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the road to sustained happiness is through disciplining your behavior discipline is a foundation to life don’t say you can’t don’t say this is gonna happen don’t quantify it and say well if i show up this better happen just show up and put the work in that’s it get up early do some kind of workout eat good foods clean your room make a list of things that you’re supposed to do in your life and then wake up in the morning and do those things that’s what discipline is discipline focus practice suffering push push push and then all of a sudden you get better and better and better so be careful that your routine is pointing to where you’re trying to get to and you’re not wasting time so i’m looking at warren buffett he says he reads six hours a day it’s not a complicated process but it it definitely requires uh discipline it requires insulating yourself from popular opinion you just you simply cannot you can’t pay attention to it it just doesn’t mean anything so you got to have a goal you got to have a dream you got to get hungry and then you got to get real discipline because motivation will get you going a speech will get you fired up but discipline is going to give you the power to stay committed to whatever that goal is you need to make the most out of every situation which means you need to discipline your mind stop making excuses get after it where you are right now and repeat after me i am in control of my destiny find that self-discipline and stop making excuses and stop depending on other people to bail you out you’ve got more fighting you’ve got more strength in you you’ve got more wisdom in you there is no time for excuses most people give up on themselves easily you know the human spirit is powerful there’s nothing that’s powerful it’s hard to kill the human spirit when that wrong clock goes off at four or five in the morning your mind says no you just say this is what we do it’s what we do now is the disciplined desperate dangerous mentality and i don’t care who you are i don’t care where you come from i don’t care what your story is at the end of the day you can win if you choose to learn the things that you need to do and then you can do that i’m trying to be partying them all now it’s time to create a legacy now you had your fun now get to work now build a legacy because if you’re not disciplined then there is no business that can be done you want to be more disciplined get after you got to have care to have passion and you hear people say all the time i don’t care if that’s you you don’t have passion you gotta care okay you gotta care we wanna lose you gotta care if we come in last place you gotta care if i wanna championship i’m gonna be pissed off you gotta care if you get divorced you gotta get care if you foul bankrupt you gotta care if you don’t get the 3.0 gpa you shooting for you fill in your goals you feeling your break you feeling your dreams you feeling your goals at the end of the day let me tell you something you gotta care because if you don’t care guess what it ain’t gonna happen if you don’t care guess what you ain’t gonna grind if you don’t care guess what you’re gonna quit when it’s getting tough if you don’t care you’re gonna throw in town so i’m here to tell you the first thing we gotta do is get you to care about your future get you to care about your goals get you to care about succeeding get you to care about failing let me tell you something if you’re go into a jungle there’s two people who care that lion that gazelle that gazelle wants to live another day and that lion wants to eat so he can live another day and let me tell you who’s going to win that battle the one who cares the most because that lion knows if i give all my energy after this gazelle and if i miss the gazelle if i don’t catch the gazelle i’ve exerted all this energy and i don’t get to eat i gotta wait for another day to eat i’m in trouble because i won’t have the same strength tomorrow i don’t have the same focus tomorrow i don’t have the same drive tomorrow i want to have the same energy tomorrow so i’ve got to care enough that i see this opportunity i see that gazelle coming by i gotta get it but on the other hand that gazelle was like man if i could elude this lion i can live another day if i can elude this lion i can get home to my family if i can elude this lion i can get home to my babies if i can lose this lion i can get my family out the projects if i can lose this lion we can get off welfare if i can elude this lion i can get out of bankruptcy if i can lose this lion just one more day maybe i can get off drugs if i can just salute this lion even in it’s jungle the lion in the gazelle the one who’s gonna win he’s the one who cares much and i don’t care where you are i don’t even care what your lot is in life i don’t care where your mama is okay what your daddy is i don’t care what they did i don’t care how they are i don’t care your background i don’t care what house you is i don’t care what neighbor you come from i don’t care what size attractive you want all i’m telling you right now is that until you care you can’t get to a inside your company who cares the most inside your division who cares the most inside your family who cares the most [Music] we gotta care man that that lion is hungry enough and if you care enough he gonna get that gazelle but if that gazelle is fast enough and elusive enough that gazelle go get away when you wake up in the morning every day you gotta care and you gotta live your life like you’re a lion you gotta live your life like you are that gazelle study strategy over the years and achieve this spirit of the warrior today is a victory over yourself of yesterday tomorrow is your victory over lesser men [Music] there is a student mentality in all of us that must be tapped into a student is resilient a student is disciplined it is only through discipline that you will experience the freedom of a warrior a student never surrenders see the strategy is the plan the strategy the game plan the plan of action the recipe the how must be studied before the first step is taken i am convinced that so many of us lose because of what we were not willing to study we must grow a discipline to deliberately investigate what we are getting ready to enter into we must be calculated as we enter into new seasons into new relationships this is the road to becoming a warrior an experienced skilled and calculated soldier a fighter a game changer somebody who refuses to stay down this is somebody who is set apart from those who operate in the realm of normalcy this is somebody who is above and beyond we got a bit of a work ethic to go after it a student is a disciple and a disciple is disciplined disciplined to achieve the spirit of the warrior they are perfectly positioned for victory daily discipline is an invitation out of normalcy a man who studies is a man who is allergic to average so you are a warrior then you don’t even know it take a deep breath inhale and exhale inhale and exhale after today everything is about to change because change starts with you [Music] to understand this is to know the difference between men and lions i can i can i will i will i must i must well here we are a new year draws near you’re going to be intentional about setting the tone for how your year is going to turn out the nightmare is to reach our 60s our 70s our 80s or even our deathbed and to talk about everything we should have done i should have done that i should have invested in this i should have made the relationship work i shouldn’t have got a divorce there are things that you have been called to do but it is the challenges that makes us great the challenges is what builds us up the hardships all of these things that we all had to endure nothing can stop what we are made of where am i where am i trying to go what am i trying to get done what am i trying to do i know they say it’s january here we go new year new me you need to say no this is a new season this is a new month this is a new year it is a new time for me to find out where am i going this is the time to ask yourself where are you this chance is all up to you and you alone don’t just do enough to get by exceed expectations over deliver and you will find that that same energy that you’re putting in is coming back to you gotta have a dream and you have to put it on the calendar and you have to break it down bit by bit piece by piece day by day these are not your years when you just settle for an average marriage and settle for an average career and settle for an average worship life no this is the year that you decide i want new i want fresh i want the real stuff you got to renew your mind [Music] i must [Music] everybody gets this wrong i talk to millions of people across 50 countries it’s life’s big myth that you can get fit before committing to something challenging let me explain we call it the spartan paradox you must first commit to something and that forces you to do the work with spartan we got seven million people off the couch by having them put a date on the calendar it’s that simple [Music] once you put a date on the calendar you get serious you become disciplined and if you don’t you get your ass kicked because that day comes that event arrives with or without you then what then you’re embarrassed humiliated and you want another crack at it everyone everywhere i mean across 45 countries says to me oh first i’m going to get in shape first i’m going to start eating healthy first i’m going to get my lifestyle intact no way all the science all the data all of our millions of conversations across all these countries says bullsh you’re just gonna procrastinate you’re not gonna do it you end up talking yourself out of doing the work new year’s resolutions don’t work gym memberships don’t work diets don’t work the only thing that works is a date with something challenging on your calendar so you want to find success put a date on the calendar create a deadline force yourself to make the hard choices daily look if humans didn’t need deadlines schools wouldn’t need professors right construction sites wouldn’t need foreman teams wouldn’t need coaches think about it you want to change if you’re ready get a date on your calendar you have to commit you have to make it real it’s a spartan paradigm [Music] i think i could end it just like that it’s the spartan paradox that’s it your mouth is a creative weapon it’s not a tool for distributing excuses the first sign of a loser is an excuse champions take full responsibility good or bad for their outcomes tell the world one time what you’re gonna do and that’s it spend less time talking and more time grinding think like a champion speak like a champion and then work it out grind 1 20 all day every day stop making excuses champions make adjustments not excuses every time you justify being average you’re inviting the enemy mediocrity is a dream killer your coach your trainer your teacher your foes is not the problem it’s your consistency you got to make a decision how bad do you want it average is on the left success is on the right you got to choose which one you want a champion’s workout doesn’t officially begin until pain arrives you see greatness is right on the other side of pain so what are you running from it for you say you want to be successful then push through it stop making excuses and go get it very few battles are won under ideal circumstances so you gotta simulate and practice the unknown so that the unexpected will not derail you every morning when you get up ask yourself how can i put myself in a place where i’ll be uncomfortable see you have to master the unknown you gotta master your fears you gotta master the unexpected so when it happens you are prepared champions can push through and keep going when everyone else around them is quitting they have immersed themselves in pain so often that they have become immune to it greatness is on the other side of pain go get it the more you expose yourself to pain the more comfortable you will become in his presence a champion’s workout doesn’t officially start until pain arrives everything else is just a woman a boxer can be the best technician in the world but if he gets in the ring and the first time he gets hit he falls apart he’s not going to be a champion i tell you that see in life is just like that with us we’re good until we get hit in the face but what separates champions from the rest is when they get hit they keep coming when you hit them a second time they get stronger and by the third time that life hits you and you’re still standing the world will know there’s a jacket in the ring how bad do you want to be successful do you want it bad enough to get hit in the face because i tell you right now that’s what life’s gonna do to you it’s gonna hit you when you least expect it when you got your guard down how will you respond refuse to let the world break you show life what a champion looks like i’m billy all’s brooks blessed and unstoppable we all have two people we all have two people and i’m not saying you’re crazy we have the easy voice that’s that voice that we all love that’s that very comfortable voice that that’s that mommy holding you saying it’s going to be okay doesn’t care how good you are just loves you just loves you no matter how messed up you are in life so that’s that one voice this other voice that we walk very far away from is the voice saying hey man you ain’t doing it so we try to get this voice out of our head completely and we live over here in this land so what you have to do first is turn up this voice over here the voice saying things to you that aren’t nice that it’s in our heads saying you know what man dude you’re not you’re not doing it i’m not saying to put yourself down i’m saying listen to the truth and the truth isn’t in the 20 the truth is in this other part of your brain saying look man you’re wasting a bunch of percentage here we have 80 more percent that we’re not tapping into because in this other 80 is suffering pain failure failure failure self-doubt darkness and then a whole bunch of light but to get to this light you gotta go through all of this so a lot of us know that i can get over here but over here man this is much better because i gotta go through this journey that is not fun this this from 20 to 100 percent this [Â __Â ] in between is not fun so we decided to live over here so everybody goes how do you do that you know exactly how to do that you know exactly it’s not a magic trick there’s nothing to talk about that’s a magic trick it’s all back down to a very primitive mindset of we just have to do it’s like breathing breathing becomes normal like we don’t know that that that we’re doing that’s how you have to live your life when that alarm clock goes off at four or five in the morning your mind says no you just say it’s just what we do it’s what we do now because to get to where you want to go the amount of pain involved i’m not saying physical i’m not saying you got to break yourself off the amount of mental pain of how many times you’re gonna have to do something that you don’t want to do to get to where you want to go when i was 297 pounds and i was fat as hell trying to be a navy seal the scariest thing in the world to me even to this day was that that could have been the rest of my life i thought then i was trying hard that’s the scariest thing in the world i thought then 297 pound working for ecolab spraying for cockroaches making a thousand dollars a month i thought that was me at my 100 potential coming to find out a few years later i wasn’t anywhere near that 106 pounds less graduate navy still training we don’t do all these other things looking back on that that was me trying hard that’s why people got to understand what is in us we have no idea until we start trying hard and i mean really trying hard when you’re obsessed with hey this is my new norm my new norm is that wow this isn’t always fun it’s not always meant to be fun and that’s when you know you’re trying hard so you don’t really know how to grind like you talk grind like i love it like i go into the weight room and y’all playing like poc y’all playing biggie like y’all all in it like you like you like pop but you don’t have the spear to pop you like love pop you like listen in the pot you like listen to biggie you like to talk about the grind but you don’t really know what the grind’s like i know what the ground is like i was homeless i ain’t out of trashcan now going and going internet right now i’m one of the number one speakers in the world i started from the bottom like you like listening to it and see starting from the bottom now yo what’s your bottom what is your bottom when you’ve been worshipped since middle school you’ve been tall your whole life big your whole life they worship you so much now that you think it’s about you you don’t even know what the grind look like i’m from detroit homeless mama got pregnant with me at 17 years old high school dropout took me 12 years to get a four-year degree i’m coming now it’s in view you finally made it to the big leagues and now you want to chill now you got the big head now you can’t grind you here now you here now you finally made it and this is where you you break up this is where you start chilling that’s where you get comfortable you made it now you made it now you in the big leagues now they watching you now this is where you make it permanent yeah i saw it i saw perfect perfect no practice don’t make perfect practice make permanents this permanent y’all this is permanent you can go wherever you want to go from here [Music] it does not take talent you don’t have to be talented right you don’t have to be gifted you don’t have to be the quickest the strongest you don’t have to be the most intelligent to get to where i am that’s what you gotta do you just gotta grind though you’re grind you gotta out grind so many of you heard me say this your father listen to me my own accompany your mama might be a millionaire you might come from privilege your daddy might hook you up with a car he might know people he might be able to get you a job but you will not outwork me and what you have to decide in your position in the ncaa you have to make a decision that nobody in this league in your position will outwork you i will walk away with stuff i never heard before books i’ve never read before audios i’ve never seen before going to conferences that i’ve never gone hanging out with people that i’ve never hung out with before this is nothing god this is just a dessert there are those of you with phones and every new phone that comes out you get it every upgrade you get it every piece of software you get it you are upgrading your technology and you not upgrading yourself listen to me closely when you get to the point where enough is enough when you get to the point where it hurt real bad when you get to the point you can’t take it no more when you get to that point but doors start opening opportunities start happening listen to me very closely it’s our dream nobody’s gonna see it like you do it’s your dream nobody’s gonna feel it like you feel it it’s your dream nobody’s gonna be as dedicated to it as you are it’s your dream and they don’t have to understand and they don’t have to like it and they don’t have to do it it doesn’t make a difference it’s your dream and you my friend have been given the task to make it happen and you can’t let anything stop you from doing what you were called to do many people ask why do you rise and i tell them this is why i rise i rise for those that paved the way before me and gave me belief and the power if you see me as a giant it is only because i am standing on their shoulders [Music] i rise because it is my will my passion my burning desire and i cannot stand still i rise because i know that i have a legacy to fulfill i rise because this is my journey not just a destination i rise because i am the creation i rise because every second every minute every hour every day every week every month every year that goes by brings me closer to fulfilling my ultimate obligation i rise because i lead an army of kings and queens [Music] and this is the dawning of a new day i rise because we are many like grains of sand i rise before i leave but first i must pave the way i rise because if anyone can do it i know i can i rise because people like martin malcolm marcus garvey their life for the struggle i rise because people like rosa oprah harry and coretta stood tall in the face of adversity i rise because i have a dream i rise because i will see that dream fulfilled by any means necessary i rise because i know that none but ourselves can free our minds from mental slavery this is why i rise why do you rise yeah i always wanted to be a commando ever since i was a little kid and i heard that the seals were really tough and that the training was really tough and then you know once you get in everyone makes a big deal out of buds that’s but it’s it’s in the seal teams it’s no big deal everyone goes through it you get cold you get wet whatever you do a bunch of push-ups and pull-ups and dips anyone that gets to the seal teams and does deployments overseas and has a real career they’re not talking about buds training it just just doesn’t mean anything heidight was you know a ncaa water polo team captain champion we quit and i had a guy that was an olympic ultimate gymnast and he quit just because someone’s a good physical athlete it doesn’t mean that they’re a good seal because being a good seal is a lot more than just being a good athlete being a good athlete is like the baseline and it’s everything that you’ve learned to do after that a good leader a guy that’s tactically sound a guy that makes good decisions a guy that’s good under pressure a guy that doesn’t ever give up on trying to accomplish a mission those are the things that makes good seal so you’re always learning and growing and i was always learning until the day i retired because it’s not a boom this happened and everything changes it’s a constant addition of skill set and repetition of situations where you become competent at your job to that same young man that wants to be a seal you know the guys that want to be like jocko one day what do you tell that that 20 year old that sees this thing and says i want to go do that [Music] well first of all don’t try and be like me be better than me crush me make me look like a baby that’s what you that’s what you do and and don’t don’t talk about it don’t mull it over don’t plan for it just get after it just get after it make it happen use your force of will to make it happen as a human being the strongest thing you’ve got is your force of will [Music] so take that force of will and make that happen [Music] your perspective can either become your prison or your passport [Music] it can either arrest you or release you [Music] in 1903 it was the wright brothers that defied the laws of gravity and if you know anything about gravity gravity will pull you down and keep you down it will stop you from flight it will stop you in your tracks if you believe in something metaphorically speaking gravity will hold you down it will hold you back and it will dare you to fight your perspective can either breathe your prison or your plane i don’t know about you but today i made the decision to defy the laws of gravity the first successful heavier-than-air powered aircraft was designed and built by the wright brothers they flew it four times on december 17 1903 near kiel devil hills about four miles i believe possibility is destiny and it is fear that keeps us arrested and apprehended by the spirit of impossibility i’m gonna tell you this right now and nobody else is gonna tell you this impossible is a spirit and you’ve got to arrest that spirit or it will arrest you impossibility is like a soda fountain the easy way out the path of least resistance because to say something is impossible to give up to cop out to feel your cup of carbonated excuses it tastes good but it doesn’t sit well as it goes down into your system to remove the two letters is the grit of existence the binding faith of hope to your chest and letting your heart beat you got to rewrite the code you got to rewrite the script calling all reformers i’m calling all innovators i’m calling all game changers i’m calling all world shakers i’m calling all city shifters i’m calling everybody that has an inkling of faith in themselves i’m calling everybody you will inherit the future we gotta rewrite the code in our soul because it’s a matter of the soul it’s a matter of the will people that have a will to win are the ones who who win these are the people that see the future these are the people that see not where the hockey puck is but they see where the hockey puck is going that’s the type of person that we all need to evolve to become [Applause] i i learned years ago that the difference between people that get things done and people that do not is sheer willpower out of all the motivational speeches you have heard how much of it have you retained and applied to your life because understanding the power and the difference between what is impossible and what is possible it all comes back to your perspective and your capacity if your why is big enough then your will will be powerful enough to persevere through the how you’re not looking for resources when you have a will you become resourceful and that’s the difference between people that see this thing as possible and people that do not it comes down to one thing and that is your will so you don’t want it bad enough you don’t want it bad enough that’s why you can’t get it done and so the how intimidates you and and and the what boxes you in we’re more concerned about collaboration than character i think we need to come back to a place where we’re examining ourselves as an individual before our people we make the people better when we deal with the person you got to deal with the person you got to deal with you it’s always going to be impossible to you if you don’t see the power of your will and the power of your why the official definition of self-discipline is the ability to control one’s feelings and overcome one’s weaknesses also it’s the ability to pursue what one thinks is right despite temptations to abandon it [Music] see the problem with you is you rarely exercise your self-discipline muscle you just go with the flow no backbone whatsoever and that’s perfectly fine until you start whining and complaining about your lack of success [Music] whining and complaining about your lack of progress whining and complaining that you’re not gaining any momentum and you can’t seem to get ahead in life see self-discipline begins with the mastery of your thoughts if you don’t control what you think you can’t control what you do so don’t talk to me about your failures don’t talk to me about your setbacks don’t talk to me about the lack of success you are achieving because i’m that one i’m the one that will tell you the exact reason why you are failing you’re failing because on a daily basis you failed to exercise your self-discipline muscle on a daily basis you fail to sacrifice your failing because on a daily basis you failed to come up with the plan on a daily basis you fail to get uncomfortable you fail to push past your limits and you fail to believe in yourself so this is the moment that you stop renting your problems this is the moment you stop renting your issues this is the moment that you stop renting your lack of focus this is the moment that you stop renting your lack of self-discipline it’s time for you to take ownership it’s time for you to own the fact that you’re the reason it’s time for you to own the fact that you’re the one that’s exercising your lazy muscle it’s time for you to own the fact that you’re the one that’s exercising your do nothing muscle you’re the one that’s exercising your negative mindset muscle you’re the one that’s exercising your no willpower muscle but that’s okay because so many others including myself were once in the exact same place that you are right now and then we sat down and had a heart-to-heart conversation with ourselves we self-assessed and took complete ownership for all of the lack of success that we were achieving then we made the decision to flip the switch and made the necessary changes to go into the kitchen of our lives and cook up a dish of massive success and we quickly realized that a key ingredient is self-discipline see self-discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment self-discipline is the magic power that makes you virtually unstoppable self-discipline is the center of the universe for success self-discipline is doing within wow you’re doing without and what that means is when your friends are begging you to go hang out and you say no because you’re way too busy grinding hard to put yourself in position to win in your game of life to love this quote from the late great zig ziglar he says when you do the things you ought to do when you ought to do them the day will come when you can do the things that you want to do when you want to do them see without self-discipline success is not possible period so i need you to ask yourself do you have the strength to say no when so many others say yes i need you to ask yourself do you have the strength to keep working when so many of your friends are playing i need you to ask yourself do you have the strength to keep going when so many others are stopping i need you to ask yourself do you have the strength to keep fighting when so many others are throwing in the towel because if you can answer yes to all of those questions you are well on your way to joining the one percent club you are well on your way to living the life of your dreams so now is the time for you to hit the gym of your life and start exercising your self-discipline muscle no more talk no more excuses from this moment forward it’s all about massive execution will there be days that you don’t feel like it yes would it be days that you wanted to stop yes would it be days that you want to give up yes would it be days that you want to quit yes listen to me quitting is never an option so get up and do it anyway because when you push yourself to do and you get started you will be amazed at how all of a sudden you have the energy you need to get it done sometimes you have to trick yourself and say i’m just going to spend five minutes working on this project you get started and all of a sudden an hour later you not only complete it but you also feel an amazing sense of pride and accomplishment i want you to understand this you will not always be motivated to do something so you have to force yourself to be disciplined because those that are undisciplined allow moods appetites passions and temptation to dominate their lives but that is no longer who you are because you are now officially part of the doers club you are now officially part of the winners club you are now officially part of the champions club you are now officially part of the those with self-discipline club because you now understand that with self-discipline all things are possible you now understand that great leaders always have self-discipline you now understand that great entrepreneurs always have self-discipline you now understand that great champions always have self-discipline you now understand that great athletes always have self-discipline because they understand that self-discipline is about controlling your desires and impulses while staying focused on what needs to get done to achieve your goal the late great kobe bryant said i don’t understand lazy people we don’t speak the same language i don’t understand you and i don’t want to understand you see kobe understood that at the center of bringing any dream any goal or any success into fruition is a little thing we like to call self-discipline how you will go from below average to average from average to good from good to great and from great to phenomenal yes you ordinary you you want to lose that weight you want to get that six-pack you want to get that job promotion you want to graduate from college with a bachelor’s or master’s or a phd you want to start that business you want to make that team you want to become the best version of yourself you have to remember all success starts with self-discipline it starts with you abraham lincoln said discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most you only have two options suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret the choice is yours the greatest do you believe that do you really believe in you some people may not have that opportunity to believe in themselves because all their lives many things has kept them down [Music] the greatest i am the greatest the greatest of who you really are do you really know who you are can you identify yourself do you see yourself less or do you see yourself more do you ultimately believe in you or do you let others control what you are and what they think of you this is not the time to look down on yourself this is a time for you to look up to see the greatest to see the greatness within you your creation has meaning something great brought you here there was a purpose and there’s a purpose now and that purpose is great because you exist in it greatness is within you greatness is a part of you but to be great you got to believe in it since the day you were born greatness was already there when you had those hard times greatness was already there when nobody thought that you had what it took greatness existed hold on to that greatness believe in that greatness and give it everything you have within yourself [Music] how many times have you said i know i need to do better but you don’t how many times have you got on a scale and weighed yourself but you wasn’t happy how many times have you pulled up those pans and it just didn’t fit right how many times have you said you could not stop eating a certain type of a food but you kept doing it anyway you see my friends that’s an excuse you’re looking for a way out you’re trying to find an idea and saying hey it’s okay for me to keep making this type of a mistake it’s okay for me to keep saying the same thing over and over it’s okay for me to sound like a broken record with a hole in it but nevertheless i haven’t put myself in a position to change you know you can do it but you just don’t want to do it you figure that hey i’ll do it on another day i’ll do it tomorrow i do it on this day i do it on this day i know i know i know i know you know so much but you do so little are you understanding that you cannot remain the same do you understand that you’re gonna have to continue to as i like to say evolve evolving to me means a lot more than just changing change is good but are you changing for the right reasons or you’re in a certain position where you feel like you have to change yourself or change who you really are to please other people that’s not the type of change i’m talking about i’m talking about for the greater good i’m talking about being able to have the right attitude and the right mindset and the right fortitude to make a difference in your life you can’t keep doing the same thing over and over and over again and you’re not getting anywhere you’re not committed you’re not doing the right things instead you keep doing the wrong things and you’re looking for someone to rescue you you’re looking for someone to put you in a position to make you feel better it’s not about me it’s not about the other people it’s about you it’s about you making a difference and you making the necessary changes to get what you want out of your life the time is now you can’t do it tomorrow you can’t do it yesterday you got right now build on that find a solution to your problems don’t depend on other people to change you don’t depend on other people to evolve you being different as i’ve always said there’s nothing wrong with being different stand out in the crowd don’t be like everybody else don’t feel that you got to belong to a group of people for people to respect you if you don’t like where you are then you must change what you do but not just change start evolving evolve into something that’s unique become something great in yourself and understand that it takes work and it takes an idea and you have to understand that there’s going to be some sacrifices that you must make so when are you going to make a change when are you going to finally realize that it’s up to you what you need to be focusing on as a better life a better understanding a better you and if you’re not willing to work on that if you’re not willing to change that then how strong do you really think you will be in the rest of the life that you’ve been given this is why you’re fighting right here listen kid there’s gonna be time in your life where people are gonna try to rain on your parade they’re gonna try to tell you what you can and what you can’t do [Music] but this is why you’re fighting you fight for them you fight for autumn nights you watch your mother sit on the edge of that bed and cry almost every night where you and your brother they couldn’t do anything and it hurt you you remember listen i don’t want you to ever forget why you’re doing what you’re doing [Music] you got to understand there’s so much greatness that lives inside of you and if you just get through this and continue to fight there’s greatness on the other side and i understand that you may be in the dark today but doesn’t the beautiful roses of the field begin in the dark what you gonna do you gonna give up or you gonna keep going what is it that stands behind that passion purpose desire that has you waking up every single day to go get what’s yours because my faith is bigger than the size of a mustard seed and whatever it is that stands behind that passion purpose and desire that has you waking up every single day what is it what is it that gives you unwavering conviction to go get what’s yours to do what you want to do because there was a point of my time in my life where i didn’t have a faith in myself where i didn’t believe in myself then i began to pick myself up dust myself off so and i asked the question what is it that continues to drive you push you to continue to get up every single day after you’ve been knocked down you’ve been here before is it your daughter at home is it your mama because as i reminisce and watch my mama sit on the edge of that bed and cry every single night are you back yet because whatever it is that does stand behind that passion purpose and desire that picks you up every single day it better be strong again i’m talking you will be knocked down a storm is coming you will be exposed to the elements a tornado is coming [Music] it’s the faith that stands behind that purpose passion desire that got you getting up every single day after you’ve been knocked down today yesterday you may be knocked down tomorrow and nothing gonna change if nothing change so you have to take action and when i say take action you have to self-assess and say it is you versus you [Music] when you can look in the mirror and you can say to yourself i didn’t study i woke up late when you can say it’s me versus me when you can get very comfortable being very uncomfortable you begin to grow you begin to grow and you don’t kill the pointed fingers that nobody man i remember i was stripped of everything i owned from apartments the cars everything i came in contact with i mean i was stripped of but all through through them storms them trousered them tribulations i began to soar like an evil see the eagle is one of the only birds that when a storm is coming he doesn’t fly away but he flies into the storm and he uses the pressures of the storm to soar we’re using very little energy to soar above the storm to to rise to an atmosphere of peace and security don’t you want to soar [Music] how would you use the storm to rise to elevate how would you use a storm to soar above everybody that told you you couldn’t do what you doing and what drives you because it don’t matter how hard you go when you on a journey to go get what’s yours you will be knocked down and i hope it’s the faith that gives you the unwavering conviction the courage the dedication what you sacrificing because being physically committed to the process without being emotionally attached to the outcomes is flying into the storm and asking yourself what can i extract from this storm to soar to rise to an atmosphere of peace and security there’s no such thing as overnight success [Music] when it comes to success real self-made success there’s no such thing as luck there’s no such thing as someone who came out of nowhere the people you see come out of nowhere and rise to the top they came from somewhere and their rise took years it took work it took dedication and it took perseverance malcolm gladwell once wrote that to achieve greatness in any area to become truly great in any area you have to put in 10 000 hours of practice no one is born a success you must work your way there most people aren’t prepared to put in 10 000 seconds let alone 10 000 hours what about you what about you are you willing to go to those extremes are you willing to do what most don’t so you can have what most will never know it must be an obsession an obsession to be the best the best you it’s the pride of perfecting the thing you love coming back again and again win or lose succeed or fail showing up every day not just showing up every day but showing up with passion showing up with intention intention to learn intention to grow intention to get better intention to be the very best in your field intention to get so good no one can ignore you it’s the ability to sacrifice all those things that offer you no future value so you can work toward the future that has value to you it’s the strength to follow your own path no matter what happens if you’re a true winner if you’re really committed 10 000 hours is nothing 10 000 hours is a walk in the park 10 000 hours is fun because it’s not about how long it takes it’s about who you become how skilled you become how valuable you become how many people you serve people who are truly committed to what they do those who are deeply passionate about what they do they don’t count the hours they don’t watch the clock they get to work they love to work and the only thing they measure is their growth you that committed [Applause] you gotta stare into the enemy’s eyes and let him know that he has met his match that nothing will be denied the one that won’t be denied you have to make it clear to your opponent that there is no quit in you you have to make it known to him that no matter what he does you serve a god greater than him that there’s a power on the inside of you that makes you unstoppable that you are not scared to get in the ring to fight for what you want in life the flesh of the warriors mortal and vulnerable with weaknesses with the mind and spirit inside the champion is a savage force of undeniable will that’s fierce and violent to anything that threatens its ambition scarred and wounded the warrior not deterred he remains steadfast in unwavering faith to the god that lives within him alone he fights blinded by darkness but still he moves forward out flanking every maneuver that hell attempts to conquer him with he gets bolder and more aggressive with every step he takes toward greatness suck a punch by life knock down to the mat several times but he stretches for the ropes to climb out of the mouth of defeat his emotional jaw broke exhausted with two black eyes gasping for air nothing left in the tank the enemy’s sure of victory till he heard him say i’m hurt scorn you’ll never ever break me hurt scorn you’ll never ever break me hurt scorn you never [Music] mask on can’t show this too busy guy here glowing that fan base keeps growing momentum can’t slow it how mozart composing she posing with her hair dyed fake friends and their twisted lies contacts blue eyes plastic chicks with nine lives three junkies just getting high black ice touched the sky blinded by the sunrise i’m wounded but still alive sweet candles keep burning the world keeps on turning i’m seeking discernment my spirit keeps yearning school books with no learning here starboy you earned it that fire from the furnace the world is yours and you earned it silly billy keep burning the world is yours and you earned it i’m wounded but not broken got one shot don’t blow this distractions can’t focus my mask on can’t show this too busy i hear glowing that fan base keeps growing momentum can’t slow it i’m mozart composing rock stars smoking no cupid [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] is dr billy all’s brooks blessed and unstoppable impact one billion people the all the motivation welcome to the louvre into god be the glory i’m on the other side of this speaker but even from here i can see your struggle i can feel your pain i know what you’re going through man everybody done gave up on you everybody’s not written you owe all the smart money in vegas betting against you that you can’t get up off the mat that you will never overcome this you’ve been loyal you kept it real anytime anybody needed you you were there now you’re going through the struggle you’re going through the trial you’re going through the tribulation and you look up and you say where is everybody i know you feel alone i know you feel bitter i know you mad at the world but the question is how are you going to respond i am wounded but i am not broken i am by myself but i am not alone when i am weak i know my god is strong and i will not quit until i prove them all wrong as the walls close in and the light fades the dark quiet singing and perverted ways hails opera fire the death of days the blood of the lamb and his righteous ways i’m not afraid of struggling and fighting alone i’m not afraid of traversing the dark alone i’m not afraid to climb that mountain on my own i’m not afraid to die i’ve always been alone don’t wait the savage yes the struggle is real and no life hasn’t turned out the way you thought it would even when you worked hard and put the time in and did the right things still things didn’t turn out the way you wanted them that one you thought was a soulmate was just an illusion that job promotion really wasn’t a promotion it was a jail sentence i’m just keeping it real that family that you thought was family never really acted like family and those friends that you thought had your back are your biggest enemies now here’s what we’re gonna do i’m gonna give you 24 hours to mourn to cry it all out upheld date so you do what you need to do for the next 24 hours to get all that stuff out and then i want you to answer this question how are you going to respond i am wounded but i am not broken i am by myself but i’m not alone when i am weak i know my god is strong and i will not quit until i prove them all wrong kisses of betrayal the knife cuts the blood runs red the sharks lust emotional wounds scars broken trust we got different vibrations can’t comprehend us romantic violence flirting making souls blush screams of chaos gorgeous streams being crushed the blood runs red the sharks lust they’re about to wake that savage inside of us don’t wake the savage now one day down the road you’re gonna have to forgive these people that hurt you but what i want you to do right now is to anchor this feeling to channel all these emotions that you have on the inside that betrayal that anger that bitterness i want you to channel it what the devil meant for harm god will make good see there’s a hidden energy a hidden power a secret locked in each and every trial and tribulation and if you dig down and can find it you can use it to go to that next level now you can anchor this energy the anger the bit of the frustration that’s in this situation you can anchor that with all your senses in such a way that you can tap back into it and use it whenever you want channel all of that energy that focus into your things what gives but never forget how this feels so when you overcome when you come off out of this when you get back on top and you start wanting to get complacent when you start wanting to take off days and start making shortcuts remember how you feel right now go back into this moment so that you never lose what you are about to come back and see see before this situation you were good but to be great to be unstoppable to be invisible you need to go through this you need to learn the lessons in this moment seize this moment and capture every ounce of knowledge wisdom and power that resides in this situation and what the devil meant for harm gonna make good wounded but not broken in a coma but not dead shh don’t wake the savage this is dr billy owls brooks and i am blessed and unstoppable then back 1 billion people motivation on so many people are waiting you’re waiting for things to be perfect you’re waiting for everyone to get themselves together you’re waiting for someone to invite you into the room you’re waiting for someone to give you a seat at the table you’re waiting for someone to validate your gift you’re waiting for someone to call your name you’re waiting for someone to give you the opportunity you’re waiting for everything to line up you’re waiting for all the situations to come together perfectly and i’m telling you you cannot wait you gotta start working right now depression is not waiting for you to get it together [Music] poverty’s not waiting poverty’s not waiting for the perfect moment for the convenient time to get on you no no no no poverty will just roll up on you and disrupt your entire life fear is not waiting stress is not waiting [Music] your bills are not waiting and if fear is not gonna wait to attack you then you can’t wait to attack it if stress is not waiting to attack you you can’t wait to attack it whatever is in your life that’s trying to bring you it is not waiting so you cannot wait you have got to step up now i’m telling you if you’re waiting for your degree before you can build a legacy you’re waiting for your father to tell you that he loves you before you can start building legacy [Music] you mean you’re waiting for there to be perfect peace in our country before you start building your legacy you’re waiting for everything to line up before you start working on your legacy no you can’t do that man you got to start working now you got to start building legacy now you got to start taking care of things now you got to get in your position now you gotta get your life together now you gotta take this thing seriously now you gotta start doing it now now is the time to start building your marriage now is the time to start teaching and investing in your kids now is the time to start piecing your money together and getting yourself out of debt now is the time to start pursuing something greater now is the time to start building the vision that god put in your heart now is the time to start saving up for the home now is the time to start making those investments in yourself you cannot wait don’t wait another day don’t wait another minute don’t wait another moment now is your time how long are you going to complain about what you don’t have how long are you going to complain about who didn’t do it who didn’t take care of you and who didn’t call you and who don’t like you and what they said what they think who cares what they think who cares what they said this is not about them this is about me this is about what god wants to do in me this is about the legacy that he wants me to build this is about the impact he wants me to make why am i gonna put my legacy to the side in order to appease a person who don’t know who i really am [Music] you got to get to a place where you recognize that i’m not just here passing time i’m not just here just having fun but i’m here to build legacy i’m here to make things happen i’m here to change the world now is your time [Music] don’t abort your mission out of frustration when you are in the midst of a challenging situation your mind will tell you that you are finished your mind will tell you that you may as well cut your losses now your mind will tell you that you are stuck and will probably be where you are right now for a long time but your thoughts cannot be trusted when your emotions are high your thoughts cannot be trusted when you have just experienced rejection being rejected does not mean that you are not smart enough or talented enough rejection is a part of your journey to success so don’t get stuck in your disappointment instead of focusing on how unfair your situation is i’m challenging you to use your frustration to push you harder i want you to know that you are not finished in fact you are just getting started you see your trials and your difficult moments are just a part of your process your discomfort is actually helping you to transition into a stronger and wiser version of yourself and for someone who is listening right now you are feeling discouraged you’re feeling discouraged because of what you’ve lost but i want you to know that what you have left is all you need to rebuild i’m going to say that again what you have left is all you need to rebuild [Music] your brokenness signifies a new beginning this is a new beginning for you so this is not the time for you to slack off this is not the time for you to go to your unhealthy coping mechanism whatever that is for you this is not the time for you to go into your room turn off the lights and pull the covers over your head this is the time for you to go into warrior mode the dreams that you have are not going to fall into your lap we all want that we all want the easy route we all want it to happen fast but the truth is that you’ve got to be willing to fight for what you want and sometimes the person that you have to check is yourself yes you heard that correctly you have to check yourself because your dreams cannot become a reality without you you have to be confident in you you have to believe that you have what it takes you have to declutter your mind you have to make sure that you are managing yourself wisely that you are making the right decisions you have to make sure that you keep the promises that you have made to yourself you have to envision what you want and refuse to let go until you get it so what is going to enable you to finish well there’s a lot that goes into achieving your goals so i don’t want to make it sound like it’s simple but i can tell you this without extreme focus and tenacity you will do a whole lot of starting but very little finishing so take note of this finishing requires focus and you might even have to repeat that to yourself finishing requires focus it’s easy to become distracted especially with all of the chaos that’s going on in the world right now but you have work to do and so it’s important that you keep your focus in the right place it’s important that you keep working towards crossing the finish line the easiest way to sink into a state of depression is to become consumed by your problems there’s a difference between being aware of your problems and being consumed by them so if your problems are all that you seem to think about your focus is in the wrong place it’s going to be up to you to recognize when it’s time to shift your focus and so whenever your mind tries to take you to a place that pulls you into a state of despair you got to shift your focus when you entertain negative thoughts it’s like being in quicksand before you even realize it you can go from having a simple negative thought to feeling discouraged and this doesn’t take a long time it can happen in a matter of minutes [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] you

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