15 Emerging Technologies That Will Change Our World for ever

technology is developing at a crazy Pace it’s no wonder that many of us like to imagine what the world will look like in the future those who lived in the 1900s also love to picture what the year 2000 would look like unfortunately most of their guesses were pretty far off the mark flying cars robots with brooms and polishers automatic haircut and makeup machines instant clothes information from books transferred via electrical signals most of these speculations sound silly especially to us still what the people in the 1900s envisioned about the future was not entirely wrong we might not have flying cars at what the people back then named aerocabs but we’re definitely getting there in this video we’ll take a look at amazing things that might change how the world looks in the future from astounding robot Butlers to flying cars here are 15 emerging technologies that will change our world number 15. robot Butlers and housekeepers in the future the idea of having a robot attend to your every need might not be something you’d only see in fiction some people relax and unwind by doing something productive like cleaning their room doing the laundry or other similar tasks however the majority of us prefer to spend our weekends doing things we don’t usually do during the work week like hanging out with friends playing video games and going out for busy people meager and menial tasks take up their precious time but what if a robot could do all your house chores for you wouldn’t that be something several companies are now looking into making robots to do your chores in the near future you might be able to purchase robots that have different capabilities depending on the model your robot might be able to do simple to complex tasks like cleaning your floors reading stories to your kid vegging you a drink among other things but whether this Tech would have any consequences or not is another question although robots can be pretty pricey and only households with high incomes would consider purchasing one their cost and production might be more sustainable in the future making them more affordable however this also means robots will begin replacing humans in most jobs there’s also one thing everyone is afraid of artificial intelligence surpassing man you have to admit that although AIS are amazing they’re also pretty creepy before we go on like this video smash the Subscribe button and click the notification Bell right now number 14. space tourism in the future you might be able to actually buy a ticket to the moon the price tag might have a lot of zeros in it but at least you’ll be one of the few people who traveled to space recently a lot of companies focusing on Space tourism have emerged simply put this type of Industry caters to people who would like to travel to space for recreational purposes in fact several people already went to space simply by paying money however these trips range from around 20 to 25 million dollars making it a trip of a lifetime literally unless you have millions of dollars to burn you won’t be able to experience this type of luxury at the moment but soon the price of space tourism might decrease just a little those who have money May pay for space trips for several reasons for instance boarding a high altitude jet fighter or an atmospheric zero gravity flyer will enable them to actually see what our planet looks like from outer space spoiler alert it’s not flat what’s more they can also experience and zero gravity weightlessness and more honestly I love doing things in the name of science but I wouldn’t take the risk on Space tourism what’s your take on this let me know your opinions in the comments down below number 13. green burial coffins flowers wreaths these are the typical things you see at funerals however in the future many of us might opt for green funerals green burials are typically low-cost processes that prioritize sustainability and the environment instead of embalming the body of the deceased with embalming fluids and enduring the corpse inside an expensive coffin the body would simply be placed in a biodegradable coffin or shroud today several states in the U.S are beginning to adopt this type of funeral in Washington state a person can opt to be composted after death their remains would be laid in Chambers with soil straw bark and other materials that promote natural decomposition in just a month the body of the deceased would be reduced to healthy soil and can then be spread in a garden or Woodland this process still produces carbon dioxide but it’s significantly less than the usual amount modern funerals do it’s also cheaper a lot of people buy expensive coffins for their funerals and bombing and funeral rights can cost up to eight thousand five hundred dollars unlike the green burial which cost significantly less more and more people are beginning to consider this option when they die many believe that this is one of the ways they can decrease their carbon footprint before they leave the Earth this might just be the norm in the future based on recent statistics today a little over 50 percent of Americans have considered green burial I know that planning what happens when you die is the last thing you want to think of but if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly way to leave our planet you might want to consider this type of funeral number 12. sweat-powered smart watches a smart watch powered by sweat doesn’t sound pleasant but for those who hustle this could be technology they’d utilize a lot a lot of people who are always on the go find it inconvenient to carry their smartphones everywhere for this reason they rely on smart watches to check their notifications and activities instead however there are times when you forget to charge your watch and it’s rendered useless unless you have a charger with you but what if you don’t need a charger to make your Smartwatch work Engineers from the nanyang Technological University in Singapore recently designed a badge that can charge a smart watch just by absorbing sweat it sounds icky but if you think about it this Tech is amazing this device has a flexible battery that runs off of perspiration and can discharge electricity that can power the device for 20 hours what’s amazing is the fact that this low powered device can produce energy with just two milliliters of sweat the device is only 0.8 square inches big and is flat as a bandage using the simple looking Tech you can charge your low energy wearables just by working out harder how cool is that number 11. nekrobotics there’s a reason why scientists aren’t allowed to use living creatures in their experiments without conducting proper research and undergoing legal processes unlike experiments that only involve inanimate objects and microorganisms experimenting on animals and real people involves morality and ethics however using the deceased is a different story necrobotics were literally dead robotics involves using biotic material or in simpler terms dead organisms as robotic components recently researchers at Rice University tried turning spider corpses into robots and they were successful it sounds like a plotline of a b-rated horror movie but if you really think about it this Tech opens up many possibilities for humankind’s future researchers used dead wolf spiders to pick up and put down objects This research began when scientists observed that dead wolf spiders always have their legs curled up into their bodies they then discovered these creatures have a hydraulic pressure system that can controls their limbs this information LED scientists to develop a way to control dead wolf spiders by sticking needles into their lifeless spider’s internal valves scientists could control their legs by puffing small amounts of air into them as impressive as this technology is it also opens up a new area of undiscussed morals you don’t need to worry about seeing dead humans being controlled as robots though unlike wolf spiders our anatomy is too complicated to control number 10. sand batteries in 2022 an energy partnership in Finland successfully installed the first operational sand battery in the world but what exactly is this new tech a sand battery is a high temperature thermal energy storage that uses sand as its storage medium in simpler terms a sand battery is literally sand that stores energy in the form of heat these batteries use low Quality Sand to store heat from low-cost solar and wind generated electricity it can store Heat at a scorching 500 degrees Celsius and can retain it for months making it an ideal energy provider in Winter sand batteries are one of the most Innovative Tech developed recently that aren’t really too complicated to make in fact the first fully operational sand battery was made in pretty simple steps Finnish Engineers piled 100 tons of sand into a massive steel container it was then heated up using wind and solar energy and that’s it the heat retained by this battery can provide energy to heat up up homes and nearby buildings number nine Sonic fire extinguisher fire extinguishers that we use nowadays contain extinguishing agents that usually contain water potassium acetate potassium carbonate and other chemicals when they’re used extinguishers create a white foamy substance that effectively kills the fire in the future we might be able to extinguish fires without the use of these Foams two engineering students created a Sonic fire extinguisher and yes it looks as cool as it sounds this Innovative Tech can put out Flames by playing heavy bass yep you heard that right instead of foam made by the usual fire extinguishing agents this new generation of fire extinguisher produces sound waves spread through a mobile subwoofer gun this means in the future we might be able to prevent fire damage without using water if this Tech gets funded and is successful we just might finally have a way to extinguish Flames without the mess today the Sonic fire extinguisher can only put out small Flames but soon this device might replace the red fire extinguishers we see in every building number eight intelligent exoskeletons exoskeletons are mechanical structures that are used to increase a person’s strength as well as a way to reduce musculoskeletal disorders this Tech isn’t new and we have been using it for years but recently inventors found a way to maximize its capabilities intelligent exoskeletons might be used in the near future instead of the usual lexoskeleton that only supports the human body these robotic and wearable exoskeletons help guide and Aid those with Mobility problems for now the intelligent exoskeleton we have are designed for children they’re not commercially available as of yet but some children with severe neuromuscular diseases cerebral palsy and spina bifida are the priorities for using this smart Tech intelligent exoskeletons will help these children to walk on their own two feet number seven brain reading robots having a robot read what’s on your mind is no longer a science fiction Trope thanks to inventors recently researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology lausanne tested technology that uses a brain computer interface this brain reading robot can receive commands and act based on electrical impulses sent by the human brain the human host can wear an EEG cap that detects signals from the brain and convert them into a command the robot can carry out for instance if the host wants the robotic arm to move they don’t need to voice the action all they need is to send a command using their brain which will work because this Tech is fairly new there’s still much to improve however this is Tech that promises a better life to disabled patients in the future people with disabilities might be able to live independently using the assistance of these brain controlled machines number six 3D printed bones the human brain exceeds all expectations 3D printing is one of the fastest growing Tech in the current ERA these machines are used to print 3D models that almost anyone can design there are beginner friendly programs for those who want to learn how to 3D print models and many templates are available on the internet although these machines are used for recreational purposes today doctors and medical experts might utilize 3D printers in the future to save human lives it’s not uncommon for people to break or lose their bones due to accidents or bone-related diseases bones are incredibly vital for the human body to work after all today bone grafts and bits of Bones can be implanted in a person from Human donors but those methods have a lot of flaws in the future doctors might not need to find donors and just 3D print a bone-like model to regenerate healthy bone structure number five xenotransplantation most people haven’t heard the word xenotransplantation this is a relatively New Concept that might not sit well with most people xenotransplantation involves the transplant of organs or tissues from an animal Source into a human recipient you see each year fewer than half the people on transplant waiting lists receive an organ transplant this means a significant number of people on transplant waiting lists wait years before they can have a donor and some even die before undergoing a transplant if they do find a human donor the risk of the operation is still big after getting a new organ from a donor the recipient needs to be monitored in case rejection occurs this happens when the new organ gets attacked by the individual’s body thinking it’s a threat or an infection all these problems can be solved using xenotransplantation research about this process is still in the works for example researchers from the University of Alabama at Birmingham conducted the first peer-reviewed research about xenotransplantation expert success transplanted two genetically modified Pig kidneys into a human recipient the organs were procured from a genetically modified pig that lived at a pathogen-free facility if the field of xenotransplantation continues to develop the worldwide shortage of organs might soon come to an end and now it’s time for today’s topic if there’s one emerging technology that will change our world it’s certainly none other than the knowledge of how to go back in time and travel to the Future But as time travel really possible several experts believe that there’s nothing in Einstein’s theories of Relativity that rule out the possibility of traveling back to the past however the idea of going back in time to change what already passed sounds like a messy process what will happen in the present if you change your actions in the past this is where time travel paradoxes come in several theories attempt to explain what would happen when someone travels back in time some paradoxes such as the grandfather Paradox try to explain consistency and causality when it comes to time travel this Paradox basically tries to explain how going back in time might affect the present and future in this analogy a young man goes back in time and kills his grandfather long before he could have his own son as a result the young man who originally traveled back in time would cease to exist after all without his grandfather he wouldn’t have his father this means that he won’t be able to go back in time because he was never born to begin with but at the same time it’s also true that he would still exist because he could go back in time and kill his own grandfather it sounds trippy and it’s a loop that continues on and on making it a paradox this is just one of the many reasons why time travel its consequences and its possibilities are still being debated today that’s why many people were baffled by this photo circulating the internet it shows what looks like a massive air balloon that is hovering several feet in the air needless to say it’s unlike any other aircraft or spacecraft we’ve ever seen several people believe that the strange balloon is actually a time machine that was created in secrecy do you really think this massive floating machine is Tech that can take people back in time as always comment down below with the hashtag today’s topic and let us know your opinion about what we just showed on screen with that said let’s keep things moving number four direct air capture one of the things that we learn in school as kids is photosynthesis through this process trees and plants consume carbon dioxide along with sunlight and water plants are able to create their food in the form of sugar as well as oxygen we rely on these organisms for clean air but our planet is now beginning to change many things release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and the higher its level the more the state of our planet is at risk however emerging technology might be able not only to help but completely substitute trees as the major consumer of carbon dioxide direct air capture is technology that involves taking carbon dioxide from the air and utilizing it to produce something more useful like synthetic fuels this technology has a lot of potential but a lot of work still needs to be done there are direct air capture facilities around the world that are already working but unfortunately they aren’t sustainable as of yet these facilities require a huge amount of energy to run but in the future experts hope to reduce the cost of energy needed to run them if this happens direct air capture Tech might just save our planet from further ruin number three lab made dairy products people on plant-based diets have struggled to find milk substitutes for so long today most of them are restricted to Soy based options and almond coconut and oat based alternatives to recreate Dairy although these plant-based alternatives are popular especially for those who want to hand pick everything they consume these products aren’t close to the real thing luckily companies especially startups saw the opportunity and the growing demand for dairy Alternatives this opportunity sparked the race to create the first imitation cow’s milk in the future non-dairy products that taste just like the real thing might be accessible from every Supermarket the process however is quite complicated to create a lab made dairy product scientists need to produce the proteins in curds and whey artificially while ensuring that it’s perfectly safe for consumption through this you can eat artificial cheese that tastes and feels like the real one you might be one of the people who don’t really mind what milk you’re having but with lab-made dairy products in the works several experts saw an as an opportunity to study animal-free meat products although only 19 percent of households buy plant-based products currently more and more people might begin to consume animal-free food Alternatives in the future number two digital twin surely you’ve seen one of those science fiction films where people only need to go to the med Bay to get their bodies scanned for any illness or disease today you still need to undergo several laboratory tests and get scanned several times just to figure out what’s wrong with you but won’t it be incredibly convenient to have a so-called digital twin a U.S company known as cube bio is building a scanner that can measure hundreds of biomarkers in about an hour the recent model that they unveiled is known as the mark 1. this Tech can scan your entire body in less than 15 minutes without the need for you to hold your breath or get into a cramped space in time we won’t need to undergo multiple laboratory tests just to check our sugar and hormone levels someday a single machine might be able to do all the monitoring and scanning Q bio is trying to build a scanner that uses a digital twin of a person to monitor their health this single piece of tech will show a person’s sugar hormone level temperature and more the company aims to build scanner that can easily provide a comprehensive report about an individual’s anatomy and biochemistry many investors were quite taken by the idea and were convinced that having a digital twin is the future of Health Care the company promises that all the data processed by the scanner won’t breach an individual’s privacy although the first model already has a lot of astounding features this Tech is still in its early days and it’ll certainly improve a lot more in the future number one flying cars traffic is one of the reasons why a lot of people want to live in walkable cities but we can’t deny that nowadays having a private vehicle isn’t an option but a necessity it is convenient to have a car parked outside your house that you can use anywhere to go to but after getting stuck in traffic for hours you’ll probably wish for a better public transportation system instead another thing you probably wish for while stuck in traffic is to have a flying car there’s a lot of unoccupied airspace above us and it would be extremely convenient if we could just use it to travel in the future the idea of an untethered flying car might become a reality a British startup company named Bellwether Industries shared its amazing achievements they successfully created a car one that can travel high up in the air unlike most cars today powered by Fuel these Innovative cars are battery powered I know that electric cars aren’t exactly new but these cars are more sufficient and Powerful what’s more their charging hours are a little sacrifice compared to what they can do the Bellwether company claimed that these flying cars take off and land like helicopters but unlike bigger aircraft these convenient Vehicles don’t need a Runway electric vertical takeoff and Landing Vehicles also known as evitol will be accessible from rooftops parking garages driveways and most public spaces of course these flying cars will come with a hefty price tag for now all we have is a prototype but in the future these vehicles May dominate major roads and highways or should I say Airways but of course regulating flying cars is another issue we need to consider in the future there are a lot of emerging Technologies in the future but are we sure convenience and Innovation won’t come without a price let me know in the comments which of these future Technologies impressed you the most also check out our other cool stuff showing up on the screen right now and I’ll see you in the next video take care everybody

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