to manage it very well unless you’re the scale of a UFC or like a boxing production where they’re very stiff I will get the lawyers involved and make an example out of someone what they do is they just decide that you’re going to go and prosecute a few people and make an example and then people are scared enough that they don’t do it again then he asked can you put I see that he also asked can you just put a price for multiple users we have yet you could we have those pricing options so you could just add it and then you’re just you’re just guessing whether or not people are going to actually buy by those standards right just depends on how people are really gonna be concerned with it but I like your idea I think it’s more creative solutions always work I wish we were all pushing for K but anyway and it’s just a numbers game you know the number is is it is it cheaper to to hire a lawyer and sue everybody or is it cheaper am I going to make more money if I just go for the people that are honest and give them the four K option I always favor assuming people are gonna be honest assuming they’re gonna do the right thing and then giving them the option for what they really really want anyway which if they want to do it on a 20-foot screen they want 8k you know when that becomes available your other option here is if you do something like like that was brought up by Kenny and you are Jesse where you said that you could you could put a price on that if you can actually tie the user to an event and you know what their streaming is and you’ve got all the token lockdowns you can actually take their token away if they were doing it and you knew that they were doing it and then they would come back and purchase again or do whatever it just becomes a big exercise in chasing your tail though that’s the problem so be more creative go with the people that are going to be decent about it and I think you just have to favor people being honest over not being honest for now I don’t know of any other great method it just becomes like it comes too expensive the question I was going to answer now I lost it oh where can users watch chromecast or Roku I saw that we the player that we use is at this point in time are also agnostic but using JW players version that has built-in chromecast compatibility and Apple TV casting ability and then the roku channels are all private channels one of the reasons we do that is so that back the money on the smaller end if you have a non private channel the SDK agreement says that you have to use their billing process and they take 20% it’s much like Apple Apps and Google Apps where they’re taking 30% the loophole of this is that you can still install stuff as a private channel by going through our website and installing it through your Roku account and then that there one the 20% doesn’t get taken and it’s all tied into our roku channel for that particular domain there’s a little bit of overhead just minor you have to provide us with the graphics for your Roku station and we put that together and then we deploy it for the customer I can see so much value in what you guys are bringing to the table Chris I makes me want to go out and find a whole string of events that I can just do pay-per-view on and then say okay Chris take care of this and I’m going to take care of the technical part of the production and and and do the marketing and it just watch the money come in just watch the money come in and and really where we’re seeing the successes is back to that subscription model and describing sort of what you’re you’re talking about right now if you can chain together the content and you can give some folks that ability to watch live or on-demand and tie it in I really love the the platform’s Roku why we went there versus their dominating right now the market share so we went to the market share dominant platform if we were to go to the next place it’ll be the fire stick because that’s their the second and and market share and we’ll just keep going down that path as we can implement it in a way that doesn’t affect our doesn’t affect our producers in our broadcasters negatively I didn’t have in in the billing process for a Roku as well not only do they take 20% there’s a 45-day delay on processing it and that just really puts people you know they’re catering to large market folks who don’t care about a 45-day delay right our guys care about paying their cameramen our guys care about paying their rights holders quickly so we have to think about those problems before we go and implement another feature that actually doesn’t work to their benefit and increase more problems than it actually does a solution interest I see this kvar not the acid do we do international we’ve done Canada but other than that this would be I think it would be a step that we would have to take and probably have a long conversation and understanding the various pieces that would come into play with doing something internationally again scale engine is our our house CDN but I can’t underscore enough that we are seedy and agnostic our main goal because we actually you can embed YouTube into our platform you can embed video video we use video for somewhere so it’s not hard to do a lot of if somebody tomorrow has said to me well we just want to use it for a VOD site that’s free I’d say sure we’ll start the process and it’ll be a different model you know we we set this up to just talk about pay-per-view and subscription but we also time together the ability to do everything we call them promo features but everything could just be a time to get a youtube site if you wanted to take all of these shows and put them in a YouTube channel right now we could do that for you and you could put the East Eastern Shore broadcasting label on there and you’re off and running it couldn’t have if it’s up through YouTube it couldn’t have a roku channel because youtube doesn’t allow it but if you put it on Vimeo which we have our own hosted Vimeo account that will allow you to use then you can tie them to roku when you’re done and you’re off and running and we look you can use your Vimeo account you can use our vimeo k this is all this we have a lot of flexibility built in to that back-end portion of the CDN because both Romero and I have a strong feeling that that’s going to be very commodity based and it’s very fluid I don’t know who’s going to win that game and that game is changing quickly we had a meeting with the wowza folks there’s a lot happening there you’ve got a lot of new technology that’s that’s that’s getting ready to come out line with different protocols being used for delivering streams all the way down into peer-to-peer CDMS there’s a lot of options on the table in it and I didn’t want to back us into some corner where we’re saying this is the only CDN we’re going to use because you’d be back in that corner and then these services change what you’re going to say but steel engine does a good job for the price that’s mostly what it comes down to they’re very consistent and this is a very small feature that becomes very important to a number of our producers they can use the same stream RTS rtmp stream information repeatedly which may seem like a small thing but if these guys are on a tight time schedule and they don’t want to redo their tarot deck because they have a network dip so that they can login that stays at a time so that becomes one of the features that’s nice they record for us and they transcode for us on a pretty good rate and that keeps most all of our custom all of our clients happy and moving forward some of it’s just all stuff and then would not international open the floodgates for you in a good way I I don’t know I mean we’re willing to try anything that’s just back to the experiments now in a different way we’ll experiment with other markets as well we we’ve tried that with a variety of sporting groups when I see an interesting market that’s really where I gain interest I would I have somebody talked to me about a market that I think that market has this exact sort of dynamics that I think would work and it’s back to what you were talking about tom is a high demand a high desirability because it’s it’s very timely and and the people that are within that group are very passionate I’m very interested in that at the same time you sort of want that market to be comfortable paying that the expectation is there so to talk a little bit more about that you will run into some markets that the expectation has already built that it’s free it will be very difficult to overcome that even within Motorsports markets we have that motocross it’s a good example I don’t see you ever being able to do a good pay-per-view even at the highest level for motocross because the expectation of the fans you just say it’s going to be free even though their motor sports fans there you just built-in expectation so you have to go up against that as well and then I could I could still be wrong if you run the experiment and find out different but I would guess from our experiences know it would work answer some more questions that we overlooked we’ve had so many so he said do you think it would make sense to combine several pay-per-view contents into one package Chris Watts access we’re going to talk about kicking off the peeling back the layers of the onion now we give into something even more deep into our platform we have concepts three concepts for the various likes a major elements of the platform one is the broadcaster and what they do so if I’m Tom Sinclair Eastern Shore broadcasting I have my own production brand and I want to operate under that that branding in the platform so you get a site and that has all of your production it then the separate branding comes out to be you can have any other method for aggregating out these broadcasts and so we have a term that we just call it aggregate and most of those aggregates would be like your your your Gulf Shores volleyball TV so you’re in urethane are in the back end of our platform and you’re going to be able to tie a broadcast or a video to a number of different options but you’re going to select that Gulf Shores volleyball TV in some cases so that’s there and available for you and so you can manage all of your brands that way and that’s more to cater to the rights holder than anything else the third thing that we have is this concept of a vertical and that’s because we came from motor sports there you’ll see in my emails that I respond back to race the XCOM that is a grouping of all of the the similar types of content so if you look at Ray’s speed XCOM right now that’s actually eight or nine different broadcasters but we use that method through our own Facebook wheel we have the race V text Facebook page we push through social media we’re doing the look-ins for teasing and all that sort of stuff we will push through that that channel to help people market their content through what we call a vertical and we also allow anybody else to start their own verticals so this would be an opportunity so let’s say that you know you start out doing the volleyball time you’re successful some other guy calls you up and says hey I’ve got this other volleyball league what do I do what you say well hey we could work together I’ve already got you know beach volleyball TV started that you started separately and we’ll put it all in the same thing and I’ll we’ll we’ll cross pollinate some of this content and we’ll work together in one place now it gets a little bit weird when we start to talk about well what if I have a monthly membership to that that vertical you have to do some finance work on who gets what money right but and it’s a number just you can still starting stuff yeah it’s numbers but all of this came organically from where we started we had these problems you know we had these issues and we developed a platform with a knowledge of those issues so if somebody’s out there and had somebody recently asked me about this with with MMA and you know we’re fighting sports like you can you can start your own go for it promote it and start that brand and it becomes yours and if you need some help executing the business side of that maybe you want to take a royalty for somebody being on that I those ideas and concepts are all available but it’s not anything different than what we already see right I mean if you think about the MD CDs the CVS the ESPN they’re all really just a vertical right for a certain type of content in many cases that people are comfortable with so we’re giving the customer some comfort and we’re giving the the product some better options for marketing that would let them get started and then all of the other branding if it’s a Eastern Shore broadcast that can be in the in the broadcast somewhere and we have some ability for you to tie in some of your your logos all that where you just do it in the video right and you tie that in and you tie in the other brands and their sponsors and everybody gets jumbled together and it gives them we think it could give a better option for people to to be successful that’s really the cold air that’s all built in some people use it some people don’t it’s just an option that’s there you start out tomorrow you can just you go up my domain name get an SSL and we fire you up right no it’s just fascinating this goes and then it’s just for us it’s a matter of growing and and keeping that fresh and staying up with the tech because that’s the constantly evolving problem is so many people asking about CD ends in the chat I really want to take that off of everybody’s table but offer them every option that that they want because it’s a big thing dealing with the CDN in the middle of an event can be a monstrous problem if you never have an issue and production will not be able to maintain the same quality of broadcast if they have to do that simultaneously right and so if we can we can manage those as many of the problems that you have as possible in an automated fashion to help everybody be successful I think everybody has a win-win and and our job is just to try to make it cheaper cheaper that’s the that’s sort of the mantra of being a software engineer right we’re here to automate stuff and and make it easier for everybody to operate but we’re not the only solution we’ve done in other ways ourselves the work I see a lot of people bring out the WordPress membership plug-in solution and it’s a workable solution you just take a hit on customer service in many cases and you take a hit on on theft if if it can’t be managed and then you’re just not going to be able to at least in this time you’re not gonna be able to manage distribution to some of the other over-the-top platforms I don’t know of any nice way to tie all of that together how do you tie all of your users into Roku’s so that when they log into roku and they purchased on the other portion of the platform they still have it all nicely tied together that that’s a sort of problem you want it to but if you want to run your experiment that’s probably the cheapest way to run it it’s also just going to be the one that requires the most time and effort for you up front it just depends on if you think you get a good experiment out of it and there’s other platforms there’s other sort of full-service I mean people talk about clean embeds live streamed stuff the biggest problem there is people can share logins they can I could send out my login information to anybody in the world and they can log into multiple times simple simple things that we have struggled with it we try to take care of those quickly it’s just funny how the there hasn’t been a lot of catering to those sort of some of those what I think of is minor right upfront immediate problems that I would think people would take care of it they haven’t done simultaneous logins it seems like it’s obvious I mean if you want to take care of that right away but you also can embed livestream and you’re off and rolling and they are a little more inexpensive than we are so and I think you can go around and you’ll find there’s probably a handful of these sort of plot options out there that are they’re not all that different from us and that’s just B being the UM by it’s not salesy enough engineer to say hey it’s out there look around and we think we’re a great offering and we think we probably if there’s anything we do better than anybody else’s it’s the service that we offer and the consulting on the business sigh I don’t think anybody can really touch that from what we do you said before that you didn’t think you have any problem with me talking and I delivered on that you delivered nicely you delivered nicely no Chris I really appreciate you taking the time out to come on today and I can tell by the fact that the chatroom is kind of just like frozen they they’re not going away but they’re not asking questions they’re there they’re listening they’re mulling it over you know my guess is that you know questions will be popping up later and and if somebody wanted to to reach you directly would it be as simple as going to Chris a trivet calm yeah because I know I know ken mentioned to me was it in chat earlier or maybe by email or maybe maybe it was on Facebook I don’t remember anyway his response was I sent I sent Chris a note through the website and I haven’t heard anything back that was a couple of days ago that’s all so you could be nothing tomorrow success yeah so last week was a busy week where we flushed out a quick feature for somebody that we we think could be pretty interesting so I was pretty busy with that I said everybody has now been responded to I did that today but and I also let everybody know that we’d be on the broadcast we added a donation feature for some folks that we’re going to contribute to the actual prize pool for a demolition derby so that we have a lot of folks who really would like to help out that driver and for us it’s running a little experiment to understand how that works and then I saw one more question Jesse asked multiple logging in through original login off is that something you’ve ever done we do implement that so we we implement two methods for kicking people off of a broadcast one is we just detected some is logged in you can still bypass that if you don’t lock down the stream so then we do kick them off and then additionally we also lock the stream in any circumstance we can if it’s a lot of a live CDN that allows us to it has to be implemented by this service there’s no way to do it in law so that we implement that cool I mean he says deliver not back in that’s right I’ll Ken wants his free stuff you know that’s that’s he got the free PTZ camera he’s spoiled now he’s like the motocross folks you know you’ll never be able to do pay-per-view with Kent because he’ll want it for free well Chris I’d love to have you back on the show at some point you know my guess is that you guys will implement a new feature or have a spin on an old feature something that’s that’s kind of newsworthy I hope you’ll think about me and and come on back to share with this community because I know they’ll be really really interested and I hope the folks that have responded here RJ and can and and Jean as you guys have some or some experiences with with with rivet that you’ll share those with the Facebook streaming hideous groups so we can kind of kind of keep up with that because you know when you find when you find folks that that you work well with you know assuming that it’s not a competition kind of thing you you want to share that information so that other people can take advantage of that too and so that you know with the more Chris thrives the more that means he’s going to be able to to automate more and more and keep the prices lower which means we’re going to be able to do more and more kind of pay-per-view subscription type things and I like putting the pay-per-view in this their prescription subscriptions together and locking those down so tightly that’s really helpful in my thinking you know it’s not a single event you know let’s think about something that’s long-term because obviously there’s going to be a greater opportunity for more revenue if it’s a long-term reoccurring event all good stuff all good stuff Chris thank you think paid content don’t think just paper you’re paid content you know what are my Havanese last question for Rihanna he wants to know if there’s any kind of minimum pay-per-view cost per user um can you have a ticket for a manually trying to keep I’m gonna change my my cost to you in that case because I’m gonna get dinged on the on the credit card processing I think we run it for a live we run it around ten it’s just what it said you can always talk to us if we understand the dynamics a little bit better but you have to just keep in mind that our our costs are based on processing that credit card feed of 2.9 percent plus 30 cents so if they get if you go to five bucks that becomes a pretty large percentage of what we’re making depending on where the processor but it also depends on the type of content being viewed I mean if there is with a live broadcast we are consistently monitoring and we always have somebody there and answering customer service and working with you so you know we’re in constant communication with our broadcasters of what as well if needed VOD doesn’t have that same sort of concern we will answer customer service questions but it’s the immediacy isn’t there right and we don’t have to sit there and monitor it so that those pricings are I think set at five bucks right now but again we’re open to ideas we’re not we’re not a big corporate entity that won’t budge off of people having some ideas about how things work and and running an experiment to see if it does work right but that so 10 in five days there are minimums right now for yeah good and live versus ongoing good answer the answer Chris thank you guys and gals making they’ve in the viewing audience thank you so much for tuning in today it really is an honor to see you come out you know week after week after week and and engage with the other folks here in this coming you know some of you have said you know I’m just lurking and lurking is okay lurking is is okay but we’d love to have you engage with the community sheer share some thoughts nobody’s going to beat you up if you’re not right nobody’s going to beat you up if you ask the stupid question well if you ask the stupid question five times somebody might beat you up but they’re not going to they’re not going to beat you up the first four times so so come on out of the the woodwork and and join the community we’d love to have it we also want you to go to Facebook and join the streaming idiots group because that this conversation will this conversation that we’re having right now it’s going to continue all this the rest of this week in the streaming idiots Facebook group so you’ll want to be a part of that for sure Chris Chris what can I do for you I think you’ve done a great deal already I mean you give me an opportunity to talk about our platform and what we do I appreciate everybody’s time and spending a little bit of your afternoon hearing about what we do this is romerito always gets on me about being a better marketer and being less of an engineer so you you’re making given he’s off screen he’s either way but I’m sure he’s smiling as he’s watching this thing good like I’ll be the programming you need to do more marketing that’s nice to be my role so you gave me that opportunity so I appreciate that good okay very good and I appreciate everybody checking in and hearing what we have to say all right all right well Chris if you can hang on just just one another second folks thanks so much for watching today we’re gonna we’re gonna cut to the closing part and let the stream kind of roll out for those of you that might have buffered a little bit because we know when we turn it off it turns you off right away even if it’s still content flowing down the pipe so we’ll see you next week and and thanks for watching…

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