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[Music] sometimes you got to take a break from just about everything disappear come back and shock the world i’m talking to that athlete i’m talking to that administrator i’m talking to that nurse that doctor i’m talking to that student i’m talking to that communicator i’m talking to that pioneer that inventor i’m talking to that entrepreneur i’m talking to that preacher i’m talking to that person who refuses to stay where they are i’m talking to that person that doesn’t have a problem laying in obscurity because you know that when you come out of the dark room all eyes on you we live in a culture of busyness distraction and noise and sometimes the only way something’s going to change is if we disappear sometimes you got to delete the app sometimes you have to walk away sometimes you have to fall back into the dark room and focus on you everybody wants destiny everybody wants manifestation everybody wants fulfillment everybody wants the next level and the relationship and a higher quality of living but nobody wants to eliminate distractions nobody wants to disappear for three months four months six months and get into a place where you can focus on just you what if you could just shut out every distraction what if you could just shut up the world for just a season and focus on you a man is rewarded in public for what he does in private can you unplug for just a moment and focus on you focus on what matters why are you here what is your destiny the reason why you don’t see it the reason why it has not manifested the reason why you are so frustrated is because you have not been willing to forsake all that you’ve been called to forsake and to follow through behind closed doors so you can talk about it sure you can plan it sure you can write it down sure you can go to the conference and hear about it you can read about it but at some juncture you have to disappear and put the work in and come back and shock everybody that doubted you i’m talking to that man that woman that boy that girl who feels the fire in their belly it’s time for you to shock the world you may have to sleep in your car you may have to go without food you may have to bounce around from couch to couch you may have to sacrifice like nobody in your family ever asks but can you do it behind the scenes when nobody’s looking when nobody’s watching when nobody understands the measure of passion that you carry can you keep going don’t stop you right there you don’t have time to waste so i need you to put in a thousand percent every single day i was the baddest person to ever live doesn’t go away man you gotta wake up even though you retired you never retire you’re setting the example every single day of your life about having a savage mentality everybody wants to be a beast until it’s time to do what real beasts do everybody gets excited e.t the guru story but nobody wants to get up at three o’clock things in life are gonna get really [Â __Â ] hard and you’re gonna wanna quit win lose your draw still gotta wake up tomorrow go to work if you truly want that greatness you got to work hard you got to dig a little bit deeper you got to find it you got to go after it because it’s not looking for you success is not looking for you you got to go get it you’re not always going to feel like doing what you’re supposed to do that’s when you got to do it anyways success is not going to be handed to you nobody owes you anything when you are hungry when you are no longer full when you are no longer satisfied with where you are and you raise your standards it has only been that you can have your future what’s going to separate you is when it’s beast time when this point is wartime you got to get up and make it happen push with everything you got tell excuses to step aside let weakness know that it is not welcome in your house because the opportunities are yours go get it go get it now like for real you walk out of here pumped up fired up you get some new information you’re ready everybody wants to be a beast until it’s time to do what bees do because not only do i want to be a beast if you follow my 24 hours i do what beasts do the one mentality that you must have in life is that regardless of what’s in front of you you still must grind i feel that most things i do but still i cry i have too much accomplish with where i am right now i to to have too much on the line i have too many people depending on me to win i must stay hungry be a hard-working [Â __Â ] you can’t go wrong with that mentality the truth of the matter is how are you so emotionally injured so mentally drained so physically fatigued that you have allowed your dream your destiny to take a back seat to this excuse that you don’t have what it takes that you’re not smart enough that you’re not tall enough that you’re not wide enough that you’re not deep enough that you’re not connected enough that you don’t know enough people you keep comparing yourself to that person and this person when will the excuses stop when will you see your purpose bigger than your excuse i don’t know your name but i know you have a dream i don’t i don’t know where you’re from but when you’re listening to me you may be listening to me in your closet your bedroom the gym the car the bus the train the plane i don’t know where you’re going but i know you are going somewhere you’ve got a destination people that make excuses are not connected to their destination they don’t have an end game they don’t have a goal you have allowed yourself to become a weak link covered under the blanket of excuses but i’m just wondering if there’s anybody here that has a dream and if you’ve made your excuses bigger than your dream the time is now to find pressure it may not be easy but it’s not impossible this is not a i feel like it today this is not i’m motivated for a week this is an every single day mentality you may have to work three times you may have to lose sleep you may have to go to college and raise five children and still maintain your marriage and work your side hustle i don’t know what your story is but if you were keeping no excuse mentality then the sky is that your limit the sky is your starting point this isn’t every single day mentality i never get turned off every single day i want my destiny i want my dream when somebody is in love with who they’ve been called to become what they’ve been called to fulfill what they’ve been destined to do there is no day off there are no likelihoods i’m not a light switch you can’t turn me off i can never get turned off every single day i’m giving everything i had that’s how big my dream is and so there’s no excuse there’s no pain there’s no dilemma there are no speed bumps there’s no distraction that can turn me off i’m not a light switch you can’t turn me off i want this thing every single day wealthy people first they get into stocks then they start a business and then they get real estate [Music] owning a stock is like is owning a percentage of a great business the people who aren’t wealthy is because they don’t own nothing you only have your money sitting in cash if your money is just sitting in cash realistically you’re becoming poorer every day the key to wealth is through ownership [Music] at about nine or ten i saw my moms get shot in front of my face my early years were surrounded with violence i saw my mama selling drugs i saw my mama robbing i saw my mom’s get robbed i saw her get shot and then she later on went to prison right so i saw that early at 14 um my mom was in prison and i lost my grandmother which was who i was living with at the time 14 i’m homeless i’m just on survival mode like the world i just want to get to the next day i want to make as much money as i can selling crack so at 16 i go to prison for attempting on a robbery but in prison uh i had a fight with two of my homies in prison um we fight for like four hours he’s back to back i’m just fighting one after another one like we just fighting um and i go to solitary confinement and at this time all these pavers prison is considered like one of the worst parish prisons in the united states of america right and i go to the cell and i meet this white guy that was the turning point of my life he was like man listen man there’s a game that’s being played and you’re playing a game that you can’t win for a minute i just start thinking about the people who i knew that was in the streets everybody lost everybody suffered the same fate he has on a red and white band at the time the red and white band means you’re in federal custody the first three things was he said listen man wealthy people do three things man they stop trading time for money they make their money work for them and they give as much value to people as they can we got a little deep into that he said the reason why you give people so much value is because if you give them so much value they’ll never leave you they’ll always be fit up definitely and you will never need for anything as long as you give both value to people and so i learned that as i got older that part really didn’t make sense to me at the time but the money working for you part and i was like what the how do you make your money work for you again all i know is how to go get money that’s all i know so later on in that he says loki people do three things so this may be in the cell for about 45 days every conversation with him about money and transitional is always wealthy people do so he says welcome people first they get into stocks then they start a business and then they get real estate so if when people ask me how do i get into stocks it’s because i follow that rule and so i just my my rest of my time in prison i wanted to be that i wanted to be a part of that wealthy conversation and so what happened to me was it started reminding me of being in the streets everything about it and i heard this term one time that said the real gangsters are on wall street the real gangsters are in the government and i was like damn [Music] they looked at the most successful men and women of the world and they found that they had like seven eight things in common and one of the things they all had in common was a routine they are obsessed with their routine they don’t have a gap of wasted time they retain you know i realized the reason why i’m so successful and the reason why i don’t get in trouble like i used to when i was younger is because when i was younger man my schedule had so many gaps in it the devil had like okay he might pray at six but my man is watching t he plays video games by 8 30. it’s not that i’m sweeter than nobody the devil can’t get to me because all my time is taken up and by the time he gets to me i’m sleeping i’m too sleepy i’m just being real 8 30 he like eric you should’ve like bro i’m tired come back to me tomorrow he’ll say like tip me tomorrow bro i’m about to go to sleep i’m good my body said all you got to put your shoes on that’s the hardest thing you got to do y’all put your shoes on and i’ll do the rest i can’t put your shoes on for you but put your shoes on and then just go and i just went and i i was walking for the uh 11 incline boy and i was just walking for an hour and i was just like you know what it’s almost an hour i don’t feel like running my body was like don’t worry about it we’ll get to that when we get to it i did my hour i was about to get off my body was like you know we run now i said what we run now let’s go you ain’t tired i said i am tired no you’re not you just walk for an hour you’re not tired here your brain is telling you some dumb stuff if you were tired you wouldn’t be able to walk for an hour okay so let’s do this just run for two minutes i’m trying to help somebody right now go to a whole other level the bible the reason why you go back to sleep is because you’ve always gone back to sleep [Music] it’s like a default you you go back to sleep because all you gotta do is stop going to sleep and then you’re gonna stop going to sleep all you gotta do is stop fussing in custody you’re gonna stop fussing and cussing all you gotta do is stop spending all the money you got and start saving it listen to me i became number one in the world i became a millionaire not because i made more money i became a millionaire because they told me millionaires only live off of 30 of their income i want to make it plain for you i became a millionaire because i did what millionaires did i stopped living off a hundred percent i paid my tithe and then i was like all right eat you only got 20 left put the rest up so the first thing i did listen to me the very first thing i did to become rich somebody said he to be rich put six months of your earning to the side so i was like all right back that’s what the rich told me to do so i put six months to the side how long did it take i don’t remember but i put it to the side then somebody was like yo e you need to put a hundred thousand to the side i was like all right hundred thousand dd we’re gonna put a hundred thousand to the side then somebody’s like yo you need to get your credit score up to 800 i was like all right gonna get my credit score then somebody said e.t if you want to be tony robbins there’s no way you’ll be able to be like those dudes when you don’t have the language they have you need to go get your masters and a phd from a white institution [Music] i said what i went to oakwood i went to hbcu he was like yeah but you didn’t learn the language of zig ziglar at oakland so oakwood is a phenomenal place oh y’all not hear what i’m saying i just said something you missed it now you need to go to michigan state university cj where’s my you see my master’s degree anywhere what about my phd not in the office not at church you see it in my house i didn’t go to michigan state to get a phd i went to michigan state to learn the majority language listen to me very closely when you graduate and you get a job if you want to get paid you never say no you never say it can’t get done don’t you ever say out your mouth it can’t get done even if you feel in your heart it can’t be done you’ll say it out loud you let the broke folks say that you let the folks they find first say that you always say it can get done even if you don’t think you can get done just say it and try to make up something but every time i put on a dress shirt and button up i just feel and i hear people say all the time man you look like you dress to success i’m like is putting on the shirt and the tie dress on success i’m dressed for success i’m getting paid i’m dressed for success i’m not dressed like he dressed but i’m dressed the way i feel comfortable i feel good being mean i feel good not to have the life not only can i say no i don’t have to explain why i said it no more it feels good being me because guess what i can never be sweet being you the majority of you are poor because you read poor stuff you watch poor stuff you just scrolling through like you ain’t got to like for real some of y’all on instagram you’re on there for 30 minutes if i ask you what you saw you know you’re just scrolling through [Music] rich people don’t waste time they realize it’s their most important commodity they don’t watch a lot of tv they don’t do a lot of entertainment if they’re not working they’re studying their craft and getting better at their craft so i need you to stop having the poverty mindset so when i quit my job to be an entrepreneur my mom was like whoa what are you doing i was like i’m quick my mom’s like don’t you dare quit you’re going to embarrass me you got to wipe in kids does youtube have insurance does youtube have a 401k and i was like your mind trying to be funny and i’m trying to be disrespectful i love you but you can’t teach me how to be a millionaire because you’re not one you come from the working class and i’m not mad at you mom we wouldn’t be where we are without you but you told me that every generation is supposed to get better so i’ll take your values but i’m going to take your work at me rich people don’t work they think poor people go clock in i make this much annoying rich people go i put them to work and i make this much at home see what happens is you’re working for you and your family one they got 40 of you working at one time so they’re giving you 20 and they keeping the 80 off of 15 000 people so what you have to decide is are you gonna keep being the 99 are you ready to be a part of one percent because it doesn’t make a difference where you come from high school dropout it doesn’t make a difference when you come from ged it doesn’t make a difference where you come from a 17 year old mom that got pregnant it doesn’t make a difference where you come from took 12 years to get a four-year degree it doesn’t take a make a difference you know what makes a difference what makes a difference is when you become a 99 or 1 and when i started thinking like acting like and behaving like a welcome center so i went to every single class and when the teachers were talking they thought i was just doing homework i wasn’t i was listening to how they conjugate verbs i was listening to how they tell stories i was like oh they oh i peeped it out y’all they way more linear so that i realize when you do corporate is a b c d e f it’s one two three four five it’s topic body body body it’s topic support support support conclusion i need your language though if i’m gonna compete i need your rules but i’m going to compete i need your codes if i’m going to compete the problem with most of you is you don’t have a one percent language you got a poverty language there was a language that i needed to learn does it does it mean i need to abandon the language that i learn absolutely not don’t be average like for real for real whatever it is you do like do like do it do it and take a different perspective listen to me very closely the problem i have with most kids if i tell you what to take most of you will die of exhaustion you pass out before you reach 10 000 you just pass out you ain’t got the heart for it you just don’t have you don’t have a stamina for it you just you couldn’t take what it really takes just for those of you don’t know when they came from africa and were enslaved they didn’t move them to san diego they wasn’t doing soccer i just want to give you some perspective they were in mississippi alabama it was smoking hot and they didn’t quit and they didn’t give up because they said we’re gonna get them here for the next generation come on our latino brothers and sisters who were migrant workers they come on they’re in the east they want no ac and the stuff that y’all complain about the stuff that y’all think is like hard here we are a new year another opportunity an opportunity of a lifetime this is the year that we said i’m gonna do it i’m gonna do better i’m gonna be stronger instead of fearful this is my yeah today you have an opportunity to chart a new path so do me a favor step into your new you step into your new year because success is waiting for you and the thing you gotta ask yourself is am i gonna repeat my history or will i blaze a new trail today you have a chance to get up and attack your goals let this be the year of no regrets the real you is breathing down your neck begging you to manifest it’s got to be a lifestyle change when you shift your paradigm when you shift your thinking only then what you see in your head you will hold in your hand motivation has an expiration date and when motivation dies discipline must take its place because when motivation dies you are left talking and not doing the only way you’re going to do is if discipline takes the place of your motivation this is your year because you are still in it get to work strength leadership power authority guidance patience are god’s gift to us as men hundreds of people give up on their goals on a daily basis it’s usually because they realized quickly after starting their journeys that they’re alone nobody’s waking them up in the morning nobody’s pushing them when they start to make excuses and nobody’s patting them on the back when they hit a milestone stop relying on outside sources of inspiration motivation and support to can get you there put your goddamn head down and take charge here in life true desire in the heart that itch that you have whatever it is you want to do that thing that you want to do to help others and to to grow and to make money that desire that it’s that’s god’s proof to you sent beforehand already to indicate that it’s yours you can’t get it because you want it if you put in the work they can’t deny you if you put in the work they can’t stop be great pursue your own version of happiness life always offers you a second chance you know what it’s called tomorrow for far too long you’ve been holding yourself back [Music] it’s time for you to walk with purpose it’s time for you to walk into your gift it’s time for you to live your best life it’s wrapped in your capacity your ability to believe in a dream even if nobody believes in you [Music] to get something you never had you have to do something you never did if every time you go to better yourself somebody hits you with a line like why would you want to do that you need to find another social circle i’m going to fall i don’t want to fall back on anything i want to fall forward i figure at least this way i’ll see what i’m going to hit we did not come this far to just break down and lose now i’m a winner i’m going to win i’m telling you the one thing you cannot get back is time it is your greatest asset i’d give somebody some of my money for a couple more years to be with my wife time is the greatest enemy you think it is infidelity the greatest enemy you’re thinking it has finances you’re thinking as in-laws you’re thinking that it’s differences no no no it is time we’ve got to learn how to steward our time we got to learn to tend to it guard it keep it i just want to make sure that the life we got left that is sweeter than the life that if i would give up or if i wasn’t focused and i wasn’t doing what i’m supposed to do so when you’ve been with somebody since you’re 16 years old and they got a chronic illness don’t you know it’s easy for me to go drink it’s rough my life it ain’t what it used to be before she got sick like while god is blessing her she still got ms i lost five hours of cancer you don’t think i could have smoked a week you don’t think when i’m going through that pressure i couldn’t have broke but you talked about it mental toughness it is in those times we have to be stronger than we’ve ever been before why because they need us more than ever needed us before and you guys are blessed and that you are the one percenters not only people want to be in your life who want the life that you have and you got it and you not taking it serious like you know how many people would die to have this right you know how many people would die to be on the field on sunday you know people would die to eat the way y’all eat how many people would doubt how to gear y’all got the other people would die to get on these planes and travel the world you know people would die to have your life and you got it it’s your life you got it what you gonna do with it you gotta be able to see it when it cannot be seen you have to see it happening you have to believe in the unseen because if you can’t believe in it you will never manifest it but when you believe in it you demand the universe to assist you in what you’re doing and if you can see it before everybody else can see it then it’s going to eventually come to you forget about january forget about february forget about march forget about april forget about may forget about june forget about july forget about august forget about september it’s over so forget about the past listen to me and make the rest of your life the best in your life it’s your boy e.t i know you can do it i believe you can do it and go out there get up get out go get something are you wasting your time or are you using your time wisely you can replace money you cannot get a year back [Music] it’s time to get real it’s time to get raw it’s time to look ourselves in the mirror and come to the resolve that this version of our self is not going to carry us in the stretch [Music] i’ve been this version of myself long enough that if i don’t change if i don’t do something about this then i’m going to find myself bankrupt for me to understand for me to be better for me to be stronger i must learn to suffer a little bit i must learn to struggle a little bit i cannot reap the rewards of success without understanding about struggles success is not automatic you don’t get things just because you want them you achieve your goals only when you are disciplined enough to keep showing up when you don’t feel like it you’re gonna put the blood you’re gonna put the sweat you’re gonna put the tears in you’re gonna lose sleep you’re gonna go days without eating you’re gonna do whatever it takes to make the sacrifices necessary to man their best there are too many people in your life who have left you there are too many people in your life who have counted you out there are too many people in your life who have whispered in your ear and said you’ll be worse off without them prove them wrong it’s time to commit to focusing on you you have to disappear and put the work in and come back and shock everybody that doubted you but don’t let yourself be vulnerable to weakness don’t let weakness consume you don’t let hopelessness consume you be about your business understand that you’ve got to keep living and living strong if you keep showing up if you keep going hard your results will turn those who ignored you into fan let your results speak louder than your voice can you hide yourself in the library can you hide yourself in the gym can you hide yourself in the boardroom and plan and do what’s required behind the scenes in order to manifest the moment [Music] there are many people out there in the world that don’t have the capabilities that you have to carry on the good fight [Music] [Music] it’s time to stay focused why are you so anti-social because i’m trying to get it why are you staying on the basketball court so much because i’m trying to get it why are you out there practicing in the hot sun when ain’t nobody else out there because i’m trying to get it pain is temporary i’ve been trying to get that into your spirit i’ve been trying to get you to celebrate pain that pain is your friend that pain is going to take you to the next level remember just because something’s never been done before doesn’t mean it can’t be done it just means we haven’t figured out a pathway on how to get it done and we will get it done this is it right here this is that moment that you got to work this is that moment when you got to push there is no weakness in the place of business think about your end goal think about what it’s going to look like picture it in your mind see yourself already there stop praying that the storm will pass over you and pray to grow through the storm what you go through you will grow through you simply have to give it everything you have to get it you need to shut down all negativity and frankly not give us what others say and you’re gonna do what you’ve been called to do you’re gonna be what you call me you’re gonna have and you’re gonna prove to everybody that tried to break you you’re gonna prove a wrong everybody trying to stop you everybody trying to kill your dreams you’re gonna prove all of them wrong i don’t care what the adversity has been you have two choices you can be unforgiving bitter angry upset and be a carrier of grief or you can choose resilience if you truly want to make change if you truly want that greatness you got to work hard you got to dig a little bit deeper you got to find it you want to test my resolve you adjust my ability to go to limit you want to see what his word is and mine begins this ain’t no [Â __Â ] game lifestyle son shut up you talk entirely too much about your dream you talk too much about your goal say it once say it twice no more than three times and get to work you already know what it feels like to quit to throw in the town to sit on the couch do you know what it’s like to give everything that you and persevere you’ve got to make the opportunity happen you got to be fired up you got to be hungry for it you got to have the desire to push yourself are you hearing me work work the what the relentless system does it’s a mindset before you have an exceptional skill set okay you have to have the right mindset the fighter jet mentality is that someone who is just determined relentlessly obsessed in achieving an outcome in the face of all adversity i’ve always had this relentless mentality and if you say i can’t do something if i fail if i you know mess up it just motivates me even more i just become even more hungry you’ve got to start with that belief in your mind i’ve got this i can do this i can conquer this the relentless are unstoppable i didn’t want to have to say i wish i would have done more you got to put yourself in that cage [Music] i switched my mind to something else i switched my mode into something else it’s go time but the difference between me and most people is you might be sweeter than me you might be bigger than me you might grind listen to me i don’t know you might have money i don’t know where you come from but you will not outwork me when i’m in that cage bro don’t touch me don’t talk to me all in emotionally and executionally in theory and strategy and an execution if you want something you have got to be relentless when you’re sitting there you’re trying to sell your product you’re making phone calls you’re giving a lecture what whatever it may be you’re driving a bus you’re a doctor whatever it may be the stronger your mindset is the greater your skill set is going to be make a declaration to yourself declare all-out war it doesn’t matter about what happens to you what matters is what are you going to do about it they start their school on monday morning watching me they ain’t got a daddy they’re daddy in jail they don’t have a brother their brother’s in jail they all i got you don’t understand my son’s at michigan state and i paid for a cat my daughter wants to go to harvard you don’t get it my sister just had a baby and she ain’t making no money at games all i got is a hate game i ain’t got a b game i ain’t got to see gay when i finish people are relying on me some of y’all when you get on the field you forgot what it was like when you was hustling in high school playing ball when you were in college hospital to get to this point if you want something you’ve got to be religious you’ve got to decide i deserve this and i’m going to have it and you go all out to get it [Applause] every day i wake up and think of my ideal life i have so many goals that i want to accomplish i have so much that i want to do i have a vision of my life and i’m nowhere near where i want to be at times i get overwhelmed and i become so impatient with myself i truly feel sometimes i’m just falling behind i feel at times the clock is winding down it truly is a struggle to stay positive and motivated sometimes like most people i want to throw into town and just give up sometimes it just feels like it’s just no use there’s just too much ground to cover i need to cover it so that i can get where i need to be i need to constantly remind myself over and over again i am not yet where i want to be but i know i’ll get there i am not where i want to be but i am so grateful i am not where i used to be i am talking to those people that are just about to give up that are just about to lose all hope i am here ladies and gentlemen to cheer you on to let you know that you you my friends are gonna get there you are gonna get that promotion you are gonna complete that marathon and you are gonna run for your life whatever you are working towards you are gonna get there but you gotta get crystal clear what it is you want what it is that you are seeking for what it is you truly want you must know you’ve got to know that you’re going to get there but most importantly most importantly ladies and gentlemen work like hell crack the ground and keep moving make the ground shake crack the world get it going don’t let nothing stop you i am pleading with you when the rest of the world shuts you down you’ve got to be the one to stand up shout out cry out stay tall work hard dig deep and go after it [Music] there’s nothing going to stop me if you didn’t make me you can’t break me if you didn’t make the sun come up you can’t stop me if you didn’t make the moon shine that night you can’t stop me my purpose my will my dedication my motivation is all about doing the business because guess what ladies and gentlemen that’s what i’m about i’m about that business i’m about that life what are you about i need to constantly remind myself [Music] i’m not yet where i want to be but i know i’ll get there i’m not where i want to be but i am grateful [Music] i am so grateful that i’m not where i used to be [Music] i keep thinking to myself that i’m never going to be good enough it doesn’t matter what i do how many battles i’ve won how much i’ve overcome how much i’ve achieved sometimes ladies and gentlemen i feel like i’m undeserving because i haven’t pushed myself enough i look back sometimes of moments of regrets in my past i wish i have made better decisions in my life i truly do if only i had pushed just a little bit more did a little bit better just an inch just a fraction of an inch is all i needed to give i know ladies and gentlemen there are moments in your life you’ve experienced it too you didn’t rise up to the challenge when when it called for you you didn’t rise up to the challenge because you were afraid of it you could have just given a little bit more effort but you wasn’t prepared for the effort because you weren’t built for it and this is the time when you have to recognize what is necessary to get the job done right it’s very difficult i know because you keep telling yourself over and over again you’re just not there yet i’m not where i want to be but please please listen to me you need to remind yourself you might not be where you want to be but look look how far you’ve come look how far you’ve gone with all of the circumstances you’ve been through in your life everything that you have been through everything that has came at you and knocked you down and put you down on the ground but you’re not under the ground so now you got to rise up ladies and gentlemen and push forward and go after it look at how far you’ve come how much you had to overcome how many battles that you had to face just to get here just look at everything you’ve achieved just when you thought you were out something pulled it back up your willpower your faith whatever it was you got to where you needed to be you have to know that as long as you’re living there’s always going to be some kind of a battle some kind of struggle some type of a conflict in your life but you got to be prepared ladies and gentlemen to go through the challenges this is not a dress rehearsal this is a moment [Music] this moment ladies and gentlemen is your life as much as any other spend it in a way that’ll make you proud no matter how far or how far you fall down or fall back ladies and gentlemen keep going forward do the work ladies and gentlemen do the work you may feel the same way feeling like you may not be where you want to be and you’re just wondering if you’re ever going to get there most people they slip up when they’re trying to make a change it’s a natural part of life ladies and gentlemen we are going to make mistakes we’re going gonna slip up from time to time but you don’t stop moving forward ladies and gentlemen keep going you’re not where you want to be but i know in my heart and my soul you’re going to get there i’m not where i want to be but i know i’m going to get there there’s nothing stopping you to get you where you want to be so just keep on pushing you’ve been through your own obstacles ladies and gentlemen i know you’ve been through heartaches and pain sometimes those disappointing moments they come back to haunt you doubts seeps in this moment right here right now is your life if no one else forgives you learn to forgive yourself hold yourself up when everybody else says no you say yes forgive yourself if no one else forgives you learn to forgive yourself you are the one that has to be accountable no matter what happens it’s gonna still fall back on you pat yourself on the back and give yourself a kiss and keep on moving no matter how far off track you go ladies and gentlemen get back on the track and keep on moving so what you slip up you fall down big deal that doesn’t mean you stop do you give up or do you keep going [Music] keep pushing keep pushing keep pushing keep pushing keep pushing keep us keep us keep pushing keep pushing keep pushing keep pushing keep pushing keep pushing keep pushing keep pushing keep pushing i gotta keep pushing i gotta keep pushing i gotta keep pushing hustling is a mentality it’s a code of conduct the hustler’s mentality is how can this challenge be my opportunity and what can i learn the the hustler thinks differently [Music] all roads lead back to the mentality if you’re going to win the fight for your future you’re going to have to prepare your mindset for the workload you can’t be afraid to change you’re going to beat on your craft every day i don’t have permission to all roads lead back to your mindset your mentality the way that you see this thing is going to determine your future a hustler is committed and consistent so this is not a money to friday thing it’s a monday through monday thing every single day i’m beating on my crap every single day i’m looking to become more than i was yesterday i am not in competition with anybody the hustler says the only person i am competing with is who i used to be yesterday the hustler says i don’t have a second to waste the hustler does not waste time put the hours in no days off mentality a lot of people want to lose weight a lot of people want to see transformation a lot of people want to see something different it’s like if i don’t put the work in i’m not gonna have muscles and so the hustler knows how to prioritize their time the hustler knows how to lock in you got to lock in whatever it is that you’re setting out to do is going to require a different version of yourself if you’re going to manifest in your hands what you see in your head that you’re gonna have the courage the confidence the self-belief and the self-determination to go out every single day and make it happen remove yourself from the list of people that have disappointed you that have lied to you that have let you down you are number one on that list remove yourself the real you is breathing down your neck begging you to manifest stop lying to yourself stop letting you down you gotta kill the blame game stop blaming it on the person that walked out on you stop blaming it on the person that overlooked you stop blaming it on the person that undervalued you stop blaming it on the person that did not promote you that did not see it that did not believe it stop blaming everybody and look yourself in the mirror it’s your fault you failed you started the year with a little motivation and a few ideas and it all tanked before february and the thing you gotta ask yourself is am i gonna repeat my history or will i blaze a new trail because history for many of you is insecurity history for many of you is depression and anxiety and that substance you can’t shake and that person you can’t leave history for many of you is they’re better than me history for many of you is nobody will show up if i build it i don’t have the time i’m not good enough it’s time to get out of the way it is because of you that you are not where you want to be you are the issue it’s you your issue is you nobody has lied to you more than you and so here’s what i need you to do go find the mirror go for a walk go for a drive tell yourself this is my yeah [Music] you gotta be willing to do what 98 of the people in this world are unwilling to do you got to eat differently you got to work differently you got to think differently you got to talk differently you got to walk differently if you want elevation if you walk next level if you want to see this thing differently this year everything you do has to change your insecurity has been in the way too long your jealousy your envy has been in the way too long the fear you’ve been wrestling with has been in the way too long get out of the way it’s time to stop watching two percent of the earth’s population crush it win execute finish what they start do what they say they gonna do snap out of it you got work to do you pushing and you’re pushing and you’re pushing and you’re pushing and you’re doing everything right you’re tired you’re exhausted and ain’t nothing happening yet [Music] that word is what you’re waiting for yet it’s no different because we’ve messed up because you fell off the wagon you’ve been on alcohol and drugs and you gave up on life you dropped out or you’ve been to jail one time two times three times and you really want your dream to happen and you’re putting in your work and nothing’s happening yet [Music] i promise you if you keep pushing if you keep giving me all your effort it will happen it must happen it can’t do anything but move you can do anything but make progress but i want you all to understand and saying that word that you are you all have to stop getting caught up in movement as progress for some of us the action of making progress is progress the the push itself the fight you get up and swing and miss that’s progress you get up and you run at what you want with everything you got and you miss that’s progress the effort of making the attempt is progress and so guess what the goals and the dreams are in that mindset to do nothing i’ll get to it tomorrow i’ll do it the next day i do it the day after that we’re in a mindset of quitting and if you want to make sure you become successful it’s not real you quit it’s where you stop preparing to quit [Music] you gotta give up on saying look i can do that tomorrow look this is my time for rest this is my time for break there is no quit guess what dreams don’t stop people doing and then you have the nerve to think or to ask yourself why you’re not successful and you see it happen every day on monday morning somebody’s gonna get up and they gonna hand in their resignation going to a new job on monday morning somebody gonna get up lifting more than you on monday morning somebody gonna get up running faster than you on monday morning somebody gonna get up with their name higher than the drafting you on monday morning somebody’s gonna be getting that scholarship that you could have got that’s what on monday morning somebody’s gonna get up riffling to take that test while you worry why there’s no difference between them and you they’re not faster they’re not smarter they’re not stronger they’re not better they just don’t quit you give up you give up you believe that 24 hours that 48 hours you deserve to be off you deserve to relax while you relax and always remember this though is somebody grinding if somebody pushing harder than you and somebody giving up more than you guess what until you get in that mental mindset that you will not prepare to quit you will never succeed because if you prepare to quit quitting is inevitable i’m gonna have the same amount of time the same advantage no excuse they’re not gonna have an hour more than me they’re not gonna have six hours extra than me i’m gonna grind just as long and i’m gonna grind longer and i’m going to prepare myself to be successful why one reason i don’t quit i don’t prepare myself in the mindset to quitting if you don’t understand this right now that you don’t have to push harder you want to fight longer you’re going to have to move in with everything you got you’re going to have to give up more you’re you gonna have to not be lazy you’re gonna have to not listen to that old you you don’t have to believe that this extra time i can use on the weekend or at the end of the day or at night when other people are singing or when everybody’s at the family with you when other people on vacation at the beach i’m gonna run i’m gonna get it and i’m gonna make my dreams a reality nobody gonna stop me but me that’s the only person that can understand if you want to make your dreams a reality you gotta understand that you can’t quit because you have a timeline for when you want your dream to become a reality that don’t mean your dream listen to you baby i’m not coach right now i’m your conscience you’re you’re in a fight between will and skill i say will first because that’s where you are you locked and loaded with skill you practicing every day you’re putting in your work you’re buying everything you’re making an investment you’re living your dream you’re walking like your dream you’re surrounding yourself around your dream you got mentors everything you put in your working you got your skill now it’s a test of your will it’s a mindset thing you in right now it’s a mindset thing because your challenge your challenge ain’t moving your mountain it’s not moving you don’t feel like you’re making any progress you’re not physically moving when you see everything else around you and other people around you moving you not making progress you’re in the test of your will right now because life says it has a little more test for you you [Music] can look at your challenge with skill and it will see it just as that a challenge where you can look at your challenge with will and see it as much understand this and listen to me clearly you may forget this face you may forget this voice you may forget who told you but get your pads out don’t ever forget these words that i’m about to tell you if you want to be great in this life you only have one choice gentlemen you only have one choice you can make choices that just get you remembered or you can make choices that ultimately make you a legend [Music] if you put as much time into working on winning as you put into thinking about losing you’d already be a champion when we gonna get tired of just knowing and seeing successful people and become one of them time is out to sit up here just make these average decisions to be make these irrelevant decisions that don’t change you don’t change your family don’t change society don’t change your environment don’t change the world it’s time to make decisions that make you a legend we see it every day but the only difference baby [Music] you gonna make a choice to just be remembered or you gonna make a choice to become a legend you gotta stop quitting we gotta stop giving up all this t-g-i-f-t-g-i-f it is now t-g-i-a thank god i’m alive when we open our eyes and we’re in our right mind we live and so we really appreciate that opportunity and every time i see a post every time i see a tweet or just anything i want to ask the person why are you thanking god it’s friday hello newsletter tomorrow is saturday the day after that is sunday the day after that is monday what are you thanking god it’s friday for because you’re preparing to quit you’re preparing to stop what you’re doing you prepared the clock out you’re prepared to go home and you’re in the mental mindset to do nothing i dare you to get prepared for the challenges of your life by by getting rid of comfort i dare you i identity when you find that job that fit if you don’t have a ride the work that you want and then when you get there you take the stairs i dare you not to check your brain baby i dare you to work through your lunch i dare you when it’s hot that you work faster when it’s cold you work longer i dare you to learn something new today that you didn’t know yesterday i dare you to i dare you to run past that child i dare you to face adversity i dare you to look at it and say look i’m more than this right now i can handle it i dare you to look at your options like a mountain i dare you to stop running from it i dare you to stop throwing away food because you scared you don’t eat it at night i dare you to stop taking the detour because it’s a crack out from the corner and it’s a liquor store on the street i dare you to stop running from your addiction i dare you to stop running from the old you’ll become a man you know you can become mountains aren’t gonna move you gotta climb that bad boy babies you cannot get what you want in your life horrible comfort is failing us many of you are denied your dream and your goal because you have a consistency versus an intensity problem consistency is when you do something intensity is how you do something and that’s why many of you no matter what you do no matter how much you do it no matter who you’re looking at no matter what you read you gonna be denied because you think that just being consistent at something is gonna let you win and just that earns you the right to win that i’m being denied that corner office i’m being denied that car being denied this quality of life i’m being denied that opportunity scholarship i keep getting cut off the team you know if i just stay if i just keep practicing i just stay around this team sooner or later i’ll make it no you won’t no you won’t because consistency does not guarantee you the win many of you is as bad as you don’t want to accept this you’re never going to win cause you’re not intense enough and until you get intense to the point that nothing nothing will get in your way that you will not get in your way you’ll never win the greatest ability that god has given humankind above the animals is the ability to choose a dog can’t be anything but a dog a cat can’t be anything but a cat a human being has the power to choose we can choose and i’m asking you what do you see in the future for you what brought you here today what caused you to get up what is it that you’re looking for you get to choose as much as you want you get to design it any way you choose you’re not sentenced to your future you have an opportunity to your future how do you want it and if it doesn’t make you a little afraid then you ain’t playing big enough you all have your own unique rhythms and daily habits and things that you need to achieve and the things that you need to accomplish so that you look in the mirror and you feel like yes i can why choose this as our goal and they may well ask why climb the highest mountain why fly the atlantic there’s a choice you have to choose for your happiness you have to choose for your well-being you have to choose for your family you have to choose for your health and wellness you have to choose for success when i made a decision to follow my destiny i felt it calling my destiny was calling me that’s one small step for man we choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other thing not because they are easy but because they are hard because that gold will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills because that challenge is one that we’re willing to accept one we are willing to perform [Music] and one we intend to win insanity and and greatness are next door neighbors and they borrow each other’s sugar [Music] transformation of human consciousness through meditation is frustrated so long as we think of it in terms of something that i myself can bring about stick with it till you get through this uncomfortable times until you go you know what i can spend time with myself i could do this i could do this forever then it’s okay to go re-engage but there’s great value in not doing that until you go i’m good with me and me for right now i want to show people that there is a way out that there is a way to do more to get more to obtain more but i personally don’t want to lose all that i’ve been able to get so i need to make sure that i do everything to keep it [Music] i do think that if you sit on the edge of your bed and things aren’t going very well for you and you ask what foolish thing you’re doing to make it worse that you’ll get an answer right now and it won’t be the one you want but it might be the one that if you listen to would set things straight [Music] i mean that’s the bright side of tragedy so when you come through it you really will have an appreciation for the moments without tragedy you don’t really feel it unless you you get unless life burns you you don’t really feel it that’s the thing all i’m doing is sparking the awareness in others to go why not why can’t i create why can’t i start why can’t i be a business why can’t i be a ceo why can’t i be a tech guru there’s so much that some people just don’t understand they can do when it’s all said and done my book is gonna be full of all this [Â __Â ] kevin hart did because i never was content with doing just one two or three why not we get this strange feeling that we have never had to see in our lives that we are no longer this poor little stranger and afraid in a world it never made [Music] momentum is a big thing with human beings it’s a big thing for me at least if i’m on a good momentum of healthy eating and exercise i love it i like waking up sore pushing further i like writing down my workouts what i’ve done and i like hitting that gym hard on a daily basis and i i build momentum and i find that when i do that with writing whether i do that with performing whether i do that with anything it just it just gets everything going it just creates energy being lazy robs you of energy like being sedentary being uninspired being bored it robs you of one of the most precious things you can have in this life enthusiasm one of the things that i tell people all the time because a lot of people have a hard time defining themselves they define themselves by failure because they failed but i’m like you’re not your failures you’re you okay your life is a series of lessons you’ve learned now if you just dwell on the failures like that’s not that’s not healthy it’s not smart and it’s not empowering what you got to do is look at those failures and go well now you know what not to do but you’re not that you’re you [Music] it was hard because so happy to be and have the job i have at the same time i was like i’m not don’t feel like i’m growing in my work and my life at that time had become extremely vital meaning i just had a newborn son with camilla wow the only thing i ever knew i wanted to be and now i was and here’s this job that i have held most revenues for my life fatherhood now i was uh i was though my emotions the ceiling in the basement of my emotions the range was so wide i was laughing louder crying harder getting angry or showing more joy having more sadness all across the board all emotions were much more extreme than they were or could be in the word i said your life’s more vital than you work but can my work challenge the vitality i’m feeling in my life so the work i wanted to do after certain scripts i wanted wanted to do dallas buyers club at that time other scripts nobody’s going to touch me with the 10 foot pole in those movies all the dramatic roles i wanted they’re like no no not in the kind of we won’t finance it okay so i can’t do what i want to do so i’m going to stop doing what i’ve been doing so i stopped doing wrong calls i said no i stopped well if the first six months of not doing rom-coms i wasn’t doing anything finally nothing came in and for 14 more months nothing came in i considered other careers didn’t know if it would ever work again but after 20 months of being gone unbranding as i now call it being out of sight not being in your theater or your living room in a rom-com not seeing me shirtless on the beach i became a new good idea i don’t know i haven’t seen him where has he been i was kind of refound so i i i had to do that for myself i loved doing the rom-coms but i was getting the scripts and i felt like i could do the same script tomorrow morning and i was like that’s fine but i want something that’s going to make me sweat in my boots i want some work that’s going to challenge me and make me go i’m scared of this roll for all the right reasons and i can’t wait to go attack it and see what i can see how i come up the other side why seek the role that’s hard because it costs me something because it costs it’s not really a risk unless you lose the fight i feel more alive in them i have an experience in the making of them i’m nervous every day i come to work i feel like when i nail a day and i knock it i know i did i feel like yes i i have a measure at the end of the day like you set out to do something you prepared for it you had intention and you did it [Applause] you know there’s lots of different ways to interpret the world and you can maybe even make a case that there’s an endless number of ways to interpret the world and the problem with that is that kind of disorients you in terms of what you should be doing just because there’s a very large number of ways to interpret the world doesn’t mean there’s a very large number of productive meaningful and sustainable ways to interpret the world the thing that’s so interesting about the day the day is like a page in a book had one client who was spending about 45 minutes a night fighting with his young son about when to go to bed and so you know they weren’t having a pleasant time of it because it was just a constant battle and that’s common like it’s very common for parents of young children to be locked in a battle that occurs day after day sometimes it’s around eating sometimes it’s toilet training sometimes general behavioral issues sometimes it’s bedtime it’s like okay 40 minutes a day so that’s 280 minutes a week so that’s like say five hours it’s 20 hours a month it’s 240 hours in a year at six work weeks that’s a month and a half you’re spending a month and a half of work weeks doing nothing but fighting with your son don’t fool yourself anything that’s every day is a significant percentage of your life your awake let’s say 16 hours five of those hours are basically maintenance so you got about 11. and then seven of those are work so now you’re down to four so if you’re spending 15 minutes a day doing something painful and stupid and you do it every day it’s like 10 of your productive life because people think backwards they think well i have a vacation coming up and that’s really important it’s like no it’s not you’re only going to do it once it’s not that important how you treat each other at lunchtime if you eat together every day that’s your life fix that get it get it so that the food’s good get it so that you’re happy with the people that are sitting there fix that it’s like poof ten percent of your life is fixed in this very moment all you have is all you need what would you like to do what do you believe you’ve been destined to do sometimes you have to fall back into the dark room and focus on you you have a date with destiny you have unfinished business it’s time for you to go back to the drawing board with a new perspective if you can see it you can have it i am clutch i am the difference maker i am the game changer i must work out x amount of times a week i must forgive i must evolve i must become i must retain i must grow i must live i must evolve i must go to the next level i must live in this type of house i must drive this type of car perspective is what changes the game stop complaining about the divorce stop complaining about those job loss are you going to complain in the face of conflict or are you going to seize the opportunity what if losing your job what’s the opportunity what if the divorce is an opportunity what if the bankruptcy is an opportunity what if the one you love was an opportunity for you to reconnect with somebody and forgive them something inside of you that’s a snap you got to get tired of being broke i’m talking to that person who grew up without a father i’m talking to that person that is acquainted with pain i’m talking to that person that knows what it’s like to come from nothing and so you literally have nothing to lose and the only thing that’s in your hand is a dream the only thing that’s in your head is i have what it takes to get to the top of that hill you must understand that there is more than one path to the top of the mountain goliath there will be many giants in your life there will be depression there will be anxiety there will be oppression there will be stress there will be overwhelm will you buckle under the pressure or will you rise to the occasion you are not dead yet you may be tired but you are not dead you may be broken but you are not dead you may be weary but you are not dead you have an opportunity to rise above what happened to you you gotta make it up in your mind that all you have is all you need [Music] you will have to become someone you’ve never been before you want to go somewhere you’ve never gone you got to do something you’ve never done you got to say something you never said you got to go to a place in you that you’ve never even been you get to redesign you are your michelangelo you are your greatest sculpture and you get to recarve and you get to up level as much as you need you’re not sentenced to this life this way you chose it you get to choose as much as you want you get to design it any way you choose you’re not sentenced to your future you have an opportunity to your future what do you want and how do you want it and if it doesn’t make you a little afraid then you ain’t playing big enough your knees are supposed to knock a little bit your teeth are supposed to chatter a little bit there’s supposed to be at least two butterflies in your stomach at least because if not you’re playing inside your comfort zone and we mistake the fact that we’re supposed to be comfortable 24 7. well let me tell you something comfortable is equivalent to complacent i’ll choose inconvenience every day any day to make a difference on the planet i don’t mind being mildly to moderately to significantly inconvenience to leave my fingerprint on this planet so i just came to talk to the game changers and to the change agents who are willing to confront any part of you that’s not speaking to your madly wildly amazing future i stand here in my greatness i am bold i am courageous i’m perfect in my imperfections this is my time this is my time i’m bright enough i’m old enough i’m young enough i’ve experienced enough i’m wise enough i understand that i am enough you may be average you may be ordinary but you have the opportunity every single day to make extraordinary decisions and what you do today will determine your future the future is very expensive the currency to get to the future the bridge that we build it is built on your daily decisions your habits your programming the way that you think the way that you talk the way that you walk blood sweat tears sacrifice people that you have to let go sleep that you have to lose multiple jobs that you have to work hours on end of study beating on your craft every single day it’s not easy but it’s worth it there are going to be nights you’re going to cry yourself to sleep there’s going to be times you’re going to want to throw in the towel but if you keep going your future self will thank you if you can hear your future self talking to you now the future you would say thank you for not giving up thank you for not throwing in the towel thank you for not allowing the despair and the anguish and the anger and the bitterness and the jealousy and the ego to eat away at your progress and your perseverance and your ability to travail and endure i believe in the future number one you gotta get crystal clear about who you believe you’ve been destined to be because everybody’s looking to manifest we are all looking to evolve we are all looking to level up what is your life’s purpose what is your destiny why on earth are you here [Music] what is it that you can do today to get closer to the fulfillment of that future to get closer to the manifestation of the future what are you doing today what are you giving today remember why you had to let some people go remember why you’re working so hard towards this thing you’re pressing you’re pushing your claw and you’re dragging yourself through mud and through murky water come on remember why you’re doing what you’re doing it may be difficult it may seem impossible the moment that you discover why you’re here spend the rest of your life executed there are going to be times where you give everything you have and everything that you have is not enough push through the pain push through the anguish push to the brokenness do not stop it’s the no quit mentality so they want you to come on their side they want you to believe in their ideas of what you think of yourself they doubt you and you believe what they doubt instead of you waking up from your slumber instead of you waking up from this nightmare of despair and letting your opportunities come to life it’s going to be a tough time ladies and gentlemen it’s going to be rough it’s going to be some tough times and tough days ahead for you but that doesn’t mean your ideas are gonna die that doesn’t mean that you stop it doesn’t mean you stop believing in yourself you just gotta keep on working when you got people looking at you from the left side and the right side from the front to the back and you in the middle just remember everybody’s watching just give them something to see let them see it are you watching me watch this or you want to stop me you can’t stop this the mentality that you must have in yourself don’t you dare give up now [Applause] it’s okay yeah it hurt a little bit but i can feel it i know what that pain feels like and i know how to keep marching and i know how to keep moving and i know how to get productive in my life can’t stop what you didn’t create you can hate it but you can’t dominate because it belongs to me any long-term plan immediately hits the ugly truth of reality and then becomes a joke i think very carefully about what’s next any any regrets you’d care to share anything that feels like you know that stands out yeah all kinds of regrets uh you know i i have regrets earlier in my life about not being a kind enough person not bullying people but actually being in situations where there was someone on the periphery or someone being left out and noticing that and not doing anything that that that really bugs me uh like many people um there were a lot of people who talked about regrets about regretting not going to funerals and there’s one funeral that i’m thinking of a guy who i worked with i wasn’t i wasn’t like a close friend but i i didn’t go to his funeral because i was like really busy that day and i still regret that um so that’s that’s uh that’s a smaller one um i’m a you know for the folks who are interested in careers which is a lot of your audience i know one of my favorite techniques is what tina selig at stanford university calls a failure resume like i made a failure resume a list of all of my setbacks and mistakes and blunders and you list all those hell yeah you list you list all those and then you um think about like what did you learn from that and then how can you apply it going forward and so so so so again you know for me you know you can’t spend a few years on a topic without it changing it particularly a topic with such emotional freight as a regret but the idea that you should never look backward on your life and say oh i wish i had done things differently is actually a terrible blueprint for living and and i think one of the problems is you know especially in north america is that we’re a little over indexed on positivity you know positive emotions are incredibly important but and they should outnumber our negative emotions but we need some negative emotions because they instruct us and our most prominent negative emotion is regret and because regret teaches us it instructs us it clarifies us uh it clarifies what’s what we should be doing and how we should be doing it and so um and so we need to understand how to deal with our negative emotions we can’t ignore them like no regrets we can’t wallow in them like oh my god it’s so terrible i’m such an awful person so among the misunderstandings are we think that when we experience regret it’s somehow an aberration when in fact everybody experiences regret regret makes us human regret is part of the human condition what’s more we think that regret makes us weaker when in fact the research shows that done right regret can make us stronger that we can enlist our regrets as a an engine for forward progress your results will turn those who ignored you into fans so don’t slow your progress because you’re trying to convince other people don’t slow your progress because you’re trying to drag too many people with you sometimes you’re not hitting your goals because you are carrying the weight of those around you and some people are just not ready to go where you are going and you’ve got to recognize that do not yield to distractions focus on you so many people dream big dreams but they never take any action [Music] if you don’t believe in yourself you’ve already lost the battle not believing in yourself is a losing battle because either you won’t try at all or you will convince yourself that you can’t do it and when you convince yourself that you can’t do it your results are going to confirm what you believe and when your results confirm what you predicted then you’re gonna say see this is who i am why should i even try that is where you begin to fall short of your goals you fall short of your goals when you predict that you’re not going to hit them and sometimes you’re too focused on probability you’re asking yourself well what’s the likelihood of this happening versus focusing on the possibility asking yourself how would my life change if i accomplish this ask yourself that question and don’t wait on approval for anyone outside of you and don’t feel bad because you feel like no one is cheering for you no you’ve got to decide that you are your biggest fan you’ve got to decide that you’re going to finish what you started if you don’t have one person supporting you if nobody acknowledges you acknowledge yourself if nobody supports you support yourself you achieve your goals only when you are disciplined enough to keep showing up when you don’t feel like it so don’t just talk about what you want to happen commit to making things happen be an action taker and recognize that you don’t have to be jealous of anyone you don’t have to compare yourself to anyone because you have the ability to create the life you want so how about this how about you try comparing yourself to the person you were 30 days ago over the last 30 days have you learned and implemented something new are you mentally and emotionally stronger than you were 30 days ago have you stressed yourself or have you pursued comfort these are the types of questions that you should be asking yourself why because winning requires focus winning requires intention it’s not enough to to just do physical strength training physical strength training is not enough you also have to train your mind to handle stressful situations you also have to increase your capacity to handle rejection and disappointment why because when you train your mind to be strong you are less likely to quit when you encounter resistance so what do you believe about you how do you talk to you about you take a moment to think about what you’ve been saying to yourself about yourself the good news is that your mind will believe whatever you tell it so make sure that you are speaking your desires and not your fears you get to choose how your mind serves you you get to choose whether or not you will pursue peace or toss and turn at night because you’re not seeing the results that you desire to see everyone is given 24 hours per day some people are super productive while others are not productive at all some people set boundaries while others allow distractions to slow them down if you only remember one thing that i shared i want you to remember the importance of valuing every moment that you are gifted for many years i didn’t realize how valuable my time was in fact during my battle with depression i would use every free moment that i had to myself to cry it could be while driving my car it could be during my lunch break i had literally developed a habit of using my free time as an opportunity to think about just how unfair my life was but one of the best decisions i’ve ever made was the decision to put in the work necessary to have a rewarding and joy-filled life after years of overwhelming sadness i finally realized that i had been wasting time that i could never get back so i had to change my mental narrative am i problem-free right now of course not but i do understand that worry and unhappiness is a distraction so if unhappiness will not resolve your problem doesn’t it make sense to at least attempt to enjoy life you know it is possible to smile and enjoy your life even when you are going through a difficult situation we all have valley moments you just have to decide that you will not remain in the valley i don’t want you fighting meaningless battles i don’t want you trying to carry unmotivated people i want you to say you know what i’m going to do this [Music] despite what’s going on around me you’ve got to recognize that you’re now is valuable you’ve got to recognize that your now is critical to your success so i have one last question for you how will you use the gift of now those times when you get up early and you work hard those times when you stay up late and you work hard those times when you don’t feel like working you’re too tired you don’t want to push yourself but you do it anyway um that is actually the dream that’s the dream it’s not the destination it’s the journey and if you guys if you guys can understand that then what you’ll see happen is that you won’t accomplish your dreams your dreams won’t come true something greater will it’s amazing thing about passion if you love something if you have a strong passion for something you would go to the extreme to try to understand or try to get it [Music] whatever you ever love for if you have to walk you will go get it if you have to beg someone i don’t think you guys understand how present you guys were with me you know you guys were there with me at 5 30 in the morning when i was running the track and i was midway through my workout and i didn’t know if i could make it through and i thought about the expectations you guys have for me and you have for our team and it pushed me through it got me through those 800s and 400s and 100s at 5 30 in the morning so i thank you we’re not on the stage just because of talent or ability we’re up here because of 4am we’re up here because of two-a-days or five-a-days we’re up here because we had a dream and let nothing stand in our way if anything tried to bring us down we used it to make us strong we were never satisfied never finished we’ll never be retired my high school english teacher mr fisk he had this beautiful quote and it read rest at the end not in the middle and i took that to heart i believe there’s time for resting at the end but for me that time is not now thank you for this tremendous honor and acknowledging my basketball career but i’m far from done my next dream is to be honored one day for inspiring the next generation of athletes to have a dream sacrifice for it and never ever rest in the middle rest at the end not in the middle be yourself that’s it be you be you there’s no gimmick there’s no you don’t have to contrive anything who are you where are you today what is your story where does that come from and uh if you guys can understand that and i’m doing my job as a father thank you guys so much i love you mama [Applause] because if you play with the fear of failing you’ll have the pressure on yourself to play you know to capitulate to that fear if you play with the sense of i want to win i want to win then you have the fear of what happens if you don’t but if you find common ground in the middle in the center then it doesn’t matter you’re unfazed by either right that enables you to really just stay in the moment stay connected to it and not feel anything other than what’s in front of you so i try to just be dead center you start with what do you want your game to be what would make your game most unstoppable or hard to deal with and now you work backwards from there and you start building it one piece at a time one move at a time one counter at a time who would shaq be if he had your work ethic he’d be the greatest of all time [Music] if shaq had your worth he’d be the greatest of all traders of all time sure he’d be the first to tell you that for sure i mean this guy was a a force like i have never seen it was crazy you know a guy at that size generally guys at that size or a little timid and they don’t want to be tall they don’t want to be big man this dude was he did not care he was mean he was nasty he was competitive he was vindictive i mean he was yeah i wish he was in the gym i would have had 12 rings he had to work together my god yeah william be close if you’re lazy man i don’t want to talk to you i won’t deal with you you don’t make me feel dumber you know you’re going to lower my level i don’t think so you can go over there there’s plenty of teams in here where you’ll fit right in i don’t i don’t deal with people that don’t commit at that level but then act as if they do i don’t deal with that i don’t it’s real [Â __Â ] i mean i listen so like we we used to get into stuff all the time because it was like you know he would say okay kobe’s not throwing me the ball and you know media would take it and run with it and also stuff and i’m like well bro if you were in shape by the time i run down on a fast break and run back and then run down you’re still coming down the first time bruh like what the hell do you want me to do right so a lot of our contention came from that came from that and even though he was older you were still confronting him you didn’t you didn’t care i didn’t care man bro from day one i knew for sure rick fox my teammates they all thought i was absolutely crazy the day me and shaq got in the fist fight after that they were like okay kobe you’re certifiable uh let’s fight oh yeah spike i’m not backing down listen either you’re going to work my ass or i’m we’re going to have a night but you know hey no [Applause] you know there’s a there’s a level of respect and and for shaq too by the way that i know he he’s told me that that day was a big turning point for him because it was like you know he’s generally used to talking trash and saying what he wants and nobody really stepping up and challenging him on that and when he saw me challenge him on that he was like this kid’s crazy all right i can win with that you know and so that was kind of the beginning of our relationship i think that’s probably never happened to him that’s probably not something that’s common to him no i mean he’s awesome since he was three years old or something right this is all coming back to me right now it was also a game in phoenix my first year we were playing and he kept posting up but they kept fouling him so he kept going in the freezer line and kept missing them and so he throw the ball out to me i’m not throwing that back in there so i kept shooting him right so we’re getting the time out he’s like hey hey uh hey i’m open i’m like okay and so we go out the same thing coming hey i’m open okay there you go come back in hey dude you gotta throw me the ball say man that get it off the rebound if i miss bro you told him this first year 18 years old man 18 years old i must have been out of my damn mind the story continues the story continues so if you fail on monday the only way it’s a failure on monday is if you decide to not progress from that right so that so to me that’s why failure is not existing because you know if i fail today okay i’m gonna learn something from that failure and i’m gonna try again on tuesday those times when you don’t feel like working you’re too tired you don’t wanna push yourself but you do it anyway that’s the dream it’s not the destination it’s the journey [Music] shame on you if you don’t have enough strength within your mindset and in your heart and in your soul to know that most success stories always have a humble beginning you’re not supposed to start at the top [Music] you got to grow it for the rest of the world to know it we seem to be so concerned and afraid of falling down sometimes it seems that gravity is just pulling us down it seems that nothing good is happening in our lives we are afraid to fall down why why is this happening [Music] why am i in this dark place [Music] why do i feel so lost why are things constantly hurting me [Music] what do i do you got to believe in it and continue to lift it up you must understand that it is a necessary opportunity for you to find out exactly what you are ultimately made of it is not going to be an easy day in fact it may not necessarily be an easy life but you have a life and with this life failure will come but you got to believe in it you got the trust in it you got to stand on it you got to stay away from the things that’s not building you up and feed your ideas feed your dreams because they’re starving right now you must be stronger than your excuses you must be stronger than your circumstances you must be stronger than your fears you need a little bit of faith and understanding that you can go further in your life every man dies now everyone really lives tomorrow is not promised to you today is what’s promised to you how are you living your life right now when you wake up in the morning you gotta make sure you maximize the experience when you wake up in the morning you got to maximize the opportunity as long as you got breath in your body you got to pursue your life in such a way to understand that your life matters your life is important your life is critical and we need you on this earth you got a gift that we need are you living life like you get it all figured out are you living your life like you arrived what are you gonna do about the life you have this life that you have been given this life that you are temporarily holding on to this life that has been just given to you for only temporary reasons has more meaning than you can ever imagine this ain’t it man this is part of the journey this is not it this is just a pit stop this is not the final destination this is just a point on the journey but you got to put your head up high and you got to understand your legacy matters your legacy is important and when you wake up every single morning you gotta live like your breath is about to leave your body you gotta live like this day is your last day every single day you gotta maximize everything on the inside of each and every day that’s when you’re alive [Music] so many people out there in this world right now will try to tell you not to be something that you feel in your heart that you want to be do not let anyone validate your purpose do not let anyone validate your destiny you are not done you have power right now you have strength right now because this world needs your purpose and so every day you got to give it up every day you got to give this world what you got every day you got to give everything you got to this world because that defines your legacy what are you going to leave behind when your kid reached back in the past and now you’ll stick what are you going to leave for your son what are you leaving for your daughter are you gonna leave this kid’s integrity are you gonna leave them honored are you gonna leave them a good name are you gonna leave them a house are you gonna leave them some money what are you gonna leave when they get a stick never give up keep reaching and no matter the losses no matter the circumstances you don’t give up on your life you keep living you keep fighting what is your purpose why are you here what are you supposed to do you know what you’re supposed to do i need you to do it your family needs you to do it the next generation needs you to do it everybody dies but not everybody lives live my friend live my friend live everybody dies sooner or later don’t worry about your death worry about your life take charge of your life for as long as it lasts there are so many people in this world that don’t believe in you [Music] but while you’re sitting around worrying about people believing in you why don’t you focus on believing in yourself your purpose is easy to you your purpose come natural for you your purpose brings you energy your purpose brings you life other people are marveled by your talents and your ability but you look back at them and you say it’s not a big deal because this is just who i am it’s not a big deal because this is my gift it comes easy to me it comes easy for me [Music] why because it’s my purpose once you discover your purpose it’s your job to live with passion that’s when you’re passionate that’s when you’re ready to go to that next level you determine your legacy it’s up to you your legacy is in your hands as long as you can breathe as long as you can hear as long as you can see it there’s somebody out there right now that is hurting there’s somebody out there right now that is struggling there’s somebody out there right now that’s got it a little bit tougher than you do but you got the right to celebrate the life no matter if it’s good or if it’s bad nothing is greater than living because if you’re living there’s a possibility to change something but not just change it evolving evolve into something greater let’s think about a person who lives with passion who’s living their best life i think about a lion who’s the king of the jungle that lion is living his best life that lioness is living her best like why because every day they wake up with purpose every day they wake up with passion every day they see that gazelle and they pursue everybody dies but not everybody [Music] lives we do our best when our destinations are beyond the measurement we aren’t thinking of the finish line no we’re in process the approach is the destination and we are never finished some of you just got to begin to believe for some of you what i want you to do is throw something on a wall every time i see you i say the same thing because i think we overcomplicate it it’s the power of the choice the power of using the people around you and not being afraid of failing but being afraid of not trying you can’t just talk about wanting to win you have to prepare to win and you have to expect to win there are no passes when it comes to you and you being unique and having the ability and the qualifications to make sure you get the most out of your life and out of your dream i know that you’ve got greatness within you maybe your dreams big good go after it maybe you don’t make it because it was it was way out there but you pursued it and maybe there was something that happened that you didn’t quite get there but i promise you this if you shoot for a star and you’re all in with your effort and your heart and your attitude and your energy and your commitment you may not land on that star but i can guarantee you you land on the moon and the truth is you’re still in space use your mind use your vision use your dreams i dreamed my way out the hood i dreamed my way out and then i thought and then i would get up every day and i would cry [Music] listen up yes i’m talking to you [Music] if you can hear my voice you’ve got work to do [Music] this is something you all need to understand if you want to be the best in whatever you do you got to start acting different than everybody else you don’t have to compare yourself to anyone because you have the ability to create the life you want you’ve been put in a position where you ultimately doubted yourself you started to believe you don’t belong here you’re not that good you don’t fit the criteria on what the rest of the world is looking for i didn’t want to be like everybody else i wanted to be the [Â __Â ] best at everything i did and i did do you realize how difficult it is to be different winning requires discipline commit to making things happen you’ve got a destiny to fulfill you’ve got a purpose to walk into you’ve got dots to connect i want to be remembered forever and in order for that to happen i realized i needed to can act like it so don’t just talk about what you want to happen be an action taker and recognize that you don’t have to be jealous of anyone we all want to do something we all want to be somebody we all want to go somewhere you can’t be doing the same that everybody else is doing if you want to be the best you achieve your goals only when you are disciplined enough to keep showing up when you don’t feel like the best of everything comes with a [Â __Â ] price success stories have a humble beginning you should be a monster because everyone says well you should be harmless [Music] you don’t want to be too aggressive you don’t want to be too assertive you want to take a back seat no you should be a monster and then you should learn how to control it the definition of being aggressive is forceful and sometimes overly assertive pursuit of one’s aims in combat almost nothing will happen the way you want it to if you don’t force it that way [Music] the enemy nature time there’s all kinds of things that that are going against you it’s a losing battle and if you don’t use force of will then then you’re not going to get it done what it means is is you need to make things happen this is the good thing about being aggressive sure there’s there’s certain parts of your nature that are aggressive but it can also be trained you can start to think with an aggressive mindset which is i am going to take action i’m going to overcome obstacles i’m going to push through roadblocks i’m not going to take no for an answer and those are things that you can train [Music] there’s so often times where people they get told no or they hit an obstacle and it’s game overflow they’re just done they’re done training they’re over it and your attitude you have to go okay little little roadblock cool how am i gonna get through how am i getting around it [Music] what i need you to do is evaluate yourself today evaluate yourself to see where you are in this race of life many of you don’t even realize that you’ve been racing to the finish line this life is a race some of you need to be pushed to start running because you’ve been walking or you haven’t been moving for so long and you don’t even know that you’re in a race that all of us are competing to win but it doesn’t matter where you finish it matters that you run after your goals and your dreams the way to live is to run after your dreams to run after your goals and to run after that finish line [Music] there may be things in your life right now that’s holding you back from running but you have to break through those things they’re there to hinder you but you can’t let it force you to stop running chase your dreams change your goals i don’t know the situation you’re in right now but the situation that you’re in is not your future it’s not who you really are it’s not your full potential the sky’s the limit but it all starts from within it’s all up to you [Music] you should be a monster you have to be hungry for greatness you got to go through it to get to it you got to understand that there are going to be many circumstances that will require your full undivided attention you got to go through it to get to it you have to understand it has to be a unique mindset setting a goal [Music] and then going beyond it [Music] realizing that there’s work to be done making sure that all of the strings are attached and make no mistake along the now it’s true that we all make mistakes and we will have many setbacks but there’s always room for a comeback to understand this you must realize that you must humble yourself but yet be hungry enough to go after it with everything inside of you everything that is required depends on you having the mindset that regardless of anything that is around you that is surrounding you that is trying to drag you down you must have the mindset you must be strong you must be resilient you must be driven and you must be able to take whatever’s coming at you if you stumble if you fall have the ability to get up but you can’t depend on just your body to do the work you must understand that it’s a mental fortitude that will get you through it all so many people don’t have this fortitude they don’t have this attitude they have no faith in themselves if you you as the individual can take the first step then perhaps many more will follow there’s always going to be ups and downs in life man there’s always going to be bumps in the road things that ain’t going to go as planned unexpected stuff’s going to happen you’re going to face some pain you’re gonna face some tough times and if you ain’t trained your mind to be prepared for it and how to handle it it’s gonna break you the secret is to work on your mindset daily work on the way that you see the world otherwise you’ll live your whole life seeing the world through someone else’s eyes you’ll be a creature of circumstance you’ll be a victim of your life and not the master of it read books listen to audios like this one start learning about why you do the things that you shouldn’t do and why you don’t do the things you should it’s all because of the way that thing between your ears is white but know this you’re in control of rewiring it whenever you make the decision to do so at any moment you can take control back of your life and start creating the life that you deserve not a life that someone else has paved out for you and when all of the struggle comes all of the bad times all of the dark times come around which they inevitably will you’ll be strong enough to take it head-on and it’ll make you rather than break you you have greatness inside you let me tell you unlimited potential but you have to train your mind every single day things are going to happen outside of your control the weather terrorism coronavirus but you can’t control any of that [Â __Â ] all you can control is how you choose to look at situations you can control the information that you’re letting it here never forget that you can have anything in this life that you want if you’re willing to go and get it you’ve got to have belief you’ve got to have belief and that belief comes from working on your mindset every single day remember this [Music] you can be a victim of your life or the master of it [Music] you

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